The Usefulness of Promotional Products

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After over 30 years of selling them, I am still continually amazed at the usefulness of promotional products.

They are truly a great marketing tool!

Here is the latest example of how promotional products have served my own business as well as our client’s businesses:

Last week, we sponsored a networking breakfast that included business people from seven chambers of commerce in Los Angeles. We are members of  only two of the seven, so this audience was not all that familiar with me or our business.

That means, I had 5 minutes to get my message across and achieve my objective. In this case, it was to promote and get sign ups for our next The Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp. There were just 56 people in the room, representing 50 businesses and just under 40 of them were our target market: small business owners. The rest were people who worked for a company and were there as a representative.

Flyer for The Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp

We created a flyer for everyone in the room, and it was placed at each table setting.

Here is where the usefulness of promotional products comes into play:

To keep our name in front of all those folks who were not interested in The Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, we attached a lens cleaner in a pouch, to each flyer.

Here were the results of the breakfast: Our goal was to get 10 sign ups for The Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, which we achieved.

That was a 25% close rate.

Even more interesting was that there were only 14 flyers left at the tables. That is a quarter of the flyers we put out. That means that 32 of the 46 flyers (10 were turned in to sign up) left the room with the participants.

BUT, only 6 of those flyers still had the promotional product attached. That means that even though the flyer was not brought back to their offices, our promotional product went along with them, carrying our company information, acting as a silent salesperson always working for us.

Here is another way to look at the usefulness of promotional products:

Flyers with information (our flyers and your flyers, too) are looked at as an advertisement. To those who find them useful, it’s great. But to those to whom they are not useful, they are considered an intrusion into their lives. They want very little to do with us. And you.

lens cleaners are useful promotional productBut they considered the promotional product, in this case, the lens cleaner that was attached TO the flyer announcing our Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, a useful and needed tool for their lives.

So, even though it carries our advertisement, the usefulness of promotional products, this specific promotional product, overcame the desire to leave it behind.

And most of them TOOK the flyer WITH the promotional product still attached which gives them the URL of the Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp which could get them to investigate and sign up later.

The usefulness of promotional products will always improve when you choose the right promotional product.

Remember that USEFUL and NEEDED to the END USER are the key words when making your decision on which product(s) to purchase.

Would you like to see how the usefulness of promotional products can assist your business? You should call us at 800-705-4265 and we can talk about it. You can also go to first, answer a few easy questions before being provided a link to our calendar so you can schedule a time where we can talk about all of your marketing.

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