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Well, thank you. Thank you. Zoom for recording. You have your I do have it.


When you’re ready. Yeah, I’m ready. Let’s go. Let’s get started. Work and talk about linked in today. Copyright law isn’t there. Well,


interesting. I just saw a couple of other people pop in, so actually will go backwards for a moment. You are on the right place. If you’re here to talk about linked in for your business day for our World has changed in the last several months and what is happening online and how all the different social media platforms are being used has also changed the amount of time people are,


are investing on their social media sites has changed and for linked in this has been a, a large change for them. But thankfully about 2 years ago,


they made a shift from it being a job site to more of you call it want to database professionals database. Absolutely. So for them, perfect timing and for most of US they want to use it for marketing.


Also perfect timing for a couple of basics that, that will go through. We’ve had heard a lot of people, small business owners have some trepidation that,


Oh my GOSH, we’re, we’re in a medevac and we’re in a recession and and it’s kind of an opportunity. Charles Darwin reminds US from a book he published in 859 origin of the species.


That is, it is certainly the strongest or the most intelligent that survives, of the those that can adapt. If you’ve never been through a cycle, you know,


like this before, and none of US have been through it, you know, this kind of cycle. But if you’ve never been through down cycles, understand that being able to adapt your business is what’s going to help you a lot and make some changes.


You know, almost 80 percent of your original fortune 500 doesn’t exist anymore. So the, the ebbs and flows of the business community do happen. So who we’re going to talk about today,


creating your targeted market message, which is some, just some basic marketing stuff because any time you’re using a tactic and linked in is a tactic. Just like Facebook is a tactic,


just like direct mail isn’t acting or email advertising a tactic or networking is a tactic. You have to have the right message on the product. So that when you’re,


when you’re using it, the right people respond to your message, you’re going to talk about them about why linked in 17 ways. Make your profile better and how and why to create your company page.


Because you should have initial your personal page, there should be a company page as well. Your next down. And then we’re going to give you a bunch of free stuff.


Everyone that likes free stuff, raise your hand, go. So we’ll give you a bunch free stuff to including our report that we created for our clients.


How to be found on the Internet during coded bosko. But if you want, that will show you how to get that later. I know I just heard cindy’s that I just heard our clients that are said you just make or Here’s what this isn’t about.


When you get to the end of this, you’re not going to say, you know what, the only way I can do that is if I hire Hank and Sharon,


that is none of this is everything we’re going to show you today. You can do yourself our job with webinars. Our goal in webinars is to a let you get to know US a little bit.


You decided like to talk about coaching. Great would love to talk to you. But we want to give you information that you can use today. You can have this all done today and get started using linked in right away.


By the way, that’s our and our that’s our mission. That’s Glenn. Thank you for doing that. If you have questions, does favor hold on to those till the end,


we don’t want to get off track, you could put him into the chat. But in this presentation, Sharon, who usually warns the chat is going to be talking more than I do.


So, good luck having her watch the chat and answer questions, I will do my best, but they will probably get, get to all your questions we,


we’ve now done this with enough times that we kind of know what most of the, the most common questions are. And we’ve incorporated them into what we talked about a little bit about US we’ve,


we’ve published 6 different books that are all Amazon bestsellers. We’ve got 3 more that by the end of next year should join the slide. In fact, if you’re a couple or 2 or a partner to people of business,


we’re looking for about 6 co-authors for another book that we’re doing. If you have an interest in that send US an email to info. If you love creative,


we’ll let you know what it’s all about. Because it’s, it’s one book that we want to write it from a, a 2 people in business together point of view.


But Sharon, I don’t have the, I don’t have a quarter of the market how 2 people work together. So we’re looking for other authors on that.


We have a podcast that we did 2 $143.00 episodes of that would be coming back to our website soon. We have to strip out the, the music to it.


We were a radio station, the paid all the Ascap fees. Or taking the music out, interviewed by JAMES Melligen, who was a.b.c.’s secret millionaire, and Kevin Harrington,


who was one of the 1st Sharks on shark tank for the 1st several seasons. We do a marketing boot camp a couple of times a year in March and September.


And for you, what we want to give you something free right up front. We have a pod cast that has a visual, it’s a view cast and it’s called the view cast dot com.


It’s we interview successful business people. And all of the questions are designed to make you look good. You come on, we ask you the questions, you give your ads or ZZ.


We loaded up on you tube and promoted out. If you would like to be on this email addresses at the bottom, just say you’d like to be on the the view cast will send you the questions.


There’s a torrent of you answer, send it back to US, and that’s how we figure out if you qualify to be on. Here’s how you qualify.


If you send US a one page ads, or for each question, you’re probably not going to be odd because the interview was early 7 minutes and 21 seconds.


And brevity is rewards who’d love to have you on. They’re absolutely free. Send US an email and we’ll get you the information would love to have you on it.


If you want to see the ones we’ve done so far, just go to the view, cast the cob, you’ll see how it works. It’s really simple,


especially if you’ve never done a video to promote, you know, that was now in your chat. Awesome. We do a bunch of different things. We have a marketing repair service.


We have on line marketing plans for New businesses, an established and we also do private coaching. So that’s what we do. So Let’s get into it,


but 1st, some marketing basics so that you’re creating the right message that you’re going to put onto your linked in profiles. Make sense? Cool. You’re that the demographics of who you talk to,


you know, age, education, geography, all of the things that describe your clients. And you probably have several different we call or HARRIET. You have several different area that could be different.


You know, said these on your city can talk to younger couples that are starting out. You can also talk to people that for their investments that are closer or tyrant.


But she’s going to a different message for those 2 groups because they’re thinking of different things. One is that, you know, getting their family started College and such and the other is retiring safely.


So the message will be different. Now the psychographics is the cool part. That’s what’s going on in their mind. Remember, people don’t buy from logical reasons.


They buy for emotional reasons and they use logic to back it up. Why else would I have bought an 18 then $73.00 Capri with a v. 6 that they couldn’t prove to be rebuilt.


And in the course of the following year, I pretty much rebuilt the entire car. I wanted it because it went bastard. I looked cool when I was in it basically how that worked.


You always look cool. Thank you slick. And you want to be able to package what’s unique about you remember if, as ALICE heard from the Cheshire cat,


when he asked her which way she wanted to go, she didn’t know so it doesn’t matter which road you take. So Here’s, Here’s how we describe HARRIET.


I’ve met her 8 times in, in my career, this is, this is one of half a dozen avatars that we have in this one. Only buys promotional products.


It’s not a coaching one. She’s 45 to 60 years old. She, her job is that she’s the person that runs the company for the man that owns it.


I’ve met Harriet’s where she did all of the other demographics, but it was a woman that own the company and the whole the, the avatar falls apart.


Self designate as Christian one was Jewish College educated and her job basically is to run the company, everything outside of the sales part of it. And the Guy that owns a company knows that without her,


his business is done. So this is, this is the description of her so that when I would go to an event, if I met a woman in that age range and I found out that’s what she did,


the questions I would ask her and the relationships I would, I would start to build with her, I knew what questions to ask and I knew how it should we were going to do business together,


how I needed to service or because I know her schedule is packed. I know that our phone conversations are going to be incredibly brave. She doesn’t want to Chit chat.


I know that the emails are going to be really to the point that you see 4 women on that screen. It’s obvious from that that it’s, that HARRIET are the 2 women at the bottom.


The other 2 are too young. So that’s how we start. You start to define who your clients are and it helps you more to tighten up your message.


So your goal is that over the next 10 years, how much is it worth? If we help you discover another 5 Harriet’s or 10 or more, now that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to come up with other clients.


Because when you put your message out to attract HARRIET, Yes, others will see it. But when we start, when you’re able to define the people you want to work with the most,


you know, the people are most profitable. You know, that’s important. It helps you put all of your messaging in the right direction. In fact,


when you create your linked in profile, you’re going to be talking to those people so that when they read your profile, it’s going to be obvious that you’re the one they want to connect with on makes it cool.


So what usually stands in the way of most people for doing this is they don’t have a plan. So whatever plan to do it, and that’s what we’re going to go through,


is how to plan a bottom line. Let’s not create a link to the market message without knowing exactly who it’s going for. Cool. Here’s what demographics are your friend?


You want to talk about this good idea. So often when our clients come to US and we have this conversation, right, who’s your favorite client? Who’s your ideal client,


who’s your most profitable client? Maybe 3 different answers. That the answer is everybody. And it’s, it’s not everybody, not, not all of US shop at the same stores,


we don’t all eat the same thing. So if those Big chains are in everyone, then you’re not to be able to service everyone either. But if we think about it this way,


picture these 4 women here on your screen, right? We’re going to ignore the infant, who’s done a buying unit. And imagine that these 4 are need only the car,


they all of the major mucks pond city. They’re not taking public transportation, they all need a car. They probably aren’t looking at the same car. They probably don’t want the cars for the same reasons and they’re not looking at the same benefits and features of that car.


So a good car sales person is going to message each of them differently, even though they all want to car. So the same thing is true for your product or service,


and it’s quite possible that these 4 women might all be Harriet’s for you, but they are for different areas and you need to message each of them differently.


They are probably not even all on linked in, so you’re going to need to message them not only differently, but in different places. And we’ll talk about that for a bit.


Now in the real World, turns out this works. We just want to Panda express. Luckily, I know the express we went through and they say,


Hey, would you like $2.00 off your next? Your next meal I’ll have to do is go online and tell US how we did. So I did,


and the last lives they were gathering demographic information. Now they knew geographically where we were, so they didn’t have to ask what city I was in. But they asked all of the other things because they want to know that in that area,


how should they create their messages to attract US back or to track, you know, other people like US. So if you look around in the real World,


you’ll see how companies do that. When you check out a Big 5, you always had to give Yours it because they wanted to make sure they were marketing to the right place.


The other part of that equation, the psychographic, is the emotional reasons, getting into their head that, you know, why are they going to work with you?


And what are you? Why are you special? And what pain do you take away? People will run away from pain faster than the run toward pleasure.


So if we can find out what your, what pain you take away from your clients Battle, you don’t raise revenue. Now, when we go out in the field,


we do a trade show. This is our trade show, but it’s all about on your screen now. And I had always wanted to do a trade show Booth with LUCY from peanuts as you know,


her psychiatric help. 5 said, I always want to do that as a, as a creative with. So we set the plans out to all of our different demographics,


all of our different Harriet’s. We said, what do you think of this? And universally, it was all positive. Now what that means for US is that when we’re out and about,


this is the cycle graphic sign. It’s good when we see people look at it and say, Oh, well, they get it, they relate to it.


And we know that are very, it relates to that and they’re going to relate to US. So we know that they’re going to leave our Booth with at least one of our books.


Because our books are, you know, marketing h.r. and sales. They, we’re giving them a lot of free information, and it’s going to stand out from all of the other people that they’re seeing when they wander around the trade show.


Cindy, which is why your book is important. Now that 1st a little bit of coaching. And in our book, there’s contacted me so you can get how we use all of this.


You know, we don’t take our 5. Now Let’s find out who’s that is. If you have some family, what are not needed? Yeah, disfavored your so thanks.


So Let’s, Let’s talk about the actual posts that you’re putting out. We would like you to start thinking of them in, in terms of sidewalk signs.


Picture there. We were in LONDON. We were walking down the Street toward Sharon’s House. Sharon sister’s House and we were we stopped the Big Bang theory contest,


but we’re going to make 50 pounds while we’re here. But then we looked at the day we were going to be gone. So we didn’t have to walk in your sidewalk sign your message,


gives just enough information so that people that are interested, your HARRIET will swell their attention will be captured and they’ll walk in. Here’s an example. When you,


when you, when you have a blog on your website, if you want, but Let’s find that person. Thank you. So our guys are just trying to me when you’re,


when you have a blog, you’ve just written. It’s now on your website and you take the link from that blog with a short bit of a description,


and that’s what you share to all of your social media, including linked in. The idea is that 1st sentence or so is all you have to share.


And the right people will go back to your website called the Boomerang effect. You don’t need people that aren’t interested in what you do to come back. Why waste your time in that interaction?


You want to invest more of your time with your Harriet’s, with the people that are the ones that you want to work with the best. So that’s so start thinking in terms of everything you put up on,


on your social media as a sidewalk sign is, are you giving too much information? Are you giving just a random out? That’s where you want to go.


So what are answering Facebook and linked in share? This is a great, this is a question that has come up every time we’ve got a social media.


Whether it is true that there are parts of linked in that can feel a little for Facebook. We really Facebook is kind of like your backyard barbecue. Remember those.


And I remember when you and linked in this kind of the office water cooler, which seems to be coming back a little bit. So now it’s your virtual water cooler and a little,


it’s a little more professional. We do still, you know, have some conversations about who you are personally, not just business, but it is. It’s a,


it’s just a step above, you know, it’s in professionality over Facebook, and Twitter is the backyard barbecue. After everyone’s had a couple of adult beverages.


Truly the bar Let’s talk about selling them all to motivate generations. Right now there are several, there are 5 different generations in the workplace. And how we message them is different.


You know, messages that I will put out to talk to millenniums about their business are going to be very different than you know, traditionalist folks that are older than I am,


are or Boomers, people in my age range. And mostly it’s years of experience. You know, I’ve probably experienced more than most of the money else,


but that’s just because I’ve been around longer. But our experiences aren’t better because we’ve been around, they’re just different. And in the conversations we’ll have with people of different generations.


Keep in, keep something in mind, this is, this is the biggest point here. There are folks that voted in this past election for the very 1st time that we’re alive during 911 and if you’re a jet XOR or rumor or traditionalist,


it’s like, Oh my GOSH that, that was an event that, that just totally rocked our, you know, rocked our reality of the World. But for the,


you know, back in the millennial is and, and you know, Gen xers and Wise they want to live for it. So to them it’s almost the same as talking to me about wasn’t World War 2 nasty.


Well, no, I was, you know, well then alive, I only know it from black and white videos that I’ve seen. So how do you relate?


Does you know the generation makes a Big difference in how you’re creating your messages? And as far as which platform to use that also makes a difference and we’re talking about linked in today.


But you know, it’s a, it’s a more professional database but all of the others have their place.


And each one of them, you know, we’ve done whether our social media, whether or not we talk about this, what more, but we want you to understand one very important point.


Your social media platforms, your profiles there. It’s the equivalent of rental property as opposed to your House that you know, your website is, is property on the Internet that you own.


It can’t disappear, you know, all things being equal. You pay if you pay for your elevator and hosting. It stays there. But the platforms could come and go in this past year,


Facebook and Twitter both had it had glitches. Last year, Google plus just disappeared. Google decided we don’t need it. We own you too. So treat them as rental property.


Understand that when you’re on them, you’re following a private, you’re following private companies, rules. They don’t have taken take down your post. They could do anything they want.


When we clicked in, when we signed up, you know, the little box that, you know, I accept the terms and conditions. These are all private companies.


And they’re allowing US to play because they send US advertising. You and I are our advertising fodder. So keep, keep that in mind as well when you’re playing and putting these all together.


So Here’s a few steps on this year’s stats on linked in. Oh, and my favorite one is not actually even on here. Most are just the thing that always captures attention is most people only are spending about 17 minutes a month on linked in.


So one of the the push backs I guess that we get from some of our clients is social media takes so much time. I don’t want to do it,


but linked in member to professionals database. So they’re not spending investing a lot of time in the platform, but the time is focused. So you, it’s not,


it’s not one where you necessarily need to be sucked up, which it is possible. But if you don’t have to, and that’s why your posts, as sidewalk signs are important because they’re going to go through there.


They’re looking for the highlights. They’re looking for what’s interesting them as they go through. And HARRIET will click on the things that interested her. And honestly,


we don’t want people that aren’t interested in what we do. You and I, we don’t really need them to click on our stuff. The other interesting one to look at here is on the right,


linked in is responsible for 80 percent of the beat to be lead from social media. So if you are providing products or services, be to be all the more reason to be on linked in,


not not to be the C is wrong on linked in because it’s not right most of the time. Remember, this is a professional database and that’s who has disposable income to spend on your products or service.


So it’s still the right place even if your b. to c.. But that is a quite the stat for you if you’re b. to be but I could just use this silly.


Ok. So what’s it best for right, showing off your professional accomplishments. Awesome. One of our clients, when, when we 1st got it working with her,


she asked, well, should I start a New one, right. I used to be an employee. Now I’ve opened up my own company. Should I start a New linked in profile?


No. No, use your linked in profile because all of that background stuff, all that information, all that stuff makes up who you are and your Harry is asking,


why am I working with you versus JANE DOE next door that says she sells the same product or service. So part of what makes you different is that background.


So please don’t start in there. There are some very rare exceptions, but most of the time, no, no, please don’t. The 2nd thing here says to create a group.


I’ll tell you, we don’t talk about groups a little further on. I don’t recommend that you should start a New group. If you are noodling than find a lead that 45 uprising professionals of your career do usually in a 35 or so and Here’s,


Here’s how it’s expel Pew and which are we a private groups you know? So and even use the steps here in groups is skewed older. Even though you see these numbers are the interim,


but the older and it’s the 535 Internet. So your, your area, it’s maybe different apps, the platform, but they are there. And if you get it and you start,


you will, you know, they will start once again. Yes, we’re having some of their instant technical difficulties. There must be an Internet challenge that we’re not where we can,


we don’t see it, but our guys are saying they’re having issues. I don’t know how to solve the issue. However, again, because we’re not seeing it please stand 522-002-2000.


She’s there saying the screen is less interesting. I’m going to, I’m going to exit out of the Street and then go back and that’s where they got about.


Ok. So I made that moment so about that. The good thing, the good thing is you’re all going to get a replay. So assuming the recording works,


I don’t, I hate to promise replays. Yeah. If, if it does, and if you, Here’s the secret ready and there’s an e-mail info.


You are creative. We’ve recorded this one before and we would be happy. Yeah, we’ll send you a different send you a different record and just, well,


you’re going to be fine. We’ll make sure you get it. In fact, some of you might want to, you know, we do this differently,


various times will bring at different points. You might want a different one, you can have it, it’s all Yours. All right, linked in profile set up or email is info at you love creative dot com.


It is on your chat and then you could scroll up being fired again, but I did just put it back in there. Ok, so 17 tips for your,


your personal profile. Right, because linked in like every other platform, I think maybe there are some exceptions, but I can think of I have a personal profile in a company page.


So we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about your personal profile. At the end, we’ll talk about company page a little bit. So here you go 17 things.


Number one, use key words. So what are those terms that your HARRIET is typing into linked in to find you when she doesn’t know that you specifically exist?


And, and they could be the same keywords that they’re typing into Google to find your web page. It could be very similar. It could, it might not write safely with a little bit,


but you’ll need to know what those keywords are. Remember, this is a database, so they are searching this like they search Google, like they Sue huge tubelike,


they search Yahoo, right? So same kind of thing but, but the audience a smaller, right? So if you’re stuck on that, you’ve probably seen a website pop up a couple of times who’s free marketing consultation dot com.


If you need US to help you with that, you’ll just go to free market consultation and you’ll get a half hour with US. So we can talk about the key words that that’s probably the hardest part of this.


Ok? Number 2, use your professional name. So how do you introduce yourself? So for example, one of our clients, a financial services professional,


is MARTY. Laugh her given name, her legal name is Martha. But she doesn’t actually go by that. So in her linked in profile she’s, she’s recently up,


they heard the term profile to say MARTY because people were having a problem finding her, they weren’t sure that they had found the right person because it didn’t match what they knew her.


So Yes, your legal name may be different, but use the name that you use when you’re introducing yourself. So that then when, when you’re HARRIET is going to look for you in linked in,


they know to type in MARTY. For example, just like my given my given name is Henry, but unless you knew me at high school, you know me as Hank.


So on all of my profiles, I use Hank not Henry. Ok, number 3, use a professional headshot. Even though we’re in, you know,


this coded scenario, you can get a professional head shot, a recent one, right? If you’re in it, one of the questions we often get is how old is too old for a professional headshot.


If you’re looking at your headshot and you look at yourself in the mirror and those 2 people don’t look the same, you wouldn’t recognize that person and it’s time for a New had shot,


usually 3 to 5 years, but it kind of depends. So I don’t want to give you that it’s a hard and fast rule, right? The really,


the hard and fast rule is look at the picture. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you’re Harry, it wouldn’t recognize that, that you, that it’s time for a New headshot,


and photographers can do social distancing had shots. So this is not a cell phone thing. This is a get a professional headshot. And, and Let’s put it another way too.


If you 5 years ago or 3 years ago, were wearing a suit every day, and now you don’t update that update. We have, we have had shots where we’re suited up.


We have had shots where we are in our presentation shirts, you know, long sleeve black that that case. And we also for another book we have our casual shots.


In fact, this is the one we use on our logo behind your head. So we have various photos that we’ve used all of them shot professionally. Fact I think these were all shot by Al West over who was is just amazing.


He is out in California. Ok number 4 optimized for your location. So this is a field that you can’t make it up. It is linked in specific.


So if you, if you live in a community that’s very specific, but linked in doesn’t recognize that you need to go a little broader, really optimize your location for where not only where you are because you’re Harry wants to know where you are based.


But also where you’re harried is so what I mean by that is this. If you only work within a certain community, like the greater Los ANGELES area,


I know many of you came, came to US today from score and the Los ANGELES chapter of score. So if you’re in the greater Los ANGELES area,


and you can only serve with in that locale, then that’s what you use greater Los ANGELES area, that’s what linked in knows it as if, however,


you can service all of California, then say California. And if you can service the nation, then to use Usa, even if you can service the World like we,


we can service anyone, English speaking World wide. But we don’t, we don’t use that, right? We still use Usa and actually I have my New Sedona and Hanks is Los ANGELES because there are 2 places that we most of our Harriet’s are so used,


used to think of who your Harry is and how they’re going to perceive you and don’t go any broader than Usa because people will still want to know even if it’s worldwide,


or what country are you based in because it helps them figure out the time zone thing. Ok. Number 5, brand, your professional headline. So again,


if you’re New to linked in, when you 1st up your profile, that headline space is going to say title. And most people then default because we’re used to filling out a resume and that’s how the linked in got started putting in our title.


Right? Owner founder, please don’t do that. Your HARRIET is not looking for owner founder or whatever. That’s not the key word, right. Going back to number one that she’s typing in to find you when she doesn’t know that you specifically exist.


Though the folks they’re looking for owner founder are sales people that are looking to sell you something they want to own or found or otherwise use the words. This is where those keywords come in.


Really, really Handy. Use the key words that your Harry knows you as don’t, don’t make up something fancy and be clever. Because you won’t get found.


I mean, it is clever and when HARRIET does happen to stumble upon you then Oh, she’ll think that’s cute and clever, but it won’t help you get found.


So you in this space, there are other places where you could be fancy. This is not one of them, it might be that your hypnotherapist, but in this case you can put hypnotherapist for professionals.


I use targeted marketing technician as opposed to, you know, business coach. Because one of the, one of the best things about working with, you know,


shared eyes, we’re really good at target marketing tacticians. So if you can, if you can avoid the President or her part, go for it, you know,


let, Let’s let them find out what you do. You know, you only have $110.00 characters. So you do need and it’ll tell you if, you’ll know when it’s got a little stop,


you’ll know. And if you have room left, then add your phone number. Yes, there’s another place in here where you can add your phone number and that will be clickable and all of that.


But a lot of times they, once they found you, they just want to call you. And a lot of people are looking at linked in on their smart device.


And so having another place to have to click to to find your phone number, slows it down and they tend to find Yeah, so add your phone number.


So it’s right there. Let’s make it is easy as possible for somebody connected number 6 and someone is not muted.


To scare trick you really can’t hear it. Thanks Ed. Ok.


I’m going to 6, customize your profile u.r.l.. So like when you start any other profile like that is the same, it’ll give you some sort of gobbledygook,


right? I’ll say linked in dot com slash in slash. And it’ll give you something sort of approximating your name in a bunch of letters, numbers the up.


But you can customize out and I encourage you to customize it. So for example, if you’re looking for me, you go to Lynton dot com slash in slash.


That’s that you can change, but the end part is just my 1st initial last name. When all of the social media got started, that was my default.


So if you’re looking for me on any social me personally, not company, but me personally, everything is Su off. So just and so Yes, be consistent,


but also take away all that gobbledygook. The ideal would be to use your name if you can’t, if it’s already taken. If your name is similar,


we’ve never realized how common our names were until we had social media is so not another word to you.


If you’re on you, if you’re not muted, if you’re on the phone or I’m going to put it in the q. and a, I could just do that.


So he’s checking out what your results were. Ok, he’s not paying attention because he’s on the phone. Having to go into danger to US.


I’m dealing great. Thanks. Interesting.


We haven’t used it in a while, but that was weird. Ok. So if your name is,


is too common and you can’t use your name, then add your middle initial. Or if you have some initials at the end, like maybe you’re a c.p.a.,


then c.p.a. at the end. There are ways to make it customized without being, you know, all that gobbledygook. Like you can see at the bottom of Neal shapers there.


Number 7 is a lie in your industry. So let linked in, know what industry you’re in. What, Mike, you’re off the Mike. Let,


let LINCOLN know what industry you’re in. This is another one of those where your industry is very specific to linked in. You can’t just make something up.


That’s cute and clever your hair. You won’t find it. Well, linkable what you but your hair, you wouldn’t find you. So again, there’s not a place where you could be cube lover,


but this isn’t it. Find, find your industry with in linked in place where you customize your profile.


It’s under settings. On the right hand side, that’s all I can remember,


right? The 2nd, but it’s under settings. Ok.


Number 8, be active. So this, it’s just like, you know, if you join the, your local Chamber of Commerce. If you just joined and never attended even virtually.


Then what’s the point to the same thing with linked in, right? If you just up a profile and maybe a company page, but then you’re never there.


And then you Wonder, well how come I’m not getting in the business? Well because you’re never there. So you do need to be active and just being active just means post everything that’s all.


And it could be the same post that you post on other social media. You don’t make something specific to linked in. If you wrote a blog, you can share it on to all of your social media platforms.


If you have a picture like this morning, I had, we had a really great Sunrise story. Took a picture of Sunrise and I put happy Wednesday on my Facebook page and it went to all of my pages.


So that was just my morning post number 9,


expand upon your professional headline and support it. So this is the about section and in your about section, this is where you can show off how your unique,


what you really call yourself. All of those things that you all those other places that you want to be human clever and you couldn’t because I said no,


no, no, you have to choose what linked in says this is where you could be if you love or show off your personality. Show off what makes you unique,


and if you’re really stuck on this section, then go to my about section. It’s a really good template. Go ahead and take it, copy it,


paste it into your word processing document, change it so it’s about you, please don’t make it about me, that’s just silly, and then paste it back into your about such.


No. So that’s number one. Number 10, embrace the visual just like everything, right? We’re learning all the time. More and more visual, more video,


more images more, more. So Yes, they don’t just type your updates. I mean, in your about section it is type, but also you can,


you can add slight your favorite slide presentation, for example, we, you know, you could, if you did a weapon or you can put the link in there.


If you. So you have lots of options to be visual, even in the about section, not just in your daily posts. But when we teach our video webinars,


we talk about more about 2 thirds of people are visual learners. So if your, if your posts are vague, we’re visual that more type or have a visual element,


it will get seen, it will get more reaction. It’s just type. Yeah. Ok,


number 11 get connected. So what does that mean? Often our clients ask, well do I just accept every connection request? Do I accept every suggest linked in will suggest you did US,


you should because this person and you look at that, you go why, why would I be connect others? So the answer is if they are a potential Hillary it or someone that is likely to refer you,


Harriet’s, that’s who you should be connected to. You know, certainly right, friends and colleagues. Sure. But those are the 2. When you’re deciding,


do I accept that could actually require just do I reach out to that person? Are they HARRIET, could they refer me Harriet’s if the answer to both is no.


Next number 12,


strut your stuff. So this is, I guess I kind of skipped ahead, this is where, right? They’re saying add your edge or materials that show off what you do,


right? So your weapon or your whatever, this is the place to brag. You know, honestly, right now, if you had to go towards rights over the images,


I did the opening program for do the land. When they had to reopen, I’m sure one of those good things to put in. Yeah, absolutely.


Number 13 endorsements. This is going to go, there’s another on the next slide, we’re going to talk about recommendations. They can they actually go together.


So let me tell you the difference between an endorsement and a recommendation. An endorsement is a prompt by linked in. You might notice this when you, when you go to someone’s profile,


they’ll have like 4 different boxes. Is this person good at this, this and they give you 4 options, and you actually could say none of it,


but, or you can just ignore it, which is like to do it want you to choose those for now, your HARRIET knows that that’s an easy click right,


I’ve been endorsed for all sorts of things that I’ve, I’ve never met that person every, we’ve never even had a conversation. I don’t know how they know that I’m good at interviewing.


Like how would you know that? Thank you so much for endorsing me, but how would you know that? So I don’t, I don’t tend to endorse until I actually know the person,


and then I look at arms around go, Hey, well that’s, that’s good. You know, well that Lassie you down the well clone no recommendations all over again.


As you’ll see on the slide. The recommendations and I muted.


There we go. Thanks to call I’m sure your dog is really recommendations, on the other hand, are the kind of like in Facebook or on Google my business,


where their image shows up, along with what they wrote. So if I’m going to recommend you, I actually go to your profile and it will, it will probably link one pop me to recommend,


not just the engage, but to actually recommend. And you can actually reach out to your people and ask them to recommend you. So if you, if someone,


if your HARRIET has said something Awesome about you, you could, and you’re trying to build up your linked in profile, you can ask them to go,


please go to my profile and recommend me. Now Here’s the, Here’s one of the cool things is it doesn’t automatically get posted. You get to see it,


you’ll get a notification that someone has recommended you, and you get to read that recommendation before you post it. So you can always say, no, that’s not really a recommendation or that’s not something I want to be recommended for.


I’m not ever going to do that again. Or maybe they accidentally use the wrong name, and you can reach back out of the middle. It was a great recommendation.


Thank you so much. But actually my name is GEORGE. I’ve gotten HAROLD instead of Frankenstein happens. So that’s, that’s a cool thing. And so then it shows up with their recommendation and their,


their picture. So they’re your HARRIET, when they’re looking at the recommendations, they can see that there was an actual rock and someone actually took the time to recommend you.


So that’s those are much better than endorsements, although endorsements will look, does do help the algorithm. So I want to give you a marketing sidelight here.


Let’s say somebody gives your recommendation and it’s right there. It has their name on everything else. If you were to do webinars, like we do webinars,


you could take a screenshot of that and you could add that on to, you know, one of your weapon or slides. When you go to several of our webinars,


we will take those, the stills of recommendations will put them on to different sides of US. It’s just 3rd Party 3rd. You can, you know,


all the 3rd Party validation you can get is great. Absolutely. Ok. So the next is make yourself contactable. So there is a contact section fill that out with your actual phone number,


your actual e-mail address. What’s the best way for people to reach out to you? It will give you other. It’ll give you like a web site.


And they’ll tell you, right, you know, if it’ll prompt you is this your company web site is this your blog web site. So fill that out as much as possible so that your HARRIET has as many options to reach US possible.


And we want to make it is easy for HARRIET to connect with you as possible. And for example, some of them I want to just work by email.


Some white want to be on the phone. Some might want just text, some might want to connect you through the, you know, the messaging of the platforms make,


it is easy as possible. And this came, this came to me because the 1st time I had a client reorder promotional products through my Facebook messenger. I was like Doggone it,


don’t they know I have an e-mail they should send it to my e-mail as it were, what they’re spending money with US. What am I doing? Let them contact you however they want and Let’s make it is easy as possible.


You know, this is aside from linked in. This is a really, really good tip. So often when, when we’re networking, I will get asked,


what’s the best way if I’m going to refer you, what’s the best way for me to connect someone with you, which is a great question. By the way,


my, my answer typically is whatever is easiest for them. Like it’s really, it’s not about me, it’s about was easiest for them. So I asked them,


do they want my email address? Should they want linked in? Do they want my phone, do they? What do they want? Give it to them.


Do me a favor, as I say, put to the next light if you’re linked in, if you have your linked in profile open while you’re watching this,


would you just pop the word? Yes, in the chat I’m, I want to never ask this before we’ve done this and I’m curious if, if you’re looking at your profile and updating it as we go,


I just kind of like to know that Yes, no, I don’t. Well, Yes, so far. Ok, good. I want to this,


this helps US when where you’re going after. That’s when we were doing this and somebody else probably thought, Oh my God, I really should have had it open.


You guys start again with the replay is for. If it isn’t, the only time will ever do ever do this well that are, if you go to your marketing advisor dot com,


you can see all of our webinars for any particular month. Oh my GOSH, I just told people pay score out. If I just for free. Yes,


your marketing advisor dot com said good job to read. Ok, so recommendations, right? This is what I was talking about. See how there is that paragraph in there picture is there.


So that’s the difference between a recommendation and an endorsement that’s just a clicking a button. And just like a little screen shot of that at the bottom right hand corner of one of your slides as you’re doing a web arc that shows 3rd Party validation.


Really cool. 16 so cool Mccall also fully connect with your past, right? This is, this is kind of what I said before, right? Please don’t start a New profile.


If your past is your past, it’s what makes you you, it makes you unique. It gives you that unique perspective that perhaps someone else that’s thinks they’re selling the exact same product or service makes gives you a little different flavor.


It’s why you’re here and be attracted to you instead of to them. So don’t ignore your past is part of you 17 join relevant linked in groups? Remember at the beginning that said create your own group and I said,


well, no, wait, hold on, join relevant linked in groups. Do this 1st get comfortable with what that group platform is like. Get used to interacting and then you can certainly if it feels appropriate,


then you can consider starting your own and leaving those breadcrumbs driving them back to your own group. But I wouldn’t start there. Ok, are you where you want the marketing tip for why to join groups of gruesome elsewhere?


Just let US say that you are an Attorney and most of your clients are parents with a child with challenges. We have a client that that’s exactly what she is.


She will go into and join groups for parents that have kids with that those challenges. So she becomes the unusual person in the usual place. And when,


and quite often somebody else say, you know, do you have a child with this challenge and say no, but I have a lot of clients with this challenge and I need to learn as much as possible so I can help my clients.


Oh, Yeah. See that, that that helps you generate Harriet’s and revenue from clients within a group. That’s a system that we use in groups. Don’t be overly sales.


E N a group. You’re there to participate. You’re part of the communicative community. You’re answering questions, you’re asking questions. So teressa as asking what if you have 2 different businesses,


like a realtor and a yoga teacher, why do you keep them? So Here’s what I would say. One profile because it’s what makes you unique. But 2 different company pages.


And, and because the information on the 2 is going to be very, very, very different on the 2 company pages. But the person is the same.


It’s still the same person. And then, you know, you may or may not share from different from the different company pages. So Let’s, Let’s go deep,


it goes out to let me go on this with deep with you for a 2nd, right? Yeah. So if she’s going to have the 2, she has her personal page and her 2 business pages,


right? My 1st inclination would be to have the same photo on all 3, so that people recognize this the similarity or that that is the same person.


And the other part of me is OK, what is yoga and what professional attire, that’s what I would default. That’s what I was. But there it we’re,


we’re just discussing you. Like, you know, you were there like you were there. But then you have to eavesdrop on it yet, but you do get to add other photos yet.


You’re not stuck with just one photo on your profile so well and on your company pages you get, you get you get the same kind of thing, right?


You get the profile image and then the cover shot. So Yes, you can customize it to the different flavors of teressa. So very sorry about that.


We’re just so sometimes we just ask the questions in advance of what somebody is going to ask. Ok, so now company page. Ok,


good. Yes, Yes. Theresa actually Yes. Ok. I’m not reading the chat. I have no idea what she said. What in a post?


It’s fine. Ok. Ok, so company page. So you go to the, on the upper right hand quadrant of your screen when you’re logged into linked in,


go to where it says work and scroll all the way to the bottom. Now I promise you, when you 1st, pull it up in a look like you’re at the bottom,


you more not at the bottom. If you don’t see, create a company page, then you’re not at the bottom. Move your cursor to the right hand portion of that,


that New box, and you’ll see a slider and slide it all the way to the bottom header, or really, really Big Red Arrow. Really, really,


really. That’s how many times we have to explain that. And the Big Red Arrow. So we want to give you a bonus.


You had no idea this coming. If you would like our image Chichi send US an e-mail creative will send your Chichi, this is because here all the sizes for all of the photos for all of the different stuff you need.


Back we have one for social media in general that we can send you as well since and if an e-mail in Korea, I want your g.g. for image sizes and will not betray you.


Just a little bonus to know that if so how complete are not hard to complete your profile.


It used to be used to actually be easier to complete. Your profile. Used to be that they told you your x. percent. Now they do that with your company page.


They walk, creating a company page is really, really, really, really simple, really. It walks you through it really please don’t be afraid of it.


You can complete your company profile including creating your very 1st post on your company page. In 15 minutes, it really does not take long. I promise you,


it does walk you through and it will tell you how far you are. How complete you are. It doesn’t do that with your profile anymore, which is actually a good thing as it was really annoying and you couldn’t get to 100 easily.


And they asked you all sorts of stupid questions that nobody cared about. I was one classes you took in. You’re in College just like nobody cared. I was 100 percent for so long that all of that was down.


I 90 years like wait a minute. Useless. No, I don’t. I don’t need to put my why. It’s my seniors, a public relations survey courses in here.


You know, ridiculous the company page really, really valuable this the timeline as to how complete it is personal profile. Not so much so, so far,


how many who, how many people learn something New, or you can only remember something that was New, that they’ve forgotten. Cool. Here’s a bonus to remember,


we want to get people from your linked in page to either contact you or going to your web site. Our goal is always to get people off of social media where there’s distractions and get them to our website.


Because then it’s all about you. One of the ways we do it is we will post ARI drains. Now, for those that don’t or Easter eggs are its secret stuff that you find that the people in the know find.


For example, when you wander around Disneyland and you find all the hidden mickeys like there’s a Mickey in the wind, like design to the window. Or there is Mickey mouse in,


in the, the pavement kind of in the rocks, just the hidden mickeys all around. There are thousands of them, it is nice. So the Easter eggs are posts,


is where we post it for these dregs. Find it on our website and let US know and you get a couple of our books. Here’s a trip.


Make it really easy for them to find these drags, you know, for US it’s, it’s one click off of our main page. In fact, effect.


They are there right now with the Easter eggs are up at the moment. As we sit there day, my various tricks. All right, so you’ve just learned 17 ways to make your,


your profiles better and get past the myth that you can’t build sales on linked in. You really can, if you’re doing, doing your messaging and you’re on there every day and consistently using your page.


Remember, the more you use your linked in page the more linked in will say, Oh my goodness, Teresa’s really using linked in to build a business,


we’re going to show her stuff to more people, how they’re algorithm works. So hear, hear your next steps. Number one, go to one of our business pages,


either the you love creative Facebook page of linked in beta. This name shows up a lot that’s sitting in the phone, it’s in the photos, right click it,


download it. These are things that take 0 talent that make you stand out. You’ll notice we started on time. We didn’t say, you know, we’re going to wait 5 minutes for late comers.


Because to US this is, this is a thing for Sharon and I like, you know, people that got her on time. We want to reward them by starting on time.


We were with the last speaker at an event yesterday that that had circle speakers. And it was 3 minutes to the top of the hour. So rather than just sit here,


I started answering some of the same questions that the person, the speaker before US didn’t have answers. I was there early, I took the, Oh,


he didn’t know it to me, the difference being very menial and you do it. Ok. So I just started asking answering questions. So those people that hung around got bonus stuff.


And it’s so easy when you think of things that you can do, you know, just just that take nothing, you know, go through your Facebook page and say happy birthday to all that,


all your friends that have birthdays that day. They hands them to you. So there are a lot of things that you can do that take 0 talent a little bit of time that set you apart.


Next, create a marketing budget. Now this includes your time. You know, if you’re going to, for example, go to a Chamber event. Well,


that’s easy to join the Chamber, it’s $300.00 to sponsor a few things. It’s $500.00 to go to their events. So it’s about a Grand a year to,


to be in a Chamber. But there’s also the time that you invest to go there back. So have a budget for money and a budget for time.


Some things don’t cost a lot, but they do take quite a bit of time. So make sure you’re, you’re watching where everything goes. You should have a team of advisors.


If you came here 3 score there, they have tons of advisors that are spectacular. For US, we have some past clients. We have a couple current clients that are honored by the retain.


We have just some business people that we like and we’re on their team and they’re on our team. Going to seminars, there’s always New stuff to learn.


We go to several seminars, we had a lot of logs every every month, you know, every month, every week. And get coaching, you know,


whether it, whether it’s US or other people make sure you get coaching. We have a business coach and he was speaking country can’t really tell a Big coach is effective.


I feel like I’m out of words already today. So get coaching, get help, because you’re really good at what you do, but we all have Blinders for what we don’t do all the time.


That’s why Sharon and I have to talk to different coaches and get really proficient at how all of the social medias work when it comes to posting and sharing,


and the camera on your phone and how it works and how you set up a lot. I have and we do some social media webinars. If you go to your marketing advisor,


dot com and our social media ones, you can now come for free, even if you invested some money with score, you can now find US for free.


Just don’t tell him. You can just follow our lead, follow our lead. We’ve got about 14 or 15 things a month. And now for some free stuff,


go through your notes and doesn’t have to be from just this is this some of our it can be from any seminar that you have. Questions about business Wise?


Make your list of marketing goals. What are the 12 most important things? What are you know, then? What are the 3 and then what’s the one thing?


Why 12 not 10? Because there’s 12 months of the year. We want you to understand that to do everything that you want to, to market your business takes you from a position of well,


me to a position of overwhelm. We’d rather you stay in the, in the condition of well, me and here, Here’s how our list works. We have our things that we want to do and our next book,


the partners book that I talked about earlier, that has gone from number 10 or 11 up to number 2 and 3. We now are actively looking for people that want to be part of that book because we want that one to come out towards the 2nd quarter of next year.


And then we have another one that will probably come out toward the 4th quarter. And you know, we’re looking at our goals for books. So, but if you don’t have your list of goals,


if you don’t hide them down, they don’t happen as often. And the 1st time I heard that I swear to God, I was like, Oh please.


And then I started writing it down and it’s amazing how your subconscious will go to work on your list of goals. When you haven’t written down and you check them all the time.


There’s a question here. Do we recommend a book partner to help ghost write? Oh no, I recommend a really good editor. Yes. As opposed to to a ghost writer,


we do know some good ghost writers if you decide to go that way, but it is not our Hot recommendation. We have people ask US questions about stuff they read in our books,


and if we didn’t write them, we wouldn’t be able to answer them. But if you ask a question on anything in any of our books, we can,


you know, we’re right there. We can get right to it. So there is that difference, and that’s a really long conversation that I boil down because I don’t know your specific situation.


So understand you might be different and there might be other factors that you know, you can write OK, I understand some people really can’t write. So take your list,


go to free marketing. Consultation dot com. We’re going to give you a half hour for free. You know, if you had a breakthrough day, if you learned something New and you do want more go there.


We are not going to sell you. You know, we’re not overly self sales. Really. You’re going to report back to US that, Wow, that was really Awesome.


That’s what everyone reports back to US with. That was really Awesome. Help. 2 weeks ago we were 18 minutes in a woman said, you just saved my business.


So you know, we’re pretty good on that. You’ll get any one of our books for free, but now I just ask and you also get a report on how to be found on the Internet.


During that, we put that together and Carol, much better than I thought it would. I was really pleased with it. Last thing for free. We do our marketing boot camps in March and we do them in September.


If you were to go to the u.r.l. on your screen, it would offer you a ticket and it would charge you money. But if you want to know how to do it or people Ayers will be magnetically drawn to you and your business for more sales.


If you want to learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes that every want to make when presenting their ideas or services. And if you ethically want to get anyone any time,


any place to, to love you want to say Yes to your stuff. Then we’re going to invite you to go to plan your marketing dot com and you get a free ticket.


Right now we’re planning on doing them live in person as opposed to US here and you there we don’t know if it’s going to be possible for that, but we have the dates booked,


we have hotels booked, we’re all set. If we’re not able to, because of to do it live, we’re only going to do the March 11 and then the March 25 with those 2 dates will do virtually we give out 50 tickets to each.


We are at about 20 percent because we just opened, opened it up for March. If you want to ticket, it’s Yours. It’s free. You just go to plan your marketing and sign up.


If you find out you can’t go later on, we always have a waiting list, so you will communicate back and forth quite a bit. You’ll let US know,


Hey, I can’t go this date. And while our question will be cool, would you like to be moved to the September when it’s September, 2021 if you have that option,


all you’re doing is you’re getting your getting out your listing and getting in line to say you want to go. And so there you go, those are a bunch of free things for you.


If you have some questions right now, this would be a great time to ask them. You can either amuse yourself or you don’t type it into the chat.


Either way. You know, we’ve kind of been answering as we go, but I may in case I missed any. I was trying to watch the chat while I was talking.


Hi, I don’t need my self. This is nor can you guys hear me? Yeah, I know I’ll often thank you so much. This is incredibly helpful.


Move right along. Great information. I already made a whole bunch of changes that you owe to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Did I tell them?


Tell me just tell them the score. Tell that the score is around for the linked in if you call the gender or final where you’d mention the sort of 12 months from the 3 focus sort of goal areas.


One wants to sort of think that day, mapping out. Mean, this comes from your marketing summit, mapping out a strategic approach to reaching out to people in my network and prospects that are appropriate for me in a strategic or it’s not an ask that eventually there is.


And I ask as part of it. So give, give, give, provide content education and then 6 or 7 time out. Maybe there’s an ask in that channel,


do you have any suggestions or pointers on how to build out a little strategy around that or is a much deeper competition. It is, but we can,


I give you a couple basics. What do you do? Know what are you selling? What is your I have what I call a socially responsible marketing agency.


We help businesses get a return on their contributions to charity or turn in marketing value. I mean, Here’s where I would start. If, if I were her final,


I would go to nonprofits and say, do you want to do? I would look to share lists with them where you can help them generate more revenue from their people if from their people that are donating,


if they promote that they’re doing it, that would, that would be number one on my list with you. My funnel would be I would be blogging about it and I would be talking about it on my,


you know, sharing those to my social media. I would always have a, an offer, you know, if you’d like to talk about this. You know,


if you go to our blog, go to you off creative dot com and in our blog or the bottom, any of our blogs, there is always a call to action.


You know, Here’s your next step. And once they start taking those steps, it’s a matter of US reaching out. We know that if it takes several touches for somebody to decide,


Yes, I want to work with no. Yes I would, you know, to do. And the goal is to remember that it’s a Google World,


you could have, you all could have probably googles some information on linked in. But we’re here and you know, we do this all the time. So we’re just one of those options.


We know that for small businesses to get marketing help, there are a lot of options, but we, we choose like you’re doing it to give, give,


give. And the concept is this. We want people to think wowed noles so good. He gives away so much stuff for free. What is it like when I work with him?


And when they start to get to that, asking themselves that question. That’s when your phone begins to ring. You know, could you? Yeah, and you think,


you know, what age group are most of your ideal clients? So we can, we reach a, we tried to reach what I call innovative marketers that are willing to take 10 percent of their annual marketing budget and put it into something that would be unique,


thoughtful, creative, and different. Ok. And how old are they typically more mature? I would say $35.00 plus a month, it’s been a marketer for I’d least 10 to 12 years plus a Chief marketing officer.


So I don’t see the more it just sort of old, it’s old and that it’s going to be Yeah. Ok. That in fact you have, you have 2 different demographics,


because you know, millennial zur more are easier sell there as it were. But your seat marketing, our officers are in their Forty’s, at least since they’re older.


They are probably more willing to get on the phone with you and have a brief introductory call or, or zuma. I don’t care as opposed to wanting to just message through linked in and only message to cling to.


So my recommendation to you to, to see how we do that is connect with me on linked in. Send me a message and ask me for what I use.


What’s my usual 1st response and also not to you, and you can Rip off and duplicate if it speaks to you. That’s often because I called a scholar a day.


I get so many as we all do outreach is from people trying to find the c.e.o. of a company and I just changed my profile. Actually, thanks to you guys,


but I get so we don’t reach as I kept everybody just to see how they’re sort of response channel is and usually it’s except and they immediately try to sell me something which is such a channel.


So Yeah, great, we don’t do that. So could I just me, I’m a, I’m more often on linked in, which is why I talked more on this one than Hank did.


So caught up with me on linked in and also, and just to remind me that that’s what you’re asking for is my usual cause if I recognize your name,


I’m not going to give you my usual one minute. So it’s a more personal. But if I don’t, if we’re just New and we’re just connecting,


I’m going to give you my usual says ask me what my, what my standard 1st thing. You know, it’s really good. It’s really, really good to watch.


And that’s true for any of you. I mean, so that’s and all, but any of you, if that’s, if that’s something that you’re wondering,


then just connect with me on, linked in and ask, you know, please, I saw you, I saw your linked in web in our, please share your opening message and I’ll happy to do that.


And by the way, while I’m asking, we just decided we wanted to up the subscribers to our you tube channel. If you want to see some cool,


some cool marketing videos, go to our you tube channel and to be favored, subscribe to where you can find US that you love creative. We just changed how the page looks and it’s really kind of the I’m really happy with how it came out.


You know, if you look at our, you tube channel, you’ll see how your you tube channel should be how you should be legal in your videos.


It’s really kind of cool. I learned this about a month ago and I just own this is so much better than other questions. Yes. Anyone else want to jump out or type?


If we MAX you out, your brains exploding or you’re all trying to get your pages, you know, focused on the good about it. I’m listening,


but I’m also afraid. How do you know that if I was Awesome, I got nothing. Then we’re cool. Subscribed Oh Awesome. Nicole, thank you.


Thank you. Alright, then we will let you go. We do have, Let’s see. Our next wed are so that you know it on Friday.


Not obviously if you’re watching the replay, the must not the case. But for those of you to live, the next one is on Friday is a slightly different time.


It’s on creating your black Friday special. So if you’re thinking about doing that and you need a little bit of help, then join US there. And again,


it’s at your marketing advisor, dot com and had the same log in though to get in. So if you say the logon for this is the same,


exact log in to get in. But if you’re wondering what time is it in a slightly different time, you know, and you know, you’ll get an offer there if you want to put your,


we have a black Friday special page that we’re just putting together. And if you want to your black Friday special for free, if you want to do that to.


Absolutely you. All right guys, you’re very wary. Welcome. Happy to be here honored to help you, and we look forward to helping you again.


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