Webinar: 12 Free Ways to Market Your Business Online During COVID-19

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We are grateful for the opportunity to share our expertise with a SCORE audience. We look forward to providing more webinars for SCORE.

Start with being clear on who your ideal client, favorite client, most profitable client is. Then craft your message to attract that ideal client. We cover this step in every webinar, because without taking care to know this step very well, the tactics you implement will be far less effective. Also, being able to describe your ideal client will help you gain more referrals. The more details you provide to your potential referral parterns, the more people will come to their mind that they can refer to you.

  1. Get your online listings (aka citations) right so that your local SEO is working for you.
  2. Claim and post to your Google My Business listing, especially if you have any special COVID-19 related issues.
  3. Write relevant blog posts to share on social media, and your Google My Business listing.
  4. If you have a product (not a service), add it to Google Shopping so your ideal customers can buy straight from their Google search.
  5. Do more Lives (on your favorite social media channel – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram).
  6. Offer bonuses and free mystery giveaways.
  7. Be seen as an expert.
  8. Reach out to your clients on social media.
  9. Use COVID-19 hashtags.
  10. Use COVID-19 friendly headlines and captions.
  11. Repurpose your testimonials and reviews.
  12. Become part of the #SupportSmallBusiness movement.

Of course, there’s much more detail in the webinar, including the free offers at the end.

Which tip will you be implementing first?

Which offer will you be accepting from us first?

Are there other topics you would like to see us cover? Please send your suggestions to Info@YuloffCreative.com

BTW, what other organization do you know that is looking for webinars on marketing, sales, human resources and/or public speaking? We’d welcome the referral!


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