Using Snow to Explain Marketing Messages

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“When it rains, it pours.”

We’ve all heard this expression. It means that when things go wrong, it can be like a domino effect. It starts out with one thing and it just keeps on going: You have a flat tire, then your battery dies, then your muffler falls off.

I’d like to use the expression to mean something else when we talk about marketing messages, and the number of ways we market our companies.

When it begins to rain, we can see each individual drop as it hits the ground. As more rain falls, those drops begin to combine and cover the entire ground. We just moved our marketing company to Sedona, Arizona and have noticed that when it snows, this example is more dramatic. If it is not cold enough, the snow does not stick. It melts on impact. But if a lot of snow falls in a small area, it stacks up and sticks around.

Let’s use this as a marketing analogy.

When you send out a few marketing messages, using a small amount of tactics, your messages, like individual drops of snow, do not cover enough area to increase your sales. When you have many messages being sent out through many methods, far more people see your message and it would be more effective.

use more marketing tactics

Great marketing is more than just crossing your fingers

The question always gets asked – “Gee, Hank, so how many marketing messages do I have to send out? How many ways of marketing my business do I need to use?”

THAT is an awesome question. And since Marketing is a science of choice, the answer is going to be “It Depends.” I know, not a very good answer, right?

Most every marketing expert will say more is better. As a Targeted Marketing Tactician, my answer is to start with at least 5 and begin to chart the response you get with each tactic. The tactics we use when we put together your marketing plan are not random, they are the marketing messages which make the most sense. They are the marketing messages which, when placed in the proper places will end up in front of the correct eye balls.

Here is one warning on where you place your marketing messages: Don’t just do what your competition is doing. Don’t just do what your friend who owns a different kind of business does.

Let’s create your marketing messages together. Give us a call at 800-705-4265 and let’s talk about it.

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  • Everett

    I utilized my background in Psychology, Mental
    Health, and also Recovery Therapy to start a company around my enthusiasm.

    • Hank Yuloff

      Excellent, Everett; thanks for letting us know!

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