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Welcome to The Marketing Checklist View Cast!

Whose video blogcast is it?

YOURS! There are two types of people who have found this page. Those of you who KNOW Hank and Sharyn and were told about The Marketing Checklist View Cast…. and… Those of you who DON’T know Sharyn and Hank YET. You probably got our postcard directing you here to sign up for your free episode of The Marketing Checklist View Cast.  For those of you who don’t know us, we are business coaches for small business owners. We work with them on, and speak on stages about, the four areas that plague most small business owners: Sales, Marketing, HR and public speaking.

What it is and What’s In it For YOU?

It’s that last little bit in the last paragraph which is driving The Marketing Checklist View Cast. MANY of the small business owners we meet and who hire us, need help getting better at putting together their elevator speech and the short discussion that happens right after they meet a new prospect. The Marketing Checklist View Cast is your way of having that WHO AM I and HOW DO I DO IT in video form so you can send it to anyone that you consider a prospect. It is designed to be short enough (just 7 minutes, 21 seconds… because July 21 is our anniversary) that people will watch and just long enough to get the information you need into your interview.

Where do we record them?

You don’t even have to leave your office! We record you via Skype, Zoom or YouTube Live. What that means for you is that there is zero travel time. Just open your laptop and we’re off!!

Where does it appear?

We push the The Marketing Checklist Video Cast out into the social media world and all the places we syndicate our podcast, The Marketing Checklist.

Another added benefit of your viewcast is that you can ‘pin’ it at the top of your social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook, or even have it on the channel page on YouTube so that it’s the first thing your potential customers/clients see (either this or an opt in is best).

As it’s a video recording, you can use it as video, audio and written content (if you have it transcribed). You can then take snippets from each format for use on social media to drive traffic to your main video/blog post.  We encourage you to add the video to your website and have a page dedicated to it and drive traffic to that page.

When do we record you?

We set up a couple of days a month and knock them all out one after another. Then we space out how we release them. When you fill out the form (below… you could jump ahead, but then you would miss some detail) we will get back to you within two business days with the next dates / times. We will reserve your time and send you the questions we will ask along with instructions on how to make this video the best it can be.

Before then, you will receive the questions, and we will send you a couple of viewcasts we have already shot.

At your recording time, before we hit ‘record,’ we will chat for a few minutes to make sure everything on both ends is working right and you feel comfortable.

Why are we doing video blogcasts?

That’s a GREAT question! We have been doing audio podcasts for several years (243 episodes) sharing all manner of marketing mayhem. But we have lots of people who want to be guests and can’t fit them all in to the hour-long format. This is our answer. Lots of shorter, fun video podcasts.

Here’s the other reason.  When we attend networking events everyone is trying to sell, sell, SELL.  We want to be able to BUY.  And give away this podcast as a way of helping entrepreneurs make their business and marketing efforts just a little bit easier.

How Do You participate?

Like most things we do, it’s simple.
Just a Few Easy Steps!

  1. We help you tell your story in a 7-minute, 21-second video podcast. (You don’t even have to leave your comfy office chair)
  2. We do that by giving you the questions we are going to ask, and having you give us 2 more you want to have asked. That way you can have your answers ready.
  3. We produce, post and get you the video.
  4. You share it with your potential members and your potential sponsors.
  5. They hear your story and join you.
  6. You smile when you get our next brochure.


Let Top National Speakers, Coaches & Authors Sharyn and Hank Yuloff
Inspire, Motivate & Educate Your Potential Members and Sponsors to Join Your World Class Organization!

So let’s get started! Fill out the form below and hit SUBMIT. We will get back to you ASAP.

This is ABSOLUTELY FREE for you because we want you to get to know us and we want to get to know how to serve you!