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Steve Ayers Returns to The Marketing Checklist

Steve Ayers wins in 2016

Back in July, we had the honor of interviewing Steve Ayers and his colleague, Sebra Choe, on The Marketing Checklist radio show.

Somehow, and hour was just too short for this inteview, so we invited Steve back to finish the conversation.

In this week’s show, Steve shared his journey from a scrappy sales person to head of Economic Development for the Town of Camp Verde.

Steve provided a surprising tip from for those that are interviewing for their next job: listen in to hear how Steve, with no prior Economic Development experience, won the role over 20 other more seasoned professionals. You can do the same for your next Dream Job!

Another favorite thing I learned during this interview is that Camp Verde is an agricultural town. What this means today, is that many homes have their own self sustaining farms, and even produce a surplus that they can then sell at a stand on the street outside their home without needing a permit! Can you imagine such a thing in your town?

Projects that earned Ayers’ statewide recognition (posted by the CV Bugle)

Since his tenure, Ayers has been integral in carrying out strategic planning by involving public and private partners. Upcoming Town of Camp Verde projects that Ayers has played a part in managing include (according to his award application):

• $10 million, 27,000-sq-ft Northern Arizona Healthcare campus with “four full-time family practice doctors, an 8,000 sq-ft physical rehab unit, expanded lab and diagnostics, an eye clinic and seven-day-a-week office hours.”

• $15-million, 15-acre Verde Valley Archaeology Center facility “that will include research center, auditorium, curation facilities, classrooms and offices.”

• $62 million Arizona State Transportation Board project “to widen a 7-mile long corridor of SR 260,” with six miles being Camp Verde’s portion of a commercial corridor linking Camp Verde to Cottonwood and Interstate 17. The result will be “opening access to 2,500 acres of commercial and residential property.”

• $10 million Rockin’ River Ranch State Park project in Camp Verde, “to include RV sites, fishing ponds, boat launch, float-in campgrounds, equestrian facilities, amphitheater and other amenities.”

  • He helped co-brand the Verde Valley with National Geographic’s International Geo-Tourism efforts and also served on the coordinating committee of Verde Front, a collaborative of countysupervisors, mayors, district rangers and park superintendents that work together to develop outdoor recreational opportunities.”

Steve Ayers book on Camp Verde

Steve Ayers book on Camp Verde

Bytheway, Steve is so passionate about the Town of Camp Verde, he wrote a book about it (and is writing another).

Unless this is your first time listening to our Marketing Checklist radio show (in which case: welcome!), you know that we always start with some marketing tip before the interview. This week was no different. Hank found an article on when NOT to hire a coach. If you are on the fence about hiring a coach, listen to the first segment and take note of your answers to these 6 questions.

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