What are the Slang Terms for Increased Sales?

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Slang Can Informally Make Your Writing Seem Wack

be careful using slang in your writing
We all have plenty of slang terms which get used quite often. Some of them you will want to use forever, but others become quite dated. Ann-Marie Alcántara is a millennial in her 20s and wrote an article for Popsugar.com that had me intrigued. She had 18, but many of those slang terms I had never heard or used, so my list has been narrowed down.

Raise the Roof is out. And definitely while pumping your arms toward said roof shows how old you are. Or that you are waving your arms in the air like you just don’t care?

Tight has, for a long time, been used to describe something really awesome though now it is being used too loosely. But it IS ok to describe a close relationship.

Chill Pill – don’t tell people to take one. It’s no longer a prescription for getting people to relax and take it easy.
What’s the Dilly-o?, Coolio and Fo Shizzle and Fo Sho – are you white? Are you a rapper? Are you seriously using these terms? I do have one friend, about 12 years younger than me who continues to use the term COOLIO.

Peace Out – as a way of saying goodbye. When combined with making a peace sign and tapping to your chest now just means you are a decade past being cool.

Cool Beans – Might as well use Bitchin. I have another friend who uses this all the time. All I can think of is that I like my legumes hot.

Stoked – When I read this word on the list, I was struck with a bit of melancholy. I miss this word. Wait – if I AM past using it, it is VERY old.

Hecka and Hella both are used to mean REALLY. Unlike Stoked, I was Hella glad to see these on the list.

My Bad – a sarcastic apology. Delivered in a sarcastic tone. In my opinion, this should go away with ‘Just Sayin’. Absolutely hate that term.

Crib – to invite anyone to see yours, if it has nothing to do with where your newborn spends most of her days is just wrong.

Fly – Hello, Jennifer Lopez, YOU are fly, but the rest of us are not going to use this.
Those were the words which have fallen out of favor. Do you want to get ahead of the slang terms curve? Want to know the slang that is coming up? Jessica Chassin gave us a list on www.PopSugar.com and I have to say, I could only figure out a couple of them. You will see them being propagated
on Tumblr, YouTube and Twitter. My guess is you would also see them on Snapchat videos, but they disappear to quickly.

SNATCHED is not what you think, guys. Use it to describe anything that looks really good or on point. Your makeup or your suit or perhaps your sales presentation can be snatched.

SUS is short for suspect. It is internet speak for shady or questionable. Many people think that most politicians are sus.

BOOTS appears to be a modifier for adjectives or verbs to add emphasis. If you are really hungry, you say you’re hungry boots. So the word is replacing REALLY.

SIS is the new BRO. Just replace it where you would put that word.

HUNTY would be your best friend, or posse or, I guess, your hunting party. If you are hitting the bars you bring your hunties to find a new person to hook up with.
If your kid is doing this, buy them condomsSpeaking of hooking up, texting someone and saying you want to “watch Netflix and chill,” really means you want to get together and have sex.

STAN is the internet’s term for being a fan. If you are a fan of Guns N Roses and want them to reunite, you stan GNR. If you are stanning someone, you are actively being a fan.

When you think someone is trying too hard, they are EXTRA

GOALS AF refers to something you very much admire or want. The AF is As F**k.

OTP is slang for One True Paring. My wife, Sharyn and I are OTP. Can also be a couple you are emotionally invested in. My OTP is Penny and Leonard in Big Bang Theory. If they break up I would be upset.

Last but not least, is SHIP. It is one of the most important terms on the internet you have not heard. It comes from the word relationship. You SHIP the two people you want to be together. Before Leonard and Penny got together, I shipped them.

Now that you have been educated on the slang terms that are out of fashion and those which your children are using and which you may, at some time find as part of your own lexicon, watch how you use them so they do not make you look funny.
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