We Teach You About Business While Guesting on Other Podcasts

We have appeared on dozens of podcasts and been interviewed by lots of interesting people. Here are a few of our favorites

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Enjoy a few of our guest appearances – we give tons of content in each one, so have your pen and paper at the ready! 

Here is what podcasters say about having Sharyn and Hank on their shows:


This interview is on top so we’ll be able to say “We knew Kay Suther when…”  Her Uncensored Society Podcast discusses a small business owner’s  RELENTLESS journey to building a successful business.

Tech with Heart does great  work! In this podcast episode, we delve into the process of writing a book, marketing a book, becoming a best seller, and everything in between.

This show was A LOT of fun! We were on Ed Troxell‘s show with the title: The Best Small Business Marketing Tips That Work with Sharyn and Hank Yuloff

The podcast is called The 30-Minute Hour… and our episode went OVER AN HOUR. What do you expect when Eric Twiggs introduces us by telling his listeners that “if your marketing sucks, you should talk to Sharyn and Hank.” Eric and his partner Ted Fells are spectacular podcasters. They wound us up and let us go!!! Check it out.

THE BIZ BROS is a very professionally created and run podcast.  We had fun talking about business and sports and life and how two coaches are more powerful than one.

On his podcast, JUMP… SUCCESS IS WAITING, Charles Matthews Jr. takes his listeners down the experienced entrepreneurs journey to success. Lots of very different questions than we have been asked before.


The LIFT Your Story Podcast is great.  LaurieAnn Campbell and Roy Miller run a great show.

Here is the link to the show notes: https://www.buzzsprout.com/939037/9089590?fbclid=IwAR0Oy5Fn011ZRb6mIjzTAPeAsT8seaxRutj7qwibqrJ5z-H387thlmO-SLg

In this interview with book coach Diana Lund Nordstrom, we cover lots of topics in the marketing of books. Since Diana is in northern Europe, we were up early and she was up late and it was a lot of fun.

Appearing on the Better Life, Better Business podcast, we talk about “It’s relationships first, business second” and “what does coaching do for your business.”

Our interview on THE JOSH SHOW was supposed to be 40 minutes. We ended up tipping the scales at 1:47:10. Josh is LOTS of fun and tons of information shared as Josh Bolton got private coaching!

We appeared on Paul Finklestein’s show OMGTalk.com in May, 2021.  Lots of marketing tips in this show! Paul is a financial planner who also runs a podcast!

Live in Australia! We appeared on TALKING WITH EXPERTS with host and event planner, Rose Davidson.  She was WAY prepared to chat with us about how small business owners can market their businesses.

This was the first time we did a TWO FER interview: We recorded this for our podcast, The Marketing Checklist while being recorded by Chris Burns of  Burn It Up Coaching.  When we were pulling this page together, we had forgotten how much fun this interview was.  Here’s what is really cool about this interview: Click on the YouTube link and read the INCREDIBLE show notes that Chris put together.

We were the guest of Micheal Pacheco on Coffee with Coaches, based in Canada.  The title and the discussion were DO WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY.


We were not being interviewed on Dave Pratt Live this time…. but Dave decided to give our Sedona Marketing Retreats company a plug on live TV. And then he decided to give Yuloff Creative some MORE plugs… Because “if WE don’t deserve it…. who does??”

Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark hired by ABC’s Shark Tank, interviewed us about on how we help your small business become successful.

Forbes Riley, the 2 Billion Dollar Sales woman on QVC and owner of The Spin Gym, invited us to appear on her podcast. We discussed working together as a couple and what it takes to succeed

James Malinchak, who starred on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, interviews us about how to succeed in business.

In April, 2021 we were interviewed by Win Charles on podcast A Winning Cup. A Winning Cup is a podcast about celebrating life with people from different walks of life, with a focus on those sharing their stories through writing books and/or blogs. Podcast host, Win Kelly Charles, has Cerebral Palsy and her mission is to help others with physical and mental disabilities to find their voices through written or spoken word, using today’s assistive technologies as needed.

We were interviewed by Julie Pasterick, the CEO of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce for 92.9-FM KAFF in Flagstaff.  While they were recording the interview for broadcast on the radio, we used our video camera to record us, too.  The subject was trends in marketing and how companies can market themselves during economically down times.

We were guests on the VISTAPRINT Home Office Hours podcast in April 2021

Wilfredo Otero is the founder of The Stuck in My Mind podcast. We had a fun time talking marketing, kids, careers, and baseball. Lots of baseball.  Red Sox and Yankees baseball.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.

On the PLAYING IT FORWARD podcast Tim Law talks to young adults about creating self reliance by discovering and expanding your marketable skills.  “Chase your skills with a solid work ethic.”

Lorraine Ball is a VERY experienced podcaster. Check out her professional style and delivery in this audio interview.


This is the LIFE WLL LIVED podcast with Omobola Stephens. She covers a wide range of topics on her show from spirituality to personal development and business.


Host Marc the Shark talks about Money , Life ,Entrepreneurship and more.  This is a spinoff of Marc’s MMA podcast.


We were interviewed by Helen Gibson, host of Arizona Business Spotlight. We discussed marketing, messaging and promotion. Local television is a great place to be marketed!  “Wind us up and let us go!”  She said “Yuloff Creative is almost like You Love Creative.”  Might be our next tag line.

Getting promoted on podcasts is an incredible way to build your list, and your business. Would you like help to get booked on Podcasts? Connect with us for a free 30-minute Get Focused Success call and we will give you our checklist!

Head to HowToGetThereFaster.com

Here is one tip: You should have 10-15 questions (with the answers) ready to send to a show.  Keep your answers short enough to make the show a conversation instead of your soliloquy.  We have our questions and answers on our media page that we send to radio shows.

Here is another tip: You should have a 50 and a 100 word biography to be introduced.

Here is one our 100 Word Podcast Bio: 

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff come to our podcast with a very unique perspective.

Hank is an expert targeted marketer for small businesses with a background in sales, marketing and economics who’s coached business owners for decades.

Sharyn’s path went through business affairs and human resources and is an online marketing expert.

Yuloff Creative is a boutique marketing firm, designing customized online and traditional marketing plans.

Each year they teach several Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps, are authors of six best-selling business books and host a video podcast called The Marketing Checklist Viewcast.  They also offer a very affordable group coaching marketing program.”