COMING ON JULY 21, 2020!


What is the Marketing Checklist View Cast?

After 243 hour-long episodes of The Marketing Checklist radio show, we decided that our favorite part of the podcast was interviewing incredible business people. As a way of evolving, we changed from an audio-only model to the more popular video format. The Marketing Checklist View Cast makes each interview easy for you to consume. They are limited to an energetic 7 minutes and 21 seconds (that’s because our anniversary is July 21).


Why should you watch the Marketing Checklist View Cast?

In less than 30 minutes, you can quickly gain incredible insights on how to build your business from 4 different success stories. All TMCVC guests are asked the same questions, making it easy for you to compare how entrepreneurs from various industries handle their challenges and ultimately achieve success that you can model.


Who appears on the Marketing Checklist View Cast?

Successful small business owners, just like you. They are not beginners, and all of them have a track record of accomplishment.

How can YOU appear on the Marketing Checklist View Cast?

We will send you our application. When you are approved, we will schedule a time with you to do the recording. You will be in your office and we will record the View Cast with you using one of a variety of telecommunication platforms.  Send us an email to Subject line: Put Me On the View Cast

In your email include: Your name.  Your company name.  Your phone number. A link to your website. A link to at your most active social media page.  We will check you out and send you the application.

Here is the latest edition of The Marketing Checklist View Cast: