Marketing for Your New Business – Part 1

Having worked with dozens of brand new small business owners just like you, we know the most exciting AND the most frightening question you will have to ask yourself before starting your business [...]

How to budget for effective marketing

When we begin to work with a small business owner, building their sales as their business coaches, the first question we ask them is “What do you want your life to look like?” One of the main [...]

Your Basic Marketing Tips for 2020

You are an important part of our business. Even if you are not yet a private coaching client. Or have invested in using our online program, The Small Business Marketing Plan. (2020 Marketing Tip [...]

Your Black Friday Savings Start Today!

For Black Friday (and Saturday, Sunday and Monday), we want to give you some FREE STUFF. Wait! Aren’t you just supposed to get really great inexpensive tools to build your business with? Like [...]

How To Use Stock Photography to Your Best Marketing Advantage

It’s time to get on Hank’s Marketing Soapbox: this time it has to do with the use of Stock photography instead of actual photos of you, your team, and your workplace. Stock photography can [...]

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