The Sales Cycle: 10 Cautionary Tales to Improve Your Sales Process

I am a student of The Sales Cycle. I have listened to many seminars where purchasing agents were the speaker. They all say that when you are in the purchasing position, you may think that you are [...]

Webinar: Virtual Networking for Fun and Profit

UNEDITED TRANSCRIPT of this Virtual Networking Webinar 00:00 Fantastic welcome to Virtual Networking for Fun and Profit that is this one right? [...]

How to Create Your Client Retention Plan for COVID-19 Success

We have all read The Statistic. The one that quotes that it costs between five and ten times more to get a new client than it does to retain a current one. That is still true. Here is an example: [...]

The Usefulness of Promotional Products

After over 30 years of selling them, I am still continually amazed at the usefulness of promotional products. They are truly a great marketing tool! Here is the latest example of how promotional [...]

How to budget for effective marketing

When we begin to work with a small business owner, building their sales as their business coaches, the first question we ask them is “What do you want your life to look like?” One of the main [...]