A Simple Low-Tech Marketing Trick For Getting Your Business More Sales

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THE most Low-Tech Marketing Tool for Every Entrepreneur Who Does Work on Homes

Would you like to take advantage of a conversation I had that will help build your business? The conversation occurred before 7 o’clock in the morning, prior to our weekly networking group meeting.  I shared a simple low-tech marketing trick with two very successful business owners with over 50+ years of experience to create more opportunities for sales. In fact, it is a simple marketing trick that can get YOUR service business more sales very quickly.

Here’s how it all came about:

While we were all pouring our coffee, the realtor in our group was talking to the painter about his new truck and asked if he was going to put his company name on it.  He replied that he was not sure, because in over 30 years, he had only had a couple calls ever from someone seeing his truck.

I added that he should check on the insurance, because having writing on the vehicle could make it considered a commercial vehicle and raise his rates.

The tree service member chimed in and said that it was worth it because he got calls ALL the time from his truck. It struck me in that moment how we were masterminding on a topic only up to the point of knowledge we had – no guessing was taking place.

From there, the conversation branched out:

I asked both the tree service person and the painter if they would like a marketing tip that would not matter what they had on their trucks. “Do you,” I asked, “put a sign out front of the homes you work at?”  Both nodded in the affirmative.  “It’s good to get that easy referral business, right?” I said.

Then I gave them an idea that I am sharing with you as well. It is truly a simple low-tech marketing trick. If you are a contractor-type business that is working in homes, you should leave flyers at each home in the neighborhood two days prior to being there.

If I were to pause for a moment and ask you what should be on the flyer, most people would say it would be an ad for the company saying that “as long as we are here, we could do work for you, too.”

Good thought, but let’s make it more valuable to the people in the neighborhood.

Here is what that flyer SHOULD say:

“Dear neighbors. Well, we are not ALWAYS your neighbor. But on (DATE to DATE) we will be your neighbor because we are doing (TYPE OF WORK) at (ADDRESS). It is our goal and desire to be an incredible neighbor to you while we are here. You will see our trucks on your street. If you have any inconvenience with our trucks, if they are in your way or my crew is not absolutely courteous, here is my cell phone number: (NUMBER). PLEASE call me immediately and I will solve the issue. We’re looking forward to ‘moving in’ for a few days.  Best,  (YOUR NAME)”

I would make the flyer look like your letterhead. If you can handwrite it NEATLY and photo copy it, even better.

Your job is to be a good neighbor to the community that you are joining. THEIR job is to have a positive opinion of you.

Here are the caveats:

  1. If your phone rings, you better pick it up. Fast. And if it is a problem, you better fix it. Fast.  Your crew has to know that these flyers are being put out and they are being watched by everyone in the neighborhood.
  2. Here is another one: you are going to want to add a flyer that talks about you and your service and that they can call you for a free estimate ETCETRA. Don’t do it. If they want you, they will call you.

Here is how you get around it. At the END of the time in the neighborhood, you can put out a “THANK YOU, We loved being part of your neighborhood” note/flyer. On the OTHER side of that flyer, you can put your information.

What is so great about this marketing tactic?

  1. It takes ZERO technology more complicated than a photocopier. You could literally handwrite the entire thing (IF YOUR PENMANSHIP IS SPECTACULAR) and then make copies.
  2. Here is what ELSE is so great about this marketing tactic. It’s VERY inexpensive. Ten or so flyers, times two flyers per house, is 20 flyers. At ten cents a flyer, for two dollars you get to make a very positive impression in a neighborhood where you already have work.


At the beginning of this blog, I mentioned the number of years they had been in business because when we speak on stage, in front of small groups or full theaters with hundreds of people, we ALWAYS have someone in our audience that says they know all about marketing for their industry because they have done it “forever.”

This is an example of two guys who could have said “no thanks” when I asked them if they would like a marketing tip that would help them get more business immediately. I applaud business owners who take that point of view. In fact, quite often, some of our most successful private business coaching clients are the people who have been in their industry for a long time and understand what it is going to take to excel and get to that next level of achievement.

Heck, our combined years in human resources, sales, and marketing totals several decades and WE still have coaches for three different areas of our business.

Another example of this is when Francesco Molinari accepted the trophy for the British Open in 2018.  The very first people he thanked were his multitude of coaches. Hey, if it’s good enough for him, it’s certainly good enough for us.

The Importance of Coaches - Francesco Molinari thanks his coaches

We would love to help you just like we helped these two business owners in our networking group.  For your free 30-minute marketing help, go to www.FreeMarketingConsultation.com to take the quick assessment, click on our calendar link and choose a time that works best for you so we can begin our conversation. We guarantee that in that consultation, we will give you at least one game changer, like these two business owners received. It might even be your OWN simple low-tech marketing trick.

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