UCLA Defeats USC in the Battle of Signing The Rap Stars’ Kids

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When it comes to playing winning football, you need a solid game plan. When it comes to playing and winning at getting third party endorsements marketing, you need a solid game plan. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) athletic department seems to have a solid game plan when it comes to third party endorsements marketing of the school name by using famous people.

Every company would love to have a famous celebrity or two endorse their company by having them wear their logo. snoop dog and son UCLA 2That kind of third party endorsements are the best. For many years, the University of Southern California enjoyed the benefit of Calvin Broadus Jr. wearing the Cardinal and Gold. Calvin Broadus Jr? Try Snoop Dog! But for the next 4 years, Doggy Daddy is going to be in the stands wearing powder blue and gold because his son, Cordell, just got signed by UCLA to play football for them.

Snoop Dogg Visits USC Football Team During Taping of MTV ShowHere is the quote on ESPN that will make the accountants as well as the athletic department at UCLA smile:
“I'm throwing all my USC drawers away,” Snoop said. “I'm UCLA 100,000 percent . . . It's been awesome just watching [Cordell] step into manhood and make a decision that he feels comfortable with. We can support him as his parents and as his family members. We totally stand by his decision to go to UCLA. That's what is and that's where we are. We Bruins now.”

This is the second major signing by UCLA in recent years. In 2012, they signed Justin Coombs, the son of entertainer P. Diddy.

From the accountant's point of view Snoop Dog wearing UCLA duds is worth hundreds of times more in logo'd merchandise sales than UCLA will spend to house, feed, clothe, and educate the first Brodus to go to college.
From the athletics' point of view- how many 4-star and 5-star athletes might be swayed to wear Bruin Blue, knowing they are going to meet and hang with Snoop and P-Diddy? WOW!
Is UCLA doing it just for the marketing? No, not entirely. Broadus is rated as the 15th top Wide Receiver by 247 Sports and is considered a 4-star recruit. Any college would take as many players of that caliber as they could.
But it DOES help to have an understandably proud entertainment superstar put this on twitter feed: “My son first one in the family to go to college proud moment for the Broadus family! UCLA goooooooo Bruins! #21 tune in.”
I realize that most of us who own businesses will look at this from that marketing standpoint and say, “Sure, Hank, how are we going to get third party endorsements by getting rap stars to wear our logo'd polo shirts (that we bought from Promotionally Minded).”
I get it. The answer… you'll get it done somehow!
Let's talk about how to get you more local, but still effective third party endorsements. Here is the silver lining: Third Party Endorsements don't have to be made by entertainers to be incredibly helpful. They just have to be made by important people within their circle of influence. Call me at (800)705-4265 or fill in the form below.

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