WEBINAR: Creating Your Black Friday Special

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Watch this webinar until the end when you are starting a new business or have a new business idea, and to learn how to claim all your free gifts!


Well here we go are you set I am set let’s talk about creating Black Friday specials this we waited almost all year to do this well. You know it was something we thought of a year ago and now we’re going to present work that you know of Ok before you member control also remember in in all of your marketing webinars and such for sure you do have your own all rights reserved Why why don’t these are not yours ours if you want ours we’ll send it to you take our name out put your name inside it your lawyer you know get it switched because this is how you protect your intellectual property so that’s what they’re.


In of course. And we having a challenge and now. So Black Friday has been around for a while you know. So then they will originated I mean you can see that on your screen but just you know because the volume of shoppers that created right after Thanksgiving created a traffic accidents and sometimes even violence but more importantly is it brought them in the black It made them profitable.


You know sort of like there’s there’s tax day when you’re really free of taxes and there is in the black gay rights. Spending on Black Friday this is the b. to b. and b. to c. spending on Black Friday it is huge and it continues to go up you know a few percentage points here we’re recording this one for 2020 and we expect this to be even higher online which is why we’re doing this for b. to be for because before we can can we can compete with b. to c. much better when we’re doing things online So here’s we’re going to go through today.


Why and how to effectively target your Black Friday specials that section we we’ve taken that section from a lot of others because no matter what marketing tactics you’re doing you need to have your target right he did know who you’re talking to if this is especially true for Black Friday you’re going to have your demos really locked in well 6 basics of putting the special together very simple stuff.


17 ways to market your business for Black Friday your next steps and we’re going to review some free stuff so that’s where we’re going. Here’s what this isn’t we’re not going to teach you a bunch of things that at the end you say Oh well I was all great but I’d have to hire them for that is what we are we’re about we’re giving you information that you’re immediately use whether you hire a certain we’d like it to but.


You don’t have to if you have questions we’ll take those at the end you know you could put them in the chat you could also send us an e-mail at Info If you off great if there’s a lot of ways you get your questions answered when we’re playing together just a bit about us we’ve written 6 bestselling books we’re in the process of 3 others.


Oh it’s really fun to have 3 going at once. My guess is we’ll have the 1st We’ll have the couples and everything but we’re putting together a book on with couples that work together they don’t actually married it can be any 2 people have a business in fact we’re looking for your help if you know 2 people that own a business together we would like to have them involved in the book there is an investment involved.


Just know that you make 30 percent of that investment so sell out your friends connect them with us because we need to get that done we need to get that finished.


Filthies a get Yep. You have a weapon. You don’t pop out and I speak for a living. Well it’s been interviewed by James Mellon check and Kevin Harrington they were on a.b.c. Secret Millionaire and one of the original sharks in Shark Tank you’re looking at something you’re looking to make sure I took them completely forgot so I got it handled but if we shot episodes of The View cast which is on the next slide in and we have different banner for that I didn’t really have to tear behind me I could just look at the New really good mood of and find every do our small business breakthrough bootcamp a couple times a year September and in March we’ll show you how to get a free ticket to that at the end our view cast is the relaunching of our podcast it’s a 7 minute 21 second interview people are successful in business if you’d like to be on that the information’s on your screen and if you go to the view cast you can get all the details there as well as watch and here’s the biggest hit will when we send you the questions to answer to send back to us brevity is best and give you an example we did have one guest that.


The answers were really short in in writing but then we had to kind of end it down on the fly because our answers in person were getting really lost so we do make it 7 minutes 21 seconds we want to have you on it.


We have 4 different ways that we work with small business owners. There’s our marketing repair service that’s a half day a couple times we have to online programs one for new businesses one 1st abolition and we are private business goes where we talk to our clients on a weekly basis in fact some far more than weekly.


There’s you know the texts and all sorts of things Ok let’s get started step. Didn’t read the slide step one how to make your message more effective Yep and one we never ever ever create marketing messages knowing that they’re created for.


It to create a message just to put it out a message that you think is really cool that’s nice but it’s not a lot of affective I’d rather have a boring message that was incredibly targeted and our our target understood it then a bells whistles fire or explosion that everyone looked at so well that’s cute but now what they don’t get what’s in it for me.


So you do want to make sure that your message is speaking directly to your ideal client your favorite client your most profitable client those may not be the same if you’re trying to create a message that for everyone nobody will feel like you’re talking specifically to them so in this example these 4 women were ignore the infant who’s not buying it so these 4 women in this example all need a car and a good car sales person is going to target their message for each of these because they probably don’t all want the same car they probably don’t want the same benefits and features in whatever car they choose the probably going to choose different cars they want them for different reasons so a good car sales person is going to message each of them differently and the same thing is true for you it is possible that these 4 different women might all benefit from your product this is kept by air or we’re recording a video but they want the message that you’re going to host for your Black Friday special they’re going to want it specifically targeted to them not don’t try to create one message for all for a specific to each one’s that they feel like you’re talking right to them.


We were just a Panda Express this is a plan to fly and they ask for our opinion and this is this is the very last slide where they they wanted information demographic information so I thought I would share that with you to show you demographic research in the wild.


This was this is how Panda Express does did it does it they have this how they do it then you. Know why we’re so well logical today it’s like a graph.


The words Black Friday trigger reaction in the the public’s mind in that reaction is deals. Save money specials I’ve been waiting all year for this so just using that term is going to capture their attention.


On the other Remember they’re buying for logical reasons not very emotional reasons not logical ones they use the logic to reinforce that yeah their gut reaction was right Yep Do I really need that brand new suit looks good but we’re not going in our gut 47 other says well I don’t really need it but we use our trade to prove to attract that psychic graphics we know that people that relate to Lucy had peanuts and think that that’s funny we know that that really they relate to us so it’s a trigger when people come by our booth and it triggers them oh that’s really cute we know that they’re probably somebody that we want to give it least one of our books to because they have you know they have that positive thought here’s the other way to put this all together is that all of your messages are sidewalk times.


The goal of marketing is to get people to raise their hand for more info so we put a sidewalk sign in front of them capture their attention and it gets them to want to come in now the sidewalk sign there we saw in England last year we thought Oh wow a big bang trivia contest we’re going to make 50 pounds while we’re here but no we were just a little bit further in the detail was it was the week after we were going to be there so we couldn’t do it when otherwise we would have walked if they would have kept your attention with the headline they gave us just there for information for us to know if we were going to walk in or out and that that’s what your messages are just enough information for them to want to walk in and out you don’t want to waste their time you don’t want to waste your time so give them just enough but not all of the information.


Next here the basics. All right. You want to build a special experience and you want to do that by communicating clearly you know let’s make our language very simple in fact I think for all of your messaging if you target at about an 8 to Ted grade level your doing it the right way.


We had we had used to work do some work with a. Private school and one of the challenges we had was that the headmistress who had 2 very advanced degrees from 2 very well known universities.


Felt the need to demonstrate yeah that she was smarter than us all of us the the Suggest of us the plebeians And interestingly enough her her page on the website was getting the least amount of hits because yours as far as the amount of stay time on the page.


So we always have that challenge you know if you if you just bring it back on to I don’t know 1st year college. You might have more readership so you want to keep it clear you might want to also have a chat function on your website so they can get their questions answered just by clicking that chat jets are becoming more ubiquitous on on the web.


With a because. That’s the word she would have you know as opposed to they’re more common and they’re popping up everywhere see the difference between. Yeah. If it’s 24 hour that it’s harder but if it you can have a chat that’s the only during business hours you just let them know hey it’s open during business hours you know it’s very simple to set a chat that way but make sure that if it is open during business hours that you always have somebody that is on on on guard on ready on board you know in line ready and be transparent in your pricing.


One of the biggest. Reasons that people hit yes on the purchase right now is Free shipping is a thing but if you can’t then don’t just be transparent about you know there are some companies that offer free shipping but they’re building the shipping into the cost so you’re going to pay for it $1.00 way or another and you know that might be what you have to talk to them about referral programs when you’re running you’re going to run your Black Friday special you should let your clients know about it but Hank you say there’s already spending x. Why should I get them to spend x. minus 20 percent well we’ll talk about that further on as far as what you’re going to put into your Black Friday special but remember they’re they like you already they’re buying from you.


If you’re you know get them to sell out their friends and give them some sort of a reason to do that make sure that of course that the numbers work you don’t want to give all of your profit away as a referral you know fee or in one way or another and it doesn’t have to be money it could just be a discount on your what your what they’re already buying.


We look always look for a bonus and that might that’s probably the way you should go there are already buying x. Well Ok why don’t you give them a taste of why for disease or are you know solve solve for x..


You give them a taste of something else as a referral and that that also can increase your sales during the rest of the year. Keep engaged up cells are wonderful you know if you’re shopping online at all right now you’re you’re being up so.


When you go to that the a word. They always say you know people that bought this also like this you know if you’re buying those shoes you might want a separate different color laces that you could you know you can go with white laces one day and sparkly laces the other day so those up sells it’s a common thing people get it they are they almost expect it so if you have if you can give them that up sell that extra little thing.


It’s kind of cool and here’s an example we could say you know our our Black Friday special on the marketing checklist to instead of the published price of $495.00 is only $10.00 but wait.


What. If you get 2 of our books instead of $10.00 each at the special there now $8.00 if you get 3 there are $7.00 apiece if you get a few I could pick up for if you get 4 of them there are only $5.50 So yeah I’m doing the math so you may get an intelligence as well gosh why wouldn’t I want all 4 now if you’re getting our our Black Friday special you might see something like that with even better pricing I’m sure putting that out there improve your data.


He who dies with the biggest list wins while he would rule but dies with the best list wins. You your business emails are strong if they have if they if your list is filled with at hotmail or hat at you know the generics at a.o.l. that’s not as strong a list as if they all said you know Hank at your last creative or you know Cindy at.


Highlighters are a stock. Cat Care dot com If there is an email list of a company type email that is a stronger than the disposable one because let’s face it you could set up a g. mail address in 2 minutes or less and it’s kind of a disposable one the one where you send the stuff where you don’t really want to be bothered by in your regular email list so cleaning your list and picking out the books and making sure they work is important there are companies there are services where you can do them.


Most important about this is that they should be Pete filled with people that are really your ideal client because if you’re if someone has a really big list you know 10000 people but no one’s buying off a list versus you who have 100 but they’re all buying what’s take the 100 where they’re all buying.


And if you’re if you’re sending them e-mails during the year you want to reengage you want to give them a hey are you really up Melissa do you really want to be on the list are you sure can we give you something to verify you know make sure that they want to be there.


Make sure list that much stronger but I might lose some You’ve already lost them anyway you just haven’t cleaned your list so. You know if they’re already not paying attention right now look at look at how many open you have or how maybe they opened it but didn’t actually click on the offer right to look at those sorts of metrics you know so.


It’s Ok you know we’d rather you have a list of of a 1000 that are engaged in buying then 50000 and we’re only 200 or you know engaged in buying you see it’s not necessarily the number bigger isn’t always better.


2008 study over half of people that filled out a cart abandoned it for one reason or another well all so they thought well you know I think I want that and something yeah so does the phone call honestly it has nothing to do with you it could be damn I was shopping and the phone rang you know and in the client has an emergency and I got a I have to create some artwork for them and I don’t know Ok I’ll get a you know I’ll minimize the screen that has a shopping cart in it and 2 hours later when there are emergency is done they just sort of close all the windows they could have done it by accident or you know you know I don’t really need all I don’t need all 4 of the books maybe I would have been Ok with 2 of their books so.


If it is abandoned send them emails you sent 3 or 4 in the in the course of of a couple of days one within a few hours hey we miss you.


Don’t waste our time you know hey look if they don’t want it it’s Ok. You might at some point if they don’t answer you might even want to offer him a better deal by the way if you come back if you if you go through with it we’re going to end this cycle where you give them half off shipping or for we’re going to give you free shipping on this or we’re going to give you an extra 30 minute session or you know some extra little cool bonus you can you’ve been breathing in like you have anything to share with you.


If you’re kind that you kind of actually already got there because I was going to say some talk about the deal so sometimes they purposefully abandon the car because they’ve learned that many retailers you will send them no send them an e-mail hey we noticed that you you left something in your cart so we’re going to here’s a coupon so people are purposefully Abang the cart to see do I get that e-mail from this retailer and how much off my getting.


Do we do that. We don’t do that good we do what you know we do however we do tag them so in our e-mail system if you abandon the cart it will get tagged with an abandoned cart so that we know how many got to the car but then abandon it and we also get to see who really it was because it may be that there are some we really do want to offer some sort of an offer or entice them to come back for something else right so there’s there are different ways so I do encourage you to do the same thing to in your email system to tag them if they have been the cart and then you can make a decision what you want to do with that information but to to not have it is disappointing.


So have the direction how do we how do they tag their the e-mails don’t they need like a c.r.m. a customer relationship manager No they just need an autoresponder auto responder where you’re sending those e-mails that we were talking about.


They the the not the free ones but the the the ones that you’re investing a little bit of money doesn’t that you don’t need a big fancy fancy one but you know a little bit of money.


They will tie in with your e-commerce platform and then you can tag them with you know where they got into in that funnel including abandoning the cart last last one in this section.


You may want to expand you know if there’s a cause you may want to say x. percent of our Black Friday sales are going toward this nonprofit with all of our private coaching clients we.


We strongly recommend we don’t require but we encourage that they find some nonprofit or some cause that they can tie to now we don’t care which one it is.


No we just think that they should. And you know let’s face it we’re entrepreneurs we’re making money from communities so we should give back it’s kind of an important thing for us to give back is important so.


You tie it in and if there’s some nonprofit that you work with the entire year this might be a good time to highlight them and get others to you know either donate directly Hey by the way if you’re buying this from us here’s a link to our favorite nonprofit This is what they do can we suggest and during this time of of thanks and such that you check them out or.


Hey just to let you know that this this nonprofit is really important to us and x. percent of your sale is going to go to it now the downside is if somebody disagrees with that nonprofit then it cut could cause an and an abandonment of.


A cart well above what you could do is we talked about that abandoned car tag you could send a set of sending them an e-mail with a coupon you could send them hey we noticed that you left us in the cart by the way in case you missed this piece of information if you when you go through with the purchase x. percent goes to this nonprofit and that might encourage them to come back now for those of you that are thinking ahead yeah you can have more than one and yes you could have a checkbox say which of which of these 3 would you like it to go to.


Again it’s one more step they have to take but you know it’s something that you can offer you know 33 is a good number there it does set you apart from the average Joe You know one people one business one Pat that sort of thing.


Maybe an environment in the Step 3 Ok here is you know. How to use Black Friday to market your By the way have I know this is the 1st time we’ve done this weapon are correct did you go through the slides 1st did you I did yeah I thought I had but I don’t but I guess I didn’t Ok I think I’ve seen it over your shoulder some of them but Ok as we go through so landing page is step one you want to talk about landing pages in general.


Sure. So. You’re landing page so 1st of all what is the landing page so we’ve heard some people refer to a landing page as their home page of the website not the same thing so a landing page is a web page that only had 2 options they either opt in to whatever it is right they take whatever the call to action is that you’re prompting on the page or they close out the only 2 options there’s no menu there’s no oh let’s go scroll over here nothing Those are the only 2 options that there are.


There’s usually a headline right targeted specifically to your ideal client your favorite quiet most awkward quiet. Usually it’s an opt in so you’ll see right for like for a weapon or you’ll see right here’s the headline this is the name of the webinars put your email address name usually a 1st name and an e-mail address and then you click the button to submit right those are usually the things so make your headline whatever that thing is maybe it’s just a button to go to get the deal right so here’s an example on several of our books we have your extra bonus gift when somebody is investing it and we have a u.r.l. there.


Your bonus gifts dot com. She’s telling us. That it’s right there on the back to your bonus give. You can go to you can go to your bonus gift dot com Go check it out when we’re done here.


You’re going to get in you’ll see you have an offer and all you need is it’s a free thing it’s free totally free it’s one of the ways new build our e-mail list so go to your business get dot com You can enter get all sorts of cool stuff like really cool stuff.


And that’s how you do it now another way that we do it isn’t in a landing page but we. We make them send an email so it’s a little different it’s rubber band marketing dot com We have a package of stuff and we talk about this during our follow up with an arc if you go to Robert and marketing you’ll see how we do it in that way.


But you have to send it you know so there’s a couple ways of doing it for Black Friday don’t do with e-mail you need landing page have mopped income and one thing that you’ll find is helpful online the page you’ve heard if you’ve been to any of our weaponize you could probably guess that the next thing is a video Yeah it’s really really quite powerful invite them in right you know I’m sitting here thinking I don’t know if if your bonus gift has one I should check no I don’t remember I remember when there there’s there’s a there’s a thing pinging in my head that we might have had we had one it might have had to replace it with something else I’m not sure we have so and it’s now on my list to Jack about.


So you’re taking notes I take notes when we talk to those I have to go to your own ass gift dot com and Shaq. And some people that watch this women are will go see.


Why Black Friday if you’re if your business are we know most people watch our webinars or our small business owners Yes this is normally the retail world. Which is kind of cool you know they don’t expect it from that the b. to b. companies so.


Near and in advantages position compared to your the other people if you do so. Make sure you’re inspiring them to take rapid action shoppers are used to it they know Black Friday they’ve got a you know it’s like do it now or don’t get it so you can make it a very short term sale.


In fact most of our you know it’s Black Friday usually bleeds over into Cyber Monday so it used to be just the one day right and now things especially with online things have really morphed so it’s box Friday and then Small Business Saturday and then it Cyber Monday and there used to be giving shoes if I don’t that there were talk about changing the I don’t know if they actually did that.


I don’t know who it is that decides these things. I think there is some sort of decision. Within the community. Yeah I don’t know who they are you could have a different deal every day have that we’ve got here the there’s upsides and downsides are the upsides you cover several bases you have you can have different specials each day which means you can track which sale do the best keeps them coming back which is I think is great the more times they come to your page the better offer a deal on everything you know you can do it on an hourly basis if you’re if you’re over a buffer different products.


You can get them coming back all the time now there is the pain in the neck factor can I just get it now I have to come back later well so there is that.


You should also add a banner on your home page that gets the sense into that landing page so in case they went to the wrong place you have a banner that that when they click it it brings them to that landing page.


By the way that landing page can just be an internal page of your website you know how it is a separate page just on check the menu thing so that your menu doesn’t show up otherwise if it is just another web page it’s not really a landing page because now they have other menu items like a squirrel off remember the landing page the definition is it’s just 2 options called Action or click off thats it.


And you want to make sure that you’re talking about your specials on your social media posts this is we’ll start we’ll start the probably the week before on our social media sites Hey Black Friday specials coming by the way our Black Friday special is the same is like.


We are we are giving away so much stuff it is it’s insane what we’re doing on Black Friday. There’s a downside got to be a true test with your social media you have to be.


It’s going to take you some time this isn’t something this isn’t a set and forget you’re are going to need new graphics for all of it that’s going to take you a little time you have to be ready to answer questions probably more than normal remember that the Black Friday shopper is used to it’s got to be fast that used Big No they don’t have that much time so they’re used to a really great special and they know they don’t have that much time so your question answering skills are going to have to be immediate So there is extra admin time that’s going to go into it so if you’re if you’re selling products if you’re on Shopify.


You can create a collection you know with a you can read you know. If you each of those product ages you know if you have if you’re on top of line you’ve got 12 things that you have on sale the product page is very simple you’re going to shop if I will make your collection for you.


You’re going to want to put a blog in fact you showed a blog on your on your regular. Web site as well it talks about the sales that you’re having I know some that watch this some of you only have a shop advise your Web site so you can put your blog there and you can share mulch your social media remember your social media during Black Friday time is very much a boomerang.


When we talk about social media we always talk about say the goal of social media is to bring into your web site same rules apply but your graphics are going to be look you only have you only have 10 hours to get this done if you don’t come to this page now it’s not happening it’s this you know free stuff now click basically the messages on your social media.


Are free gift with every purchase this is always one of my favorite marketing tools What’s really fun is that you can try out a new product here would you like 3 months access to the small business marketing plan if you purchased this you get this you know in fact we have a promotional product.


Function of our Black Friday sale that offers you know free shipping as well something that in in the pro world just does not happen but we can try out even this is a good time to try out.


Price points let me let me go deep here for a 2nd. Remember we talked very male is right you can segment your list a through and through z. send to different.


Specials wonder the 8th room one of the entries he set up to an age is and you can test 2 different products 2 different prices see which one pulls better so Black Friday is a great way of trying out.


Tactics that you want to use during during the rest. Ab testing which is what Hank is is saying right now a 2 am that a 2 and Tuesday works best if those are relatively equal buckets Yes So if you find that your list happens to be heavily weighted to the 1st half or the 2nd half then you may need to play with where that really ends it may not be a through m. maybe it’s a through Oh right so kind of play with it but the goal is to make it as much 5050.


Let’s say that you’re thinking I’ll think of Don Berlin he’s a client he’s a hypnotherapist but he also wants to start talking about doing coach you know life coaching stress type coaching so for him.


This can be one of those times where. By the way if you book 4 Sasha hypnotherapy sessions you get one months of this other service free it gets folks used to using some of your other services.


We could do and I’m not saying we’re going to do this. We could say. Here by from a prior promotional products at this discount with free shipping Oh by the way you also get to be on our Monday afternoon mastermind call for 2 months and ask whatever marketing questions you have so we could if we wanted to.


Get out the people that are buying stuff from us with logos on it into our marketing world that’s the magnet the boomerang you get the point right cool. Got it.


Black Friday Cyber Monday it’s expected. It is Sharon you know Sharon even talks about giving Tuesday and you know. Week this Wednesday which is Ok you’ve beat me down for the last 4 days I’ll buy anything you sending.


I just so extended. The e-mail that you sent out you could say if you’re the specials on Black Friday. At the end of Black Friday Friday night you could send out hey we’ve extended a small business Saturday hit small business and they were Saturday we’ve extended it to make small business Monday we you know Sunday and Cyberman you can extend it every day you can it’s your business you can do this and add new products you can even add legal back one slide you can even add another bonus each day Ok so you didn’t buy this what if we added this what if we added this Ok what if we had this and one of.


The where there see with the. The pain point is so e-mail lists we tell you all the time all the webinars you know build your list 2 approaches to building your list previous customers given that the IP discount code may say it’s a different you know.


They’ve already bought there they’re used to giving you their 16 digits on an expiration date why not give them something special you know just for them and by the way you let the potential customers know you know yeah our regular customers are getting this really cool thing next year you can qualify to.


You know fear of missing out. Yeah. There’s another terror there and no no no I then maybe I was that wasn’t my brain might I was actually thinking Ok so if we’re on Black Friday yeah we’re giving our current customers a special deal for Cyber Monday on a different thing right you don’t want to discourage them from buying on Black Friday so become a current customer now on Black Friday you’ll get the email for the special thing for current customers for Cyber Monday and get them to come back I like Cyber Monday this.


If you have a new product coming out goodtime offering if we had a new book with this this November which we did. This would be a really good time for us to announce that it’s coming out you can we could tie a book launch into Black Friday we are not waiting till next Black Friday by the way now we’re not.


Back I don’t think we haven’t done this with a book before so we might want to try it in next Black Friday we’ll do another marketing checklist book and have a drop next whack try to be a good time to drop them so just a thought We can make us later on yeah so.


Kind of simple couple ways to do it add the items no a few days before any Or you could make it pay this is only available this day this package of stuff is only available during Black Friday.


And that you’re enough to order many rituals you might want to have an account down time or so when they get your page. They see the clock ticking down in a WordPress Web site this is a plug and it’s a simple thing there are lots of free timers that you can add so.


That shouldn’t be a difficult thing to do for you. So. Sneak peek. And get making she’s she strolled up his sleeve that.


Will be doing this very week or so before will send out some sneak peeks a this is what’s common might want to be prepared Oh and by the way here’s a sneak but you don’t get to see everything that’s on it you know here the 3 Here are 3 things that you’re getting for virtually nothing and we’ve got 6 more things.


To. Come our Black Friday specialisms say it is just saying hashtags. But we’re we’re not lovers of mass hashtag use but these are these are 5 that get used all the time.


So if you’re going to have a Black Friday sale why not use it this is this is one time when when going with the crowd can bring you extra business.


Actually be found right those folks that are looking for Black Friday deals. Should be the next step don’t keep yourself a secret. This is also a time when a lot of companies increase or or do for the 1st time they’ll buy online apps because for quick is is higher for black friday time because well companies know they can get away with it so just know there is more advertising during this time of year.


But it might be a way that you can you can try. Your ad here putting online ads. If this were me I don’t know that I would make this the 1st time I did online ads though.


If you’re not already doing so this is not the this is not amateur hour it’s not the time to play the games so. If you get really expensive.


Promotional content your graphics you’ll notice on every slide I’ve been using different Black Friday special Black Friday graphics. All of the clip art services have Black Friday artwork you can you can buy really inexpensively.


And I am normally not a clip art kind of person but this is art work you’re going to use once a year so spending a few dollars to get some artwork from one of the services.


In the long run it’s much better than having your graphic artist creates brand new Black Friday artwork because there’s there’s on of it and it’s inexpensive So yes so you go you know to go to one of the services and there are there are several that So in fact if you.


I don’t know this but I would imagine that if you have if you bought the Microsoft Word and all of this there’s probably some clip art associated with it powerfully probably so maybe some free.


So make sure you do not. Get your social media stuff by as quickly as possible get a prepared. I just did one for a couple of clients this morning creative copy.


It’s Black Friday it’s special it’s new it’s all the things we talked about your blog a new product you never bundle the stuff before and if you have been over before don’t say you’ve never been before you can say we only make this available the special offer on Black Friday you can’t get if you don’t get it now you won’t be able to until next year so we’re telling the truth tell the truth completely.


Don’t stretch it and all right and when you’re thinking of what specials you’re going to give make sure you are checking your margins you don’t want to lose money and add all of the costs up to it including your if you’re going to do ads or if you’re to buy some graphics add that in you might want to even add paying yourself in you know some of the cars into the cost of what it’s going to cost for you to run your sales mystery savings load the element of surprise.


You can you can game there make their experience a game if you if you an example. Have the Mansour of a question if they get the right answer they get an extra bonus.


Give them 5 questions because and make them easy like really easy you can also make them apply to your business. What’s the correct spelling of Sharon’s aim a r y n s h a r o n s h a r And now if I did that I would make the right spelling really big and bold and I put arrows pointing to it make it fun make it easy if you get that right you get another 10 percent off.


How you know how long are the are the. She interviews that’s it on the marketing you cast are they an hour are they 30 minutes are they 7 minutes 21 seconds again I think 7 minutes 20 seconds really well because that’s the right answer I want to make it really easy if they click that right one so they’re reinforcing things they might already know that you got it.


And those discounts also help them from from a vending a part of their cart. Not everything you do to promote Black Friday has to be online there’s this thing called the postal service.


They go to every mailbox every day and if you’re putting a special up there is 0 reason you can’t send it to them in an envelope and you can hand right Black Friday sale enclosed and right if you have a higher chance of it getting opened if the more personal it looks handwriting there their name.


Always makes it more well it increases your open rate so I’m going to go. Great Gift cards are you not sure what you want to sell I’m.


You know that new product quite ready. How about a gift card would you like a $100.00 services worth of services for $50.00 by your gift card now use it anytime during the year would you like to give a gift to one of your one of your clients you know give the gift of marketing you off creative Here’s the gift card for x. dollars you get this percentage very simple very easy it’s probably the.


Easiest thing to do of all of this is to offer cards at a discount but again make sure you have your margins. Figured out. The IP club talked about it before.


Exclusive sales for our V.I.P.’s for our private coaching client. They get this for people that are already invested in the small business marketing plan we have something special it could be 2 for one hours on private coaching try out the private coaching train and you can do a lot of things like that that the IP discount get them to try you a different way with the concept of x. amount of them a certain percentage of them will continue to buy.


And. You can also use for her if you don’t want to have a Black Friday sale you might want to take the counter marketing concept we’re not offering a Black Friday sale we’re not going to be screaming at you we’re not going to be yelling at you we’re not going to be clogging up your e-mail box except for this one even that we’re sending you telling you that we’re not ready.


R.e.i. has closed their doors on Black Friday and they give their employees. So you can you can take the counter approach and still use all of the Black Friday hashtags you can still talk about Black Friday sale I what would be funny would be the subject line of the email Black Friday special not.


I probably open it I want to see what is what it’s not. A black site it’s not a Black Friday special dot com. So we just went through a whole lot of ways you can use Black Friday to build your sales so now what about a question.


Would you like to have your Black Friday bestial. Get a little extra play here’s how you do it we’re going to set up our page your Black Friday specials stock up.


On a whole bunch of other ones but for purposes of the web are here your Black Friday specials dot com I think I have one more slide yes if you go to send us an e-mail with your Black Friday sale in for you last creative selling chat and sorrow it’s still in your chat it is all you have to do is send us your Black Friday special added onto our page so we’re going to our Black Friday special and we’re offering to you if you’re watching us to send us here and then we’re going to a listing and we’ll link it back to your website it’s free whatever landing page please give us Yep it’s free it’s for you yes absolutely free no there is no cost for us to do this.


We’re doing this for you because we’re going to promote your Black Friday specials dot com And we’re going to say you know hey we have our special bus plus there’s specials from a lot of other companies to go check them out or we’re trying to do it operate so it’s free it’s for you there is no catch.


It’s our Black Friday is Vishal to you but wait just send it to us it in for you off creative if we have questions or respond back. And we’ll link it we’ll get back to you.


All right so if you had a breakthrough or learn something new today give yourself a pat on the back good job proud of you here the next things that you do on our Web site on all of our social media pages remember there are so many things you can do in your business to take 0 talent that set you so far ahead.


Grab this you know off of our page put on your desktop remember. There. Being the one that energized the room being the one that shows gratitude being doing all of these things will set you so far apart so I want you to.


Make sure you have your budget for your Black Friday specials especially. If I if I offered this at $100.00 my cost is x. and build in all of your other costs make sure that you you don’t lose money on your Black Friday specials that’s kind of important.


You’re trying to get in the door so that they buy other things from you during the year but don’t lose money on it do not make this a loss leader please.


But you know also need your time for this because it will take that struck a time investment time for you to put put this together you’ve got you know about your.


Create your team of advisors. Your business we have our clients on there we have past clients we have business people you create your team there’s. Great go to seminars all of our seminars are on line at your marketing Advisor dot com We’ve got tons of them the November schedule is now up.


We’re starting to look at December schedule that’s December is a month we always have to look further ahead because there’s there’s a lot of days that are blocked out that we really can do stuff on.


That week between Christmas and New Years generally not a lot of people go to a whole lot of webinars or want to hear from us so to coaching and we’re going to give you a way to get half hour this for free I get really proficiency at the tools you’re going to use.


This would be a very good time to take everything you’ve learned in say our video webinars talk to create your Black Friday special videos if you’re going to send out 4 different emails you might want to have 4 different videos hey the specials coming up here and.


When your e-mail is talking about with what they can get. If you’ve written things down today and you have other marketing goals list them what’s what’s the most important for example on our list the new book partners everything is up on like number 2 and 3 getting other authors for that is really important as of the moment another important thing that’s in the top 3 for us right now I’m going through all of our blogs and updating.


Making sure links are I for example there’s a service we used to use that. Created a form he stopped using that because he has a different tool it is a different tool so now I have to go through all these past I’m updating apps in our marketing goal that’s really important right now.


Marking down what are your what are your most important ones to you have your top 3 go to free marketing consultation dot com And let’s talk about it you know if you want more help all you have to do is go to free marketing consultation books 30 minutes with us there’s a few questions that are really easy to answer to put you right into our calendar.


Most people report back that was worth a whole lot of money as far as increase sales or we’re saving people a lot of money quite often you also ask for it get our report discover 10 proven steps you can take right now to get your business out online in a post open environment for current violence.


So come come go come and go there and get a bunch of respect from us and our boot camp is open for registration here the dates March 11 Phoenix v.a. Phoenix 18 Sedona 25 those dates are there we’re planning on in person if we’re not have failed to do those numbers and then we’ll be doing the 1st one l.a. dates 11 to 13 and then staminate will do well if we’re doing a virtually we’ll do it twice.


We have 50 seats for each of those gravel and what do we do in our boot camp we teach you are new and repeat Ayers will magnetically be attracted to you in your business which increases your sales we want to teach you want to avoid the biggest mistakes everyone makes in their marketing when you’re presenting your ideas your products you know the things reasons people say no.


For example earlier today you learned something important about how to get people not to abandon their carts, how to get ethically get anyone any time anywhere love you, want to say yes to your product or service.

Those are the dates: PlanYourMarketing.com is where you get your free Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp ticket.

We would love to have you there!


I forgot a word there. If you need it now more needed now so if you have questions now’s the time to either open up put it in chat or send us an info e-mail to info at u. of creative dot com That is what we’re here for to answer those.


I have no questions in the chat then we are going to end this webinar and those of you that are watching the replay oh ever this would be the time for you to go to PlanYourMarketing.com and grab your ticket.


Go to FreeMarketingConsultation.com and grab your free time or go to YourMarketingAdvisor.com and grab our other webinars.


Go to YourMarketingAdvisor.com and you’ll see them (the future webinars) all right. Thanks for watching everybody; we do appreciate you being here with us…


And listening to us for an hour and try to help your business; we’re here for you.
Remember: if everything happens for a reason, be the reason things happen!
We’ll see you next time!

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