Why We Wrote the Book on Small Business Human Resources Secrets

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We were recently approached by an entrepreneur with a very interesting question.  She saw that we were about to publish our latest book on human resources and she asked us why we continued to publish books, “I wrote mine several years ago and it seems to work just fine.”

Our answer to her seemed like a great opportunity to pull the curtain back on our business and hope that what you see helps you build your business.

I told her that in order to answer her question, I needed to ask a few questions first.

Here are some of the questions I asked her, and her answers:

Q1. When did you write your book?

A1. “It has a 2007 copywrite.”

Q2. Why did you write your book?

A2. “So I could get more business.”

Q3. Have things changed in your industry at all in 11 years?

A3. “A little, but not enough to write an entire new book.”

Q4. Has your business changed at all in 11 years?

A4. “Well, yea, but I am still a coach.”

Q5. How do you use your book? As a stream of income? As a sales tool? As a give-away?

A5. “I mostly sell my books. They’re $20 on line and when someone asks if they can buy it, I give them a $5 or $10 discount.”

With those answers, I was able to give her an answer and I will share that with you, too:

“I am glad I don’t have to discuss the benefit of writing a book because you seem to get that concept and have embraced it in your marketing. So here is why we have created a series and continue to add to it: Things change in our business and industry. If you go back seven years, Sharyn was not part of the company, and the focus was entirely on creating marketing plans for businesses. NOW, we have morphed our company into a business coaching team that works with our clients for a year and teaches them how to do all the things they need to do. With Sharyn’s Human Resources management background, it makes us a more rounded team. That is why we wrote ‘Small Business Human Resources
Secrets: The Right way to Hire, Cultivate and Terminate Employees, All While
Improving Your Marketing.’

small business human resource secrets book cover

“The HR book is an expansion of what we do. We love to share some business secrets with our potential clients. We already have 3 marketing books, and a social media tips book, so the human resources book was the next one we needed on the promotional shelf.

“And because things change all the time, we are going to continue to add and update the books we have already written and published. As for the getting rich on our books part,” I added, “we knew a long time ago that even with each of the books hitting Best Seller status like they have, we are not going to get rich on the books. In fact, it’s rather rare that we sell the books for full price because, as a marketing tool, we want to get as many books into the hands of potential clients as possible.”

This is the background on the how and why we wrote Small Business Human Resources Secrets.

This is how we are marketing it on the different websites we are using to promote it:

Three of the hardest obstacles facing you as an entrepreneur are marketing what you do, selling what you do to new and existing clients and then training, motivating and retaining the best employees who will help your business thrive.

In Small Business Human Resource Secrets, business coaches Sharyn and Hank Yuloff share ways that you can make that happen faster and easier.

Known as “Americas #1 Coaching Team for Small Businesses,” the Yuloffs have added this resource into their continuously growing library of business books for the small business entrepreneur.

In this book, you will learn ways to make your Human Resources efforts more effective for your overall business because you will begin to approach it from a marketing point of view.

For more free information on promoting your business from a human resources and marketing point of view, entrepreneurs who invest in this gook can go to www.YourBonusGift.com.

When you are in a position in your business to not only write a book, but to write a second, third or more books, we would encourage you to go back to the starting point and remember why you wrote your first book. You had a message that you needed to get out in print to share with the world. You went through the struggle, the time and the hard work to get that one done. Let your talent flow.

We will give you one more bit of advice: they get easier the more you write.

If you want to talk about your first book, second book, or how to promote them, head to www.FreeMarketingConsultation.com and let’s discuss it.

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