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This one was recorded in October 2020:



you can make sales with your website some next steps and we’re going to give you some free stuff. Like free stuff stick around will probably occur 2 of ours.


Here’s here’s what this interactive is not about we’re not going to teach you a whole bunch of stuff and say In order for that to happen you know we might you have to hire us this is that is not what the path of all the stuff we’re going to talk about are things you can do you can have your repartition do so by the way Glenda off the magician is not really hanging off well you might be so critical He’s magic he is magic if you need a magician Weise He’s our official magician you should you should use going off.


So if you have questions trying to hold on to the end unless you have something that you absolutely positively don’t think that we’re ever going to cover or you just can’t move on without asking the question yes if it will prevent you from taking notes put it in the chat and I will try to answer you either I’ll answer you or let you know that’s coming up in a few slides which is probably the answer yep.


Pretty good about that just a little bit about us we’ve written 6 different books on business in fact we’re about to go into production for Book Number 7 and.


We can’t write this next book ourselves I’m just I’m going to print this out we’re looking for people that are partners in business maybe the book is going to be partners in everything it’s going to be a tips book on how to run your business more effectively when there’s partners it isn’t just you.


If you are a solo printer and you’re watching this and you sell out your friends you can make money because. You can. This is the this is there is an investment to be part of the book but you’ll be able to.


Use it as a as a promotional piece for your business if that just putting that out there because you have a thanks Hikari Robert just popped in Hikari Roberts favorites.


We’ve done a podcast with you 243 episodes of the marketing checklist been interviewed by James Mellon Jack of a.b.c. Secret Millionaire and Kevin Harrington one of the original sharks in Shark Tank the proof of that is that the.


Interviews are on the front page of our website we do a small business break to boot camp a couple times a year the next ones will be in March of next year and we’d like to promote your business using our updated podcast which is called The View cast it’s a video.


We are looking to interview successful entrepreneurs it’s a short easy thing 7 minutes 21 seconds you have the questions in advance we know what your answers are going to be in advance we ask them and you’re able to create to have a video that we create that you can use to market you if you want to see what it’s about go to the view Cast dot com If you’d like to be on it that’s why the slide is here send an email the info you have creative say I want to be on the You cast and we’ll send you the questions you answer me so in the back we’ll see if you qualify to be on what we do we we block out a day and we knock out about 10 of them in a day so there you go.


On talk info is now in your chat if you would like a video at a digital video asset that promotes you this is for a dollar for you I would love to have you on The View cast.


Of Us right recast manners we just we shot a whole bunch of them this past weekend so our banners don’t normally have a different banner up there. What we do we’re business coaches we have a marketing repair service where we spend you know half a day with you a couple different times we have a new business marketing plan called the new marketing plan we’re big on naming things obviously we have a small business marketing plan called the small business marketing plan and we’re also a private business guy has.


Been. Oh we’ve been quoted about 200 different publications here if your money your screen and we’ve designed over 50 websites for people so we’ve done quite a bit of this.


Let’s go through just a few marketing basics so that we’re all on the same page. Knowing who you are the demographics of your customer is really vital. We don’t all sell to everybody not all of us go to Wal-Mart not all of us go to Amazon not all of us enjoy a McDonald’s ice coffee like we used to because we don’t drive fast on.


So and the more you can narrow down here business class dimmers are going to be the better your website is going to look because there they have to recognize themselves when they get there.


The cycle graphics is what’s going through their mind when they’re looking to buy that people will buy less for logical reasons truly don’t they’re buying for emotional reasons and then they use logic to back that up we want to package your uniqueness What makes you different you you know you’ve probably seen there are other business coaches around but sure and I figured out how to package ourselves differently.


There are probably other plumbers around but we happen to have our favorite in fact we just found a handyman in our area that we love it’s amazing it took us for ever to find a great one so what’s different he shows.


And we can detect it so he’s I mean it is so showing up is half of it yes we want to introduce you to a concept we rather than use the term avatar or your target market we’ve named ours we call them all Harriet named after the very 1st.


Avatar but the very 1st specific group that I recognized I was working with it was profitable. Here’s a picture of 4 women see if you can figure out which 2 are the Harriet’s she’s 45 to 60 years old so if designates as Christian college educated her job is that she’s the right hand person of the man that owns the company she runs h.r. sales all of the things while he’s generally in charge of access that you read since she doesn’t the only thing she doesn’t do is around sales or or do the actual work for example one of them.


Her boss was the guy that ran Time Warner Cable for the entire western u.s. another one ran. The office for an Orthodox you know really success worth a contest so when I demographically no can recognize who Harriet is I start asking other questions and I find out if she falls into the category now I’ve only met her 8 times in my my entire career there really profitable 8 times.


So it always makes sense to me to ask the appropriate questions to find out if I have found Harriet I know exactly how she needs to be you know treated as a with me as a vendor I know it’s important to her I know that my phone calls with them are going to be along the lines of think we need more jackets get in or appears to click.


Ok. You know that’s really what they’re like but you know she’s not rude she’s Kerk she her to do list is about you know 27 things to do every hour or so.


No recognizing who your customers are and we have about 6 of them you know of 6 different ones makes a huge difference and if you can categorize them and start messaging them properly.


You will make more money faster so when your creating your messages consider who you’re targeting who you’re talking to with their picture up on your on your computer screen when you’re writing copy or doing social media most.


The more that you picture who she is now in this case it’s both 2 women on the bottom and not the 2 in the top because they’re too young.


You’ll get you’ll have a much more successful way of creating your messages because. We have to know who we’re talking to for here when we do a. When we read a blog in fact right now I’m in the process I just one of my things on my plate is that I’m going back through all of our blogs and updating them because you know what our Web site launched in 2015 we updated that was the last time we looked at all our blogs and now we’ve got several 100 of them there I started this weekend and I got through 6 of them updating copy.


Taking out links that you know we used to use a tool that allowed us to put a form at the bottom and we stopped using that because now we use a different tool there is a different tool so I had to take out those links I’m finding oh these need to be updated and what happens is that.


Google search engine general for search engines. Now will come back to our website scan those old. Blogs find out that they have been updated and that helps the overall ranking of our site because we’re updating our information fact every almost every one of the 6 I pretty much doubled the copy while I was updating it I added a lot of copy to it so most of them are really close to a 1000 words each.


So that’s that’s one of the things that we’re doing and as I was updating I was picturing all right are these still appropriate for a client because I’m sure I’m going to find one or 2 blogs that we may want to take now you know there was one I was looking out I was caught I was little iffy.


Yeah I will keep that one for now but it may not make it the 3rd round so. Often when our clients come to us we have this conversation right who your ideal client who’s your favorite client who’s your most profitable client may not be the same person or even the same type of person and although they say everyone to which we you know we would argue that it’s a it’s not and even even if it were you couldn’t handle everyone if you are a small business.


But you know let’s let’s play along these 4 women are all your Harriet in this particular example as you can see in the headline these 4 women were ignoring the infant who’s a by not buying you know these 4 women all need a car they live in a major metropolitan city they don’t use public transportation they only to par.


A good car sales person is going to realize that they probably are shopping for the same kind of car they’re probably not using a car for the same reasons and they’re probably not looking for the same benefits in features of that car the same thing is true for you each of these 4 women are probably 4 different Harriet’s for you and therefore your messaging to attract them is going to need to be different.


By the way I can skip a secret there’s a there’s a cat sitting on our art comes so she has a she has her place it’s just off camera I can tell she’s dreaming because she’s twitchy she twitching through college he says.


On the other side the so the demographics are on the psyche graphics why are they going to buy that’s what’s going on in their mind most most business coaches don’t talk about this part most sales courses don’t talk about this because they’re they’re busy trying to get you to learn you know ask questions of various kinds.


Here’s what we did this is our trade show it’s based on Lucy’s from peanuts psychiatric you know psychiatric help 5 sense visually we know that this is the tracks are Harriet when we were thinking of using a search or a job we sent kind of the mock ups to all of our different area groups and universally the answer was Oh my god that’s so great now if you’re looking at that picture and you say I don’t get it you’re not one of our hats we’re going but when one of those Harriet’s comes by our booth you know our spot a trade show they see that and they get it we know a couple of things they could be whatever Harriet’s or they’re one of our partners.


We make sure that they’re going to leave with it least one of our books. You know marketing checklist for sales marketing checklist the hows and whys of social media we’re going to leave with at least one or 2 of our books.


That we use we would allow the booth to be the visual that attracts them because we know after doing the research that our Harriet’s get it they probably grew up with it there’s something about that model that they get.


What fun is that I had always wanted to do this is a trade show with I had always thought it would be fun but we did the research 1st before we went you know cost the investment of it.


Those people who don’t get it they might get a regular brochure you know we’ll get more of our pens or something. But we know they’re not they’re not a Harriet so we allow the booth to do the work so that we don’t really have to and that’s the idea of creating your message so it’s going to attract your target market your Harriet so you can do less of the.


Less of the hard you know you have the tools do the hard work and then you can have the fun part of developing your relationship so make sense of you know her all the thing like.


How are you going to capture their attention your website is a sidewalk sign Think of it in terms of a sidewalk sign when never miss in this case we were in London last summer we went we went for a couple of baseball games the Yankees and Red Sox were playing in London Sharon Sr is there so we thought it’s a 2 for us and as we were walking in her sister’s neighborhood we happened to see the sign on the sidewalk site and I instantly thought oh my gosh we’re going to win 50 pounds and then then we saw the date so here’s how the sign worked.


It caught our attention because we’re big band Big Bang Theory fans instantly caught our attention so we stopped if it had been if it had some other show trivia.


What’s the show we used to watch the medical Grey’s Anatomy. Like I have if it had said Grey’s Anatomy you know. Trivia trivia night no thanks the sidewalk sign captures your attention and what marketing does it get people to raise their hand and say yeah I want more information in the sidewalk sign invites you to come in when they come to your website they should be able to to pick up really quickly because there’s some stuff I need here and then they want to go on inside to the interior pages of your website so as you’re putting it together I think in terms of will this get my Harriet’s to want to walk inside will make them want to come inside and check it out so that sense you are going right cool.


So. We had a few mistakes when we were doing websites 1st we had the mistake of thinking that once our website was up it was done. It’s never going to be tough it’s really never finished you’re continuously adding to it we’ll talk about that during math.


We spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to make sales. And we the people who did know really what they’re doing advise us there’s a huge difference between between web people we have found this out there’s a large difference between who they are and what they do.


We’ve figured out that you’re our website was more important than our social media we were trying to. Try to do too much selling on social media as opposed to just inviting people to our website remember the your your social media’s rental space because it go away any time but your Web site is it’s the house you own and that’s really where you want to do the most your work.


And most of all of us have no idea how to how to make your sites out for example. One of the things we’re going to show you in the upper left hand corner of your website if you look at a Web site a Web page.


The 1st thing when somebody goes to a web site I think if you do this quite often you will look into that white bar at the Talk to make sure you’re the right place just above that there’s a little tab you know whatever touches puts their cursor on the tab to find out what that says but that little tab can have all sorts of really great search engine terms things that your Harriet would type in the search engine to find you most developers will make those tabs the title of the page for example if it said you off creative dash about us or you are creative dash testimonials or you off creative dash contact no one is ever ever ever going to put the word testimonials in the search machine to find the business coach and probably the same for you so you get the idea that most developers have and have never figured this out.


And there are a whole lot of myths. That go around with the building now we’re not talking today about these websites a 100 websites and there’s one probably a couple on are but the $100.00 biggies This has nothing to do with them the patterns and things we’re going to talk about they are they are so far past it.


It’s just it doesn’t even like we’re talking about for example E.S.P.N.’s Web site has hundreds of thousands of pages. Jam with them same with almost every news you know major news outlet they are such monstrosity you know monstrosities they are huge websites they kind of have their own gravity there you know if there were a planet they would pull in the yeah they would have they would be pulling things in them but your Web site our Web site you know we have to fight a little harder so that’s what we’re going to be chatting about so let’s go through some of the myths Shall we share we sow are you getting some cool questions or interesting questions are you just typing you know sending an e-mail your own you know.


Your website Solves All Your child marketing challenges Gosh I wish it Oh it is it’s a tool you know they say once your experts will say once you have your site up you don’t have to worry about the other darn thing the fact is your Web site is going to have to continuously be updated just like to stay on top of what you do.


You probably still take classes you know we take go and webinars all the time with different different tools for social media and marketing stuff and you know we still think.


Your web site is and isn’t going to be a finished thing you’re going to have to continue to show demonstrate your expertise most of the time to blogging some of the time that’s going to be from an offer you put on the front page you know the lead bank will get to those.


Here’s some Gorka goals for your website they’ve got to communicate your story to your clients you know on our page it’s the we don’t call it the about us we just we caught Hank and Sharon connections so that people get an idea of.


Who we are right from the start. Sharing business tips we have our blog we have a spot blog for. Guests you know so we’re we’re sharing business in.


Fact if you want to put your marketing plan together if you just went through our blog you never really good shot of it. You know we’re now several 100 blogs on there you could find most every topic that you want.


Answer the question What’s in it for them why are they there you know we always have a free something we have a a leave magnet on the right side.


We have with back on this one this is the top 3rd you can get a free marketing consultation or under that we have an offer at the moment it’s would you like a free se a report of your Web site well sure something that people are willing to give you their email address for compared to I think I want to you know I think I want to sign up for their newsletter.


Why I want to say yes to be compelling as to be incredibly compelling we all get so many emails you know there has to be something compelling to be willing to give up your email address yet set the appointment has to be another way for us we offer you our business break your boot camps where they get a free ticket or setting a you know 30 minutes with us or telling them how we can help them and last does have to sell your product you know we have various products you know showed us several slides ago.


We do several things for businesses and here’s how they can just find out more about it so those are the those are the marketing goals for your website. A little bit of marketing one or 2.


On your Web site you don’t want them to have to click more than twice to find what they’re looking for if they need to keep digging down and down and down and down and.


They’re not going to do it if you’re going to look at one of those if there are ads mostly. Where it’s I looked at one this morning the 50 or the biggest sports letdown for every state and there were a couple states I wanted to see but I looked at that there’s 150 slides here that I would have to click through to find probably you know Massachusetts probably 186 World Series so you know I didn’t really want to go all the way through that but I think I got about 10 and I said you know now I’m bailing if I have to click too often if you’re Harriet has to click too much to find where they’re looking for they’re not going to you know when you when you go to our blog on the right side you can look for a category or there’s a search you know type in what you want and we deliver it to you ideally you want your Harriet to find whatever she’s looking for within 2 clicks that’s the goal it’s a hard goal of the match if I’m not here to say is easy but that is the goal now.


And how you’re marketing your business makes a difference let us say that this was your business your this roof represents your business you know they delivered your business to you and they have a crane and it’s holding up the roof they delivered in the wrong order they should have brought the walls in the 1st in the base 1st they brought the roof yes prefab business.


How many walls does it take to hold that up you know that 123 you know generally it’s going to take at least 4 walls. And probably a couple on the inside before it’s stable so how many ways your marketing your business the more ways that you do the more successful you’re going to be because sometimes some marketing tips is to some marketing tactics don’t work all the time best example when I got out of college I worked for a direct mail shopper called the Penny Saver that got delivered on Wednesdays and if it rained on Wednesdays we knew all of our clients were going to get less business because the Penny Saver was made of this crappy little paper and you know.


People tended not to want to wait for it to dry out so not all of them work that all every time this kind of this we’ll kind of show some of the things that we do to market our business and every quarter we grade are we grade our tactics how or how is this one working Do we still want to keep doing this.


And if it doesn’t get at least to be 10 you know we tend to not want to do it and that’s subject to be by our value may not be your b.s. you may have a different level I asked at least get a c.e.o. I have to be in a I mean work that’s not that’s not you know there are some things.


That we just do because we want to do it now on the other side we’re members of several chambers and every year we tend to join a new chamber but the chamber that brought us the least amount of business disappears we know which chamber is going we already know which one is going this year because it didn’t bring us what we needed and we’re looking in fact we have a conversation with somebody you know week or so talking about a new change so that’s that’s kind of how we we do that so if you want if you’re one of those things graphic Here’s your entire marketing plan your entire website all set up for you it’s just all here we suggest you start the upper left hand corner there ya go.


Number 2 it doesn’t have to be responsive redemptive amazing we are 3 or 4 years into at least adaptive and responsive web sites amazing how many we see that orange still lost it on a weekly basis so it’s case you don’t know but one of those terms mean right responsive means that if I’m looking out my lot top then it fills that screen if I pull it up all my smartphone it fills up this screen not not that I have to venture troll to see the right side of the screen if I’m looking at an AA Now tablet it adjusts to that screen right that’s responsive I mean I’m sorry that’s adaptive adapting to the screen responsive means as Hank said earlier right if I pull up your website on the smartphone and your phone number is here and I touch it it will then load the dialer and I can just dial so it’s responding to my touch on the phone and I think that will everybody make sense so and also we’ve seen Web sites you’ve seen websites where you see them on your phone and then to read across you have to scroll across and that’s annoying yes.


This is this is one of the reasons why if your Web site’s more than 3 years old it’s probably time to have a chat with your developer if you can still find him or her and have it updated by the way we’re going to give you a tool that if you want to be a developer we have a free tool the Internet.


Is completely transparent and it says that on the page. We know that a lot of people that need the Web sites need coaching and we say this on the Web site Hey here’s here’s a.


A chart that you can use to figure out what you need on your website. Feel free to download it you know fill it out download it take it wherever you want.


Hey does favor if you ever need marketing go back and find us I mean that that’s how we use it it’s a tool that’s it’s out there for it’s I think we have it on here later but it’s this Web site under construction I’m going to judge just so you know yes there were 3 who build your site doesn’t matter goodness I sure wish it did I sure wish it didn’t didn’t but it truly does.


There are some danger zones now I say this by the way do you guys prefer this picture that’s up there or this picture a or b. during fair or put it in the put in the chat do you prefer a or b..


Shared I have a disagreement. These are dangers of that doesn’t mean that you’re upset going to fall apart there are just challenges that go on overseas building the positive always cheap.


Except well we have we have one client that that they are not see her developer is in Poland Yeah and oh my goodness now it’s an e-commerce site so e-commerce sites do tend to be a bit more but oh my goodness but anyway she was she was already well into the process before she hired us and so and we’re fixing it the challenge is our time zones as well now most of the overseas builders have figured out that if they’re going to be doing sites in in the u.s. they have to operate on the us time zones so they’re working middle of the night while we’re often working.


But there is. There are challenges there. Locals who want to sell you hosting We have all gone to some chamber event we’ve met some developer It’s Ok I can also host your website really cheap.


The challenge there is that most locals who host web sites don’t back them up properly you know we’re not huge fans of. Go Daddy as far as their web builder but we know that if somebody’s site is on Go Daddy we know it’s backed up 3 different ways to sunday I mean so there are positives and negatives as with most things yeah our Web site is you know where our website sits they back it up and into different parts of the country you know if a disaster hits in one area they just switch to the other half and that’s where they back him up.


Lots of experience building in the way they used to like h.t.m.l. custom code. That means that every time you want to home I gosh there should be a comma in there you know it costs you money because you can’t go in and fix it you have to have them do it the 4th danger they took a class and now they do coding we see a lot of graphic artist doing this.


And then they start building them in we believe in all those free builders that are generally sci friendly is as Word Press we’re seeing this a lot you know I’ve taken those classes I can I can code ice can code in wordpress I have all the basics.


Not the best use of my time it’s not what I do. It is. You need somebody who has done this who’s dedicating their life to it you know we design them we don’t code them there’s a difference.


Oh there it is this website or construction or big red button. Start Yeah it gives you a 4 and I get completely transparent I why this is there it is there so that people can find out about business coaching.


But the tool is there and it works really well. I can build it myself using the sheep on line services yeah yeah yeah yeah probably can my guy would you want these are these are 2 cats selfies if you need to know how to take a get a really good cat selfie it’s kind of easy you turn on the camera and.


Turn on the camera and then hold the White Dog real close to their nose they will sniff it eventually they will take a really good get self their dogs dogs have firmer nose build a faster.


Loads be got to have you go to our Web site and it took 4. Wait for it ever to load makes a difference. Ours you know transparent arse isn’t all that fast but we have an awful lot of content we have video on our site so we have made we have done the.


Challenge the you know me the trade off. There is so much cool stuff on there all right it’s going to load take an extra 2nd or so to load we get it.


But again that that’s that’s a discussion you have to have with yourself is it going to be worth it but if it starts taking 1012 seconds you start to lose people and they go back to you know go back to the search engine and then pick the next site sad but true 4th on your site doesn’t matter we’ve seen this.


It does matter. In fact a lot of marketers make their content focus on the their business how great they are getting to the sale. And that’s wonderful but it isn’t customer centric.


There’s the Tirpitz. Cx your customer experience is the the buzz word of marketing at the moment you know how are they enjoying it. But now you want to focus on what’s going on in their world what are the desires what they need where their goals fears frustrations problems you want to demonstrate that you can solve their problem their challenge people will run away from pain faster the mill run toward pleasure solve their problem and you have a better chance of them wanting to work with you you know.


So you have to answer the question how do I talk to a real person well as your phone number there you have a chat function what are your prices now not prices and always it that’s kind of a some point you have to do where you located well doesn’t matter for us it doesn’t really matter because we have clients all over the country but if you have a retail store that you expect more walking and then then online it makes a difference what makes you different why you what do you got that they don’t.


Why your product you know what’s And what’s your privacy privacy policy what you’re having this number say. You don’t need privacy policy or return policy you know you do this is the legal stuff.


You know a lot of designers don’t get that. You know it’s it’s a matter of being able to tell people what are you doing with their information. I happen to have in fact you know most people don’t know what the what the policy is and you know some read it I happen to go to a particular Web site and I don’t want to talk about it but it’s a very popular product that people buy in this country and just for the heck of it I looked at their privacy policy and it was when you opt in week when you opt in or cookies you’re basically saying yes they’re going to sell your information to all sorts of other companies that could sell you very similar products.


They share your info our Privacy Policy says we will never ever ever ever ever ever ever give your information to anyone anytime ever ever ever period never ever we have never sold our list we never will so unless.


There is a very big difference privacy policy so make sure you have one. This is this is something that heck if you need one you could go to our Web site copy it but in your put it in your word processing document a state and then change it so it’s about you right you don’t want to send it to your lawyer Yes We we we are not lawyers we do not play one on t.v. we are telling you we can give you the start.


But run it past your business where if you need a business lawyer let us know we’ll we’ll connect you with a couple really good go track people but. This is this is kind of an important one all right cool graphically you don’t have to worry about all the code who.


You really do. Interesting the in in all of that will go through the fit before I go through the fails. In updating a lot of our blogs and I’m going back 5 years.


A couple things happen some of the pictures disappeared because we clone we switched over and in that process so I’m uncovering photos that I have to upload again. And one of the things that will hurt your ass to go for a blog is if you don’t have an alt title alternative title in other words now what is the whole text What’s what does that do what are you sure and I figured explained it to me there’s 2 reasons to do all text one reason well actually I’ll say 3 reasons one reason is sometimes you might go to a website and it doesn’t fully loaded and where that image is it’ll say if they’ve done all Texel say what that picture is so one reason that’s really helpful is you go Oh Ok it’s a picture of a gif ox Ok I don’t need to reload the whole site just to see that images it’s not that important I can keep going and it may be quite vital and so you go well actually I kind of need to see that graph that’s going to explain what they’re saying so Ok fine I’ll go through the exercise of reloading one reason number 2 reason.


Search engines so if you use that all text so not just describe what the images but also include your keywords then search engines will index it right if you go for example to Google and you’re searching for something it doesn’t matter microwaves right you can go to images and it’ll show you a bunch of actors microwaves right so same thing here if I go to images and I want to see that graph if you put in the all text with your keyword then I will see yours and then I go I want to actually go read that whole blog then I can click on that it’ll take me directly to your site so it’ll help with your search engine optimization The 3rd reason is.


You’ve probably heard of the A.D.A.’s the American Disabilities Act. We think of the a.b.a. laws as being relevant for a physical business however more and more people and their lawyers are suing small business owners because their Web site is not a da compliant What does that mean it’s not helpful it’s not conducive to someone who might be disabled variously abled.


One of those is visually impaired so if you don’t have the all text in there then the there reader but they have a tool that reads your website to them because they’re visually disabled they can’t read it themselves right so it reads it to them if they come to a picture that doesn’t have all text then it doesn’t read it to them they don’t know what the picture is and it doesn’t help them be able to navigate your site it also means that it Frager’s.


Their site is not a da compliant I’m going to sue them so it’s one way to get yourself out of this is happening I know does not suck so there you go all right let’s talk about some quick sales things that you can fix phone number has to be easy and it has to be easy to find that does not mean oh it’s all my contact age well don’t make them quick past your web you’re your front page the home page it’s got to be on your home page it’s not there it’s a family your name and bio have to be there most of you that are on here your sole proprietors we know those are the folks that want to watch our stuff writers and so on right you may have a few employees but you don’t have a big production.


They should amount to you know about us page or the about our company. They should be able to find you. Your smiling face your bio really needs to be on that page a lot of small business owners are not doing this and they’re not answering that question why you what makes you special So your bio and what brought you there broken links why the rhythm I’m going through all of our past blogs.


I’m looking for those links you know we already mentioned we used to use a service that added a opt in form on the Web site we don’t use anymore so I’m taking those links out so that’s going to increase the se on each of those blogs every time I dump that link is your copyright not updated so fine it went when we do or view of somebodies website the 1st thing we do is we scroll to the bottom I want to see the copyright date you’ve all heard from your local police that if you go away from home for a weekend or week you should always make sure there are lights on because the bad guys look for dark houses right.


Having a copyright that is older than the current year is like having the lights out they think huh what else security wise hasn’t been updated and they might try and find a backdoor in your site but are also some people that come to your site if right now they looked at the site and had a 2016 or 2017 copyright are these people still in business the question goes through their mind we need to answer that question make sure you have it up today.


Not easy to navigate you know. Man I hate on store. I once for a website thought when you came to our site it was going to look like you looking down on my desk.


And the phone you know you click the phone for ever phone number pop up and you click you know various different things around the picture and our developer Sophia lay at the time pretty much virtually slapped me and said are even saying you know.


So I was that was taken out of my hand I thought it would be cute it would be adorable Yes but not effective. You know we all hey look we all have blinders on her own stuff.


Copies it isn’t easy to read. I will go to sites where on a white background they have light grey type instead of dark old so I. Make it easy to read.


And you know. Actually I was going to stop it or make it easy to replace it if you do a reverse where it’s light light were you know white or light dark background mixture using a Sam therof typeface like the type face it’s on the screen right now doesn’t have all the little curlicues it’s much easier so please hand the hand all of these things in the bonus give an email address and it shouldn’t be let’s say I bet there’s one up there there is Ray’s got one something’s up going at g. mail dot com.


Let us not promote Geno hot Mel arrow out why are we promoting them why would you give them promotion as opposed to making the email address based on your website now Sharon and I both have all those kind of even as we do I still have a yahoo address but I check that I check once a year I don’t know how I felt about your but the only email address you will ever get from us are Sharon and you are creative Hank at you after a tip or info at you are creative we we want to use our Web u.r.l. and our website is still just one more way of promoting us it’s far more professional so please make a change it’s free wherever you bought the u.r.l. your website all of them give you at least one email address for free you can forward it to your g. mail you can afford it your you can forward it wherever you want the some of the emails come in it’ll it’ll go in your box I would if that’s how you like to look at it that’s fine but let’s use let’s ease our u.r.l. to to make ourselves a professional writer.


Stock photos this is a fail as well picture on the left that’s Muki bets that Mickey Pats p.e.t.n.. He was getting announced cribbed picture on the right although q. is a stock photo.


Stock Photos can be really cute they are really wonderful but they can also show up in a lot of different places on the Internet. So why why not be different make sure that you’re using only original photos don’t confuse your brand with someone else’s Now there there is the occasional you know I’ve done website blog posts where I wanted to put a picture up of a product Ok I went to the products page grab a picture of their of their product because it’s a really good yeah it’s a great photo but I’m talking about the product so there it is there are times when it’s Ok but you’ve been to Syria.


Fair we very mortgages was asked us What do you think of our new Web site and said Well Ok it’s great Who are those people which of those people can I you talk to to sign my loan in the upper left hand corner so I don’t know that’s just a picture of people well huh disconnect the next picture so you only work with younger homebuyers now will work with anybody well all of the people that are getting loans from you here are relatively young huh Next the next picture are you still figuring things out with a calculator and writing about with a pencil or do you use computers and such or use computers and such will wire you well old fashioned Oh no that isn’t the message you get the point stock photography can can give your Harriet’s the can entirely wrong message funds that are I’ll just sit here for.


They do there are so many photos out there and of fonts used badly. And such I think not sure I want to see if it’s not on here it’s not on here there’s one.


What typeface were if you wrote the physical they’re best. The There’s a natural space that occurs between the ears the are in that type face so it looks like the physical the you know the Says the rapist basically So be careful with the type that faces they do make a difference don’t use too many.


You know copyrights matter and Anyway let’s talk about video for a 2nd fact. I want to I want to give you an example let us say that the 2 ladies on the right came to our bootcamp and said it was the most amazing thing ever and I just we wrote down took their picture you know Griffin or shell to these guys think our webs are bootcamps are the best ever and that’s what we put on our website or we have a 30 or 42nd video that says the same message so check it out you’ll see the difference.


I’m sorry it’s 55 2nd. Time everywhere. And this is for a show where the mother daughter team the elemental candela organic 100 percent organic so I can do mine and we have just attended you well I think the chance it was amazing was an adventure after a really good great emotional I did hear a really great emotional I don’t know so that’s for a struggle with so it was really great if you come here to many different ideas tactics of my mind is like spinning interest is she not on 5.


This is what I’m talking about so listen if you ever want to get serious about your business you want to come out to the next but you would not actually come out of the camp you will not be disappointed bring yourself or a friend to bring everybody absolutely So within this is Richelle an ingrate been of elemental can go organic and you can find that elemental Candela.


So you can have the video on your website well that the security of you never get a video on your website or you can have the written testimony which is more powerful video is going to win every single time now on the left side is the is the web.


I’m running out of words and it’s only Monday morning. That’s the Welcome to our Web page video now you need one of those shot professionally you know the one of the right was shot with just a video camera on the one of the left shot professionally so that when they come to your Web site they know they’ve got the right place this goes along with having your bio and your story on your website you want to have the welcome video there it only has to be 30 seconds or so I think ours goes 38 seconds because there’s 2 of us talking so there’s extra words to go to it.


But that 32nd gets you more s.d.o. juice mostly because remember video all search engines know that using video is harder than not. So using more video is is a good thing no Quicken thank you number 8.


If you build it really well you don’t have to update it very often so. You’ve got to you know the easy things you can do sci wise if you’re sick if you’re spending a couple $1000.00 or a $1000.00 a month in sci.


You’re wasting money. If you build it right with the right copy and you keep adding blogs and you get lots of video system heals there are so many things you can do to have your website get fouled compared to paying somebody to to sci.


Part 2 of that you don’t have to update it yeah yeah do. One of the things that the search engines look for is is what was the last time this Web site was updated every time you update your website something on your website usually the blog honestly because how often do our services change honestly but our blog we can continue if we add content we continuously add testimonials in fact I have a budget just some of those that are ready to go up our 1st our website.


Here saying you’re screaming at the search engines Hey I just updated my website hey I really truly believe in using the Internet as a layer of marketing my business show me more so that’s why I want to go.


Number one everyone wants your newsletter my own you know if you the answer we have 3 answers you know if you and your clients are still at 198 right now.


You know newsletters are under phones Oh my god the owner that was still new and I get their newsletter I get information of this company on a daily on a monthly basis I’m I got it so awesome and then your website or your e-mail address God Well people are signing up for newsletters.


Answer be the free report. What is it that you do that makes them really want you so your financial planner or your free report could be the 5 mistakes people make every year you know that cost them a $1000000.00 The you know the 3 mistakes people make when hiring a financial advisor.


They don’t figure out which in fact if you get a free marketing consultation dot com And doctors will help you figure out which are your free report now answer see.


The answer b. is where it is right now come back to us in a few years this could change you know this is this is something that will be fluid.


We have it various times used as are free reports you know 3 different things you see on the. Right now you know do you want an image size cheat sheet for social media so you always use the right picture size every time your innermost it you’ve got that you want your 10 easy mark into a little help you build your business you’ve got that to do you want to discover what is really you know for yourself online most go over to drink over it we have that too and again right now though when we’re using is this one free as he reports so we’ve rotated we keep it fresh.


Number 10 letting buy tween ager my website. So the average teen 20 something brain they’ve got other stuff going on and yes a lot of them have more experience already than the most of you doing building websites but to give them the keys to your castle is no not always the best thing you know corporate camp will give you plenty of stories about.


Alright potest number one I have social media where I have my business got to do and I can’t afford it yet a reference going to build a 4 a or I have social media site any website.


I’m going to put this out there the nicest way I can. You don’t have a website you don’t have a business you have a hobby Sorry got a Web site you know it used to be.


Going back 20 years and you know if you’re even years where if you had a service business you had to be in a local Yellow Pages people went to the elevators that’s where they look for stock you know a plumber you went there you pay or you went there you needed any number difference or in the world has changed people ask for referrals and you know they might share you know I might say hey Sharon do you know do you know if physical therapist I want to get my shoulder tweaked I do and sure would give me a name and I might call a bright or you know these are you know we’re going to do you’re going to go look at I don’t know why do I need Jane verses I don’t know John Wright look at look them up look at their web site look what they write about look what they say look check out their videos go to their social media but you know it’s all of those places online what are they saying you know so you do need a website and you know what is one thing to use your social media business page to get enough clients to be able to afford the website totally get but that’s Ok but it’s a temporary stopgap measure and by the way Web sites can be more affordable than you think they are a WordPress Web site you know.


If you’re using social media it’s rental property you’ll see some of the larger platforms here oh except for that one of the far right where there’s a big x. Google who has more money been decided you know nobody’s using Google Plus why take it and we already own You Tube.


They could disappear they could have outages Twitter’s had 3 or 4 of this year. Facebook is a challenge they they cannot challenge us they can get hacked and the rental property if you put your all of your eggs in your rental property of the rental property disappears you don’t have anything so your website is the property you own your social media is the rental property and you want to use everything you put on social social media to get them to come to your website so your easy formula.


One is number 2. So how do you use your might ask social media to promote your website thank you very much for asking. In our bootcamps we’ve talked about this florist and in Xeno Casa de florist and every day they knew they had a 100000 people driving past they’re there for a shop so they put a different name you know comment for free Rose if your name is I you know we have an Ok like I Face Book or question every night so that’s why that’s a fair.


How do we take a physical in person marketing tactic and turn that into something we do online on. Our case. Every day we post if your name is you get one of our books and then we also post hey by the way here all bunch of winners you know in the red box.


You know it’s kind of simple you know make it easy now we’ve had people that have said such as e-mails here I haven’t seen my name is has my name ever popped up who cares what you like yours the thing is this is true for every marketing tactic you do remember what’s the goal right in this case the goal is to get those that are interested in your book to get them a book so if they get to know better about us they can either hire us or refer us right that’s the goal it’s if the goal were to get them to come back to our social media every day.


Then we might say we might have a different answer right but that’s not our goal I mean it’s nice but it’s not honestly it’s not the process back the cash right make them come back every day looking for didn’t trust that they’re going to remember to come back every It’s not now and when we work with clients that’s what we talk about fastest path to cash and what’s your marketing goal to get there so we in fact you had somebody send you an e-mail or saw something she she found so these are posted on our all of our social media pages including Linked In and she must on Linked In and said You know I found out that if I had been born a boy my name would have been I think it was Gerald Can I have a book sure to go with what would you like to remember are we talk about this in bootcamp a lot why do we have books why do we treat Why do we train you to have a at least one book.


Where most people get to know you would say they see what a traitor at some chamber event. You have that they have by a living sheet of paper that talks about you well our books talk about how you can build your business.


And yes there’s plenty of contact information in our insider book you know there are a couple pages of talk about it but you want to show your expertise and books are one of the best way to do that so we use our book plus our social media to get people to our Web site that’s the formula there here’s another thing that we do.


We create Easter eggs if you’re if you’re not sure of the concept of Easter eggs it’s the looking for something and said you know walking around Disneyland and looking for all the hidden places they put Mickey Mouse like his design is in the window or he’s in there yeah you know to various places so from time to time we’ll post this mean that on the left a combined our Easter eggs on our website now I will tell you it’s not on the front page but you are going after to make one click to find the strength we were on the various major by just but it’s always one click off the home page we want to make it is easy as possible for people to find that sense.


By the way you could do You could have this done by this afternoon you get some you know take a picture of a couple exit from Easter eggs add your graphics to like we did you could have just about this afternoon this is so simple all right let’s get let’s get you off to a fast start shall we we shall number one get your market out cold.


Every every one of our webinars that this is so important if you’re not beginning where you want to you know where you want to do business when you’re not talking about the folks that.


You’re most profitable most fun to work with you know why make you make your life the way you want to get your target market down cold work with the people you want to work with.


Number 2. Make sure you’re an expert on their favorite platforms you know online so that you can use them to come back now in our case we are big followers of you know Napoleon Hill’s that can grow rich as a book written in 1987 he had interviews interviewed 500 of a Successful people in the world and he found out there were really 13 things that brought them.


You know they all have in common a mother Wasn’t he born rich and one of our favorite rules are the specialized knowledge you know get really good at what your Harriet’s are looking for get really good at knowing where they’re going to look for information you show up there.


So that the having the specialized knowledge that they need is really important. So where are they looking you know if you’re if your target is female in their thirty’s well you probably want to be on instagram land there.


If they’re professional really got a need you need to be on Linked In If you’re not sure yet my advice book it is the largest one and you can attract your audience Valley Number 3 solid consistent plan to use your website if if you’re not checking your own website out every week.


You might want to start. Is there something I need to add It’s one of the reasons that I knew it was time to go through all of our past blogs we’re ever going to chat with with our Ezio person there’s one ASIO person.


That we love there’s one that we like and he came in and talked to our clients this past weekend as we did our annual mastermind recap for our clients and one of the comments that he made triggered a blog that we shared I had read.


Where a gentleman that used to blog every day. Now has his staff going through his thousands of blogs updated because the search engines are looking for that info we ran that best job he said Yeah that’s right so I’m going back through it and yeah it’s work.


It’s work cause you know how it’s why he or the other person has a team and what they spend 90 percent of their time on their own but for us out of the team sharing of all sorts of other stuff she has to do so this is on my plate.


And I you know if I do it now it’s better than doing it later so. Make sure it’s there so without doing this to you you don’t you think you’re stowing in the circles we want to help you you probably have some questions so we’ve tried to let you know that marketing is a science of choice and fact by the way that that unicorn is a symbol of a finished website just like the that’s mythical a finished website is medical.


Marketing is a science of choice it’s putting your message where your clients are going to be so that you before they even though they need to you’re there. Talking about your plan you just learn 10 ways to get past the myths and build your sales during a stressful time number one they go to our Facebook page the you off create a Facebook page and download this always there.


As a reminder there are so many things you can do that require 0 talent and really no money at all you know your coach your Obviously you are all coachable because you’re getting information good job great job you’re all here on time great job you know you’ll notice that we don’t we didn’t wait for 5 minutes to see us show that we don’t do that we started.


We do a lot of different webinars because for us it’s you know sharing is what we want to do we want to help people that are coachable get to where they want to go so all of these 10 things very very simple the next 5 steps is the last 5 in the next.


Creative marketing budget how much is your Web site. $11500.00 if it’s it’s really going to be complicated could be up to $2500.00 but that range you could build it in WordPress and you’re going to really solid websites.


Developers that we know you know it’s a about a 1000 at the bottom for the basic you know so make sure you have a budget and make sure that you have budgeted $2030.00 a month for the upkeep of those you want to learn how to go into the back end and update it which you probably should know how to do it’s not difficult and you’re a good developer will build that into their time to teach you how to do that and if not and connect with us and we’ll help after after your head of the keys to your website there’s probably an hour hour and a half 2 hours of teaching you how to use your car how do you use your website to create your team visors your accountant your banker people you like in business you know could be current clients could be past clients your team of advisors.


Being able to ask a question of somebody is important. I go to seminars we go to we get all this as many as we teach. Get coaching we have 2 different coaches we have business coaching we have a public speaking carriage which obviously after today I need to spend some time with.


And get really proficiency at the tools learn how to use your camera on your phone for photos and video it’s really important learn how to hold it steady the sales funnel getting them from your social media to your website and into a phone call you know all of these tools are important.


If you took notes and we hope you did. Organize them if you’re going to various Some of ours. Walk them down one of the 12 most important things what are the 3 from that and then what’s the one most important thing right well right now 10 years 12 months a year goodness.


We don’t want to get overwhelmed thinking oh my God I have to do this I have to do this after this now if we are now I don’t have the time or I do and you don’t do anything and make a list.


We are live in our of our list of 12. We have just gone we just passed the one year anniversary of the marketing checklist for sales hitting bestseller we had we published 6 books in 6 years 2020 is the 1st year we’re not going to publish a book in 6 years just was not the time.


But it’s time to start looking at our new book so that book called partners in everything where we want you to sell your friends at least. If if they did you sell about you made $300.00 and it’s really simple.


It’s time to get started on that. We need that book done it’s gone from it’s been hovering at number 10 or 11 our our marketing list for ever in fact that book has been on the list.


Are ever stack of our books we did the h.r. book of the sales book and the social media book it’s been on the list and we’ve put out 3 books it’s time for that book to to come up it’s now it’s hovering at like $2.00 and $3.00.


And we want to help you take your notes and go to a free marketing consultation dot com We want to give you a half hour of us for free.


If you if you’ve had a breakthrough today if you learn something new and you want more. Talk to us you know let us help you out most of the people that are on that call we either help them generate $10000.00 in sales or savings that what they were doing in the in the 1st place for me if if I can save somebody money on stuff they were doing weird in their marketing that’s always the best part for me so we’re not going to be real sales we.


Honestly most of our referrals come from people that went to free marketing consultation dot com didn’t hire us but they told us about that told us about told people about us told their friends about us wow we’re.


So. You also you also get our free report if you go there and we’ll give you any of our books if there’s one you’d like we’ll give you any of our books just I just ask it’s there for you.


If you want to put your marketing plan together for free. Go to You can go to the marketing event dot com but I’m going to give you another page in just a 2nd if you’d like a free ticket if you go to the marketing event dot com compare it to the next Web site I’m going to give you the pages ritually the same but on this page you can invest money to come to our bootcamp or you can have it for free which would you rather have.


Right now Right now we expect to do that in person well we hope to do we have to do it of a person.


Probably will have to be virginal again if we do them virtually one a drop we’ll do it March 11th. March 25 will do with those those 2 dates the l.a. date sit on it.


If you would like it go to plan your marketing dot com You know we teach you all the all the major mistakes people make in their workday how to get people to want to ethically work with you we’re not good you’re out of you know hypnotise of a make of your.


We talk go into a lot of depth about a lot of it for the exit are going to make huge difference for your business and we offer a free ticket because again people go to our camp tend to be our biggest referring partners so.


If you need it now you know actually if you need it now come ask questions you can share I’m going to tell you how to do it yeah I’m going to a new character she actually had 2 questions and I don’t know that we can answer them why don’t we didn’t answer the 2nd one don’t.


Mean her hi Carrie Carrie. Hello oh my God I see your name on my Facebook page like every day constantly that I don’t tell them all so cool honestly just do the best I am creating this is new.


And I just had a light bulb go off because most of what you presented this morning is what I presume if I grant writing classes just in a different.


Amazing amazing how how we can have blinders on for other people’s business a big amount of it for those like oh my God I guess yeah well it took you know you guys presenting this information for me to go oh wow But yeah so but my 1st question was how do we get maybe this is just something we need to talk about right now but how do you get people to click from the landing page to go for the information so that you know you only have so much on the landing page Ok so we just want to be clear I think I know what you mean but I want to be clear so a landing page is usually tied to an ad or an offer if it’s Ok if it doesn’t have all the other menu things their only option on a landing page is to either give you their email and click not offer whatever the offer is paid or not doesn’t matter but offer or to close it out I think what you really want is your home page yes my home page home page Ok I don’t mix well you were times during what you really meant I thought well done Yeah that’s because your homepage your website in a landing page for very different things.


So all right let’s let’s talk about it you want to get them to click and give you their email addresses that it. Yes and then give them something right you know the right to be that trade off and then you know.


Look Well 1st on information with referrals and all that to set that to. Whatever it is they’re clicking on to I mean I I see so many websites with so much stuff on your home age that it just gets confusing at times.


So I get it you know our our Web site is about and it’s Max You know we pared down as much as we can but we have we have you know if the very top 4 different things we want to give people and let you know so we’ve made it Ok it is a trade off.


Which is going to have a site versus service information they need before they call you that’s why the the opt in the free report the more the more tantalizing it is the better.


One of my favorite things that I made up is what the fish really needs one word. If you can make it need want to fuck yeah if you can make it so tantalizing because they’re going to bite the people that are coming to your site they’re mostly nonprofits who need money.


So what is the report that they need you know and I’m I asked so I’m just going to help so yeah i’m just spit balling I could be it could be could you know 5 ways to build a better board you know Sharon Sharon has the Master’s a nonprofit manager and I got her to or you know it could be.


The fire thing that you are misusing 5 Don’t please don’t attach the number I’m just giving you a concept the 5 things that must be included in every grant proposal.


Right depends on what they’re coming to you for. And then how do you get them to click 1st of all do you need to have them click right they may not if they’re willing to just call you when hire you they don’t need to keep clicking right again go back to your goal your goal isn’t get them to look at every piece of my website your goal is to get get them to hire me so if they are employed just by putting in their e-mail address getting your free report oh yeah she’s definitely knows everything and call you then you don’t need the rest of it on the same q. page of that free report you can then give other links Hey did you know if you would like to connect with me on social media here of social media if you please go the breach go look at my video testimonials and you can give the link to another page on your website that has a video testimony or whatever it is but use that thank you page to get to lead them right it’s part of your funnel lead them to whatever the next thing is that you think will motivate them to then want to hire you Ok the same thing with their email right they they fill in the 1st thing to get your free report you then send them the free report don’t just send them a free report do the same kind of thing hey you know let’s let’s keep in touch here’s my little show media here’s the testimonials here write whatever it is that’s going to going to get.


Us and I know Chad you know that’s great but I had a thought and it just disappeared I’m sorry that’s the my my problem my challenge is I listen to you as I learn from you.


Just now carry there also I have one other thing and this is not a free Morrison consultation me by the way below So those are the questions Ok so.


I was thinking for my website I of putting like some logos at the bottom of coins that I’ve had so like you know you’ve got American Red Cross City a lost and was some of the Salvation Army you know the big coins to come through and putting those down to sort of build credibility does just that that’s a stupid idea no great idea it’s quite the opposite it’s a great idea.


You’ll see you saw earlier in this presentation we showed you a few of the places that we’ve been quoted. If you go to our website we have the seen on and.


You know clearly we don’t make any of those up don’t ever do that because somebody said oh so prove it well sure here’s a link to write go to it but if you’ve done the work then Oh heck yeah you know what would be awesome for you carry is if those if those people so I realize the Red Cross is not a person but the person the hired you person actually worked with you if they were also give you a video testimonial would you would put on your site and then on your home page where you have you know I’ve worked with these people for and I’m going to stick with the Red Cross just because it’s an example if you then had were a link so that when they click on Red Cross they don’t go to Red Cross and leave your site but they go to the video testimonial of the Red Cross saying how awesome you are Ok.


That might be somewhat difficult because some of these clients you know the people I don’t care anymore but absolutely trying to yeah or I do think you can show them the glance but I wouldn’t you know in a long as it is long as it’s not proprietary you know right.


If I were to go back into my career there are a lot of large logos that I could but on our site thank you off has worked with you know that to be she saying did Affleck I mean I’ve done business with a lot of these companies but our target market is not that our target market are small business owners so I don’t put those logos up because that that repels our Harriet so well I know it’s not I’m not you know I’m not meant to be she salable Angela So I think that’s probably not a new better so those logos just.


You know but if you’ve written it for nonprofits then great if you have smaller ones nonprofits as well I would include them. Because at the same challenge she only works with a large non-profits not our little ones.


And in different demographic areas like yeah you know. People see that you know wherever they are yeah it is Ok It absolutely does you know I have an idea for you all along that same line I have an idea for you but I don’t want to do it publicly so schedule time and remind me about small nonprofit logo and I was share with you that idea.


About what was you know I’m just you know in the process now of building the website I. Got a good person and that wasn’t like creating the contest so yeah.


Should I said you know even well how do I create a free marketing consultation dot com Here a linkage here link is a chat Yeah you can just click on it and open a new window for you Ok perfect and by the way for those of you that are used to Zuma and you’re used to being able to save the chat you can do that here as well it’s just a little more hidden so if you go I’m going to use as we were just talking about free market the consultation on the go there if you hover next in the chat next to free market conversation 3 dots will show up and you can click on that and then select all little copy the whole thing copy it and put it into a like a word processing or no pad or something and then you’ll have it it’s not quite as is easy is it but it’s still doable so there are other questions I don’t anything else in the chat cool.


If you want to be on muted. You should be able to amuse yourself but in case you can’t just ask you know type in the chat and say a new me and this this is been a really good way to start our week yes I’ve been very much enjoyed doing this with it we haven’t done this one in over a month we didn’t do it last month so I like doing this with very cool we have that’s what else we need to give you our our schedule of.


Webinars. If you go to your marketing Advisor dot com Your Marketing Advisor dot. Because you are calendar for the month that’s now fact if you do that you’ll also see how we use a u.r.l. to take you to it interior page of our website because we update that so that lives on a blog inside our website and we just update that blog every month.


So if you go there you’ll see how we do it yes you know jobs so just because I have it in front of me tomorrow is your new business or business idea and then Wednesday is how to leave a voicemail that actually works that’s phone and Thursday is our free ways to market your business online during cold Well we’re going to find this week so those are this weeks there you go there any other questions yes you know maybe have anything else well coolness to give in the slowest of Piper’s is probably already Ok So thank you everybody we very much appreciate you coming think of us when you need marketing help or your friends to please refer to us you can send them to the free market in consultation we very much appreciate.


Come to our bootcamp go to PlanYourMarketing.com .

If you send someone to FreeMarketingConsultation.com which, by the way, please do that and ask them to put your name in the Notes section so that we know that you were the one that referred them. And then when they actually purchase any of our coaching packages, we pay you for that referral. So if you need some cash, get our affiliate program.

So remember: if everything happens for a reason, be the reason things happen!


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