The Absolute Bestest Amazingest Coolest Thing Ever!

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The Bestest Amazingest Coolest Thing EVER! I promise

We have all said it – ALL OF US:
“I don’t believe advertising.”
But yet, we all buy things which are advertised.
Interesting disconnect, huh?
Let’s talk about the song I used in the video that goes along with this blog. I have always LOVED “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder. It is one of my Go-To songs before I go on stage to make a presentation. It always puts me in an amazing mood. When it comes to music, it could be – the absolute bestest amazingest coolest thing ever!

But then I listen to “September” by Earth Wind and Fire and think that THAT song is the absolute bestest amazingest coolest thing ever!

The point is here BELIEVABILITY. Advertising and it’s sisters, marketing and public relations, have gotten a bad rap (some of it entirely deserved) because of making claims which could not be possible.
“The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.”
“The Happiest Place on Earth.”
“The Greatest Show on Earth.”
“The Best Part of Waking Up, is Folger’s in Your Cup.” (or Rockapella singing that jingle!)

As company owners we have to avoid hyperbole. It takes away from our credibility and will hurt the claims we make which ARE accurate. If a product is that good, we do not need to over-sell it. We want our value statements to be as accurate as possible.

The tip: DIAL BACK THE OVER-SELL. In fact, if you DO have the absolute bestest amazingest coolest thing ever, let your customers do the talking for you. The BUZZ will do it! Grab video testimonials (video is better – see my blog on that) whenever you can.

Have you made positive changes in your product? Try this: “We have an improved product and we think you are going to like it. Here is what we have done…. ”

Remember that there are other products and services which are similar to yours. Some of them could be better. But just because one film wins the Oscar ™ for Best Picture, it does not mean that the rest of the nominated films are not just as good. And just because one team wins the Super Bowl ™, it does not mean that another half dozen teams were not worth watching if you wanted to see a great football game.

Guarantees help you support your claims. Our Promotionally Minded Marketing Days comes with a 5-Star Guarantee. If you do not “star” at least 5 things in your workbook which are game changers, we give you your money back. I am backing up my claim that we put on an incredible event. There are lots of others who say that sort of thing from stage, but we put it in writing. EVERYWHERE.

So let me know which is YOUR absolute bestest amazingest coolest thing ever by calling me at (800)705-4265

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