Two Cases of Direct Mail Done Wrong

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We received two very bad pieces of direct mail done wrong in just 3 days. Let's take a look at these pieces of direct mail and how to avoid repeating their mistakes.

Bad Direct Mail

This sales solicitation letter came to us in a handwritten envelope – with just our address. The return address was imprinted in a perfectly acceptable way using a rubber stamp, BUT had the phone number written the same way as in the letter, with an extra dash….
Clearly this was produced by someone who does not have strong written English skills. But for those of us who DO, the lesson is pretty clear: Have people look at the sales pieces you want to mail out before you spend the money to send them. If it is your business, take pride in it no matter what you do for a living and show your professionalism…. In this case, it makes me think “If I have questions or comments, will I be able to effectively communicate with Art?”
And if price is the main selling point of Art's service, what corners is he cutting to get that price down?

Bad direct mail piece 12 2014

The other piece of direct mail done wrong was this envelope (two, actually, addressed differently so it cost the advertiser double) that appears to be sent from a home and garden shop. On the other side is an ad for a copier company. On one of the two envelopes this second side was misprinted at an angle. A very confusing piece of direct mail even before we get inside the envelope.
Oh – and there was nothing inside the envelope. They were empty.
This isn't direct mail done wrong, it's direct mail done stupid.

Direct mail is more than just making a wild a$$ guess. To do it exceptionally is very hard. But to not do it wrong, is much easier.

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