How to Rejuvenate, Recommit, and Refocus Your 2016 Marketing

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We’re governed almost entirely by emotion (whether you know it or not).
Emotion determines our psychology.
And our psychology determines our ultimate performance.
How we feel greatly determines our performance.
If we feel fired up, inspired, “in the zone” so to speak (an emotional and psychological zone) we can pull off the
seemingly impossible performance feats.
But, if we’re feeling down, distracted, or unmotivated, even great talent and expert skill can have a crappy
Emotion is the root of all of this.
Emotion doesn’t just drive performance individually, it also drives us collectively.
Emotion is what drives economic and market cycles.
They are driven entirely on emotion.

Wherever there are humans, emotion is running the show.
So, if you want to manage performance, if you want to lead growth, expansion and achievement, the one thing
to focus your attention on is learning how to manage emotion. If you can manage emotion, you can dictate
performance…yours and your team’s!
The problem is, however, what you need to stimulate emotion is EMOTION.
The needed solution is also the problem.
And if you need it, it means you don’t have it, that’s the ultimate Catch 22.
Lack of emotion, lack of momentum, is called inertia.
Inertia is the state we’re always fighting against.
Inertia is defined in the dictionary as inertness, especially with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like;
inactivity; sluggishness. It can also be called complacency, idleness and apathy.
Essentially, inertia is emotional death to the achiever.

So, like Newton discovered, the only way to break the state of inertia is to have it acted upon by an external
Now that you’ve got all that…let’s talk about how our emotion ebbs and flows throughout the year, just based
on the natural rhythms of the seasons.
If you are an achiever who needs to self regulate and most particularly if you are a leader who needs to drive
achievement from a team of people, these emotional seasons are critical for you to know and manage through.
So, pay close attention. There are 2 big natural transitions that greatly influence our emotional state that occur
throughout the year: The first is after spring. Spring you don’t have to worry about. For ages, spring has been
associated with joy, passion, and reawakening.

It’s easy and natural to be motivated, engaged and productive during the spring.
But then, summer happens.
Much of that momentum hits a summer doldrums wall and grinds to a lull.
If you feel like right now, you still have a case of summertime ADD, you’re not alone!
Natural biorhythms intended you to take a break during the summer when food and warmth are abundant, but
it also stalls your productive momentum. That is the first emotional season that you have to manage yourself
and your team through.
How you ask?
Check out Darren Hardy’s Summer Search Teleconference.

The second big natural transition, the emotional shift, is the autumn or fall (what Sharyn fondly calls “Pumpkin
Everything Season”), when the growth energy of spring and summer ends and literally begins to fall.
Many people get thrown by the fall. We can feel melancholy or wistful when the sun is lower in the sky and the
light goes golden. We are witnessing the death of long days and summer fun. Even those who love the autumn
(like Sharyn) recognize that it’s a bittersweet season. Those beautiful leaves are beautiful because they are
dying. It’s back to school and back to work time and that causes some folks to get downright grumpy. All of this
is happening unconsciously, by the way. It is part of the natural rhythm of the seasons.

But autumn and the fall is also the time for harvest.
In our opinion, the 4th quarter is often the most important of all.
This is proven by the amount of revenue often generated, which is usually more than all 3 previous quarters
If you and your team are emotionally engaged, quick enough, this is when you can multiply the bounding of
your harvest, if acted upon correctly.
But most people, and most teams, take too long to transition out of the full Lull of Summer and the melancholy
of the fall and that is ruinous to being able to achieve their big goals for the year.
As a leader, you have to counteract this emotional pull. Whether you lead teams of thousands, 2 or only

Back to Newton: the only way to break the state of inertia, in this case, emotional inertia, is to have it acted
upon by an external force.
This is why we held our last Marketing Bootcamp at the beginning of September.
Sorry if you missed it. Marketing Bootcamp Flyer
But we are offering you another opportunity, when you need it the most: November 03-05, before we close out
the fourth quarter.

As a leader, you are responsible for driving performance.
We know performance is dictated by the emotional state of those responsible for the performance. We also
know that coming out of summer and going into fall, that emotional state, naturally is troublesome. If you have
lull moving into death but it’s supposed to be the most productive period and the period where you gather your
harvest, as a leader, this is when you need to bring in Newton’s external force.
That is what we are trying to help you with: providing you that external force, exactly when you and your team
need it. An external event that can rejuvenate the emotional energy of the team.

The definition of rejuvenate, by the way, is to make young again, to restore to youthful vigor, to make fresh or
new again. That is what you, and your team, needs, to rejuvenate.
And the topic of our event is focused on what you and your team needs to rejuvenate: your commitment, your
focus, and the methodologies of personal productivity and performance as they relate to your marketing efforts.
Whether you think you need it or not, we’re telling you: You Do.

We’ve been at this game for a long time: the game of human performance. Based on the natural rhythms of
nature’s seasons and the effect that it has on our moods, attitudes, and emotions. These are the 2 times when
you want to interrupt your natural emotional inertia through external influences.
Even us!
We’re gonna be delivering the experience that will jumpstart everyone’s emotional engagement, commitment,
and focus, but even we need external influence. We cannot give it to ourselves. So, when we leave the stage
after delivering this Wow event (and it is always a Wow event), we will again be heading into another 2 day
mastermind (much like we did after our September event), one that we are paying more than 100x the amount
of the cost to attend our LA Marketing Bootcamp.

Because we also need an emotional jumpstart and to learn how we can reach the next rung of success for
ourselves and our clients. And we cannot provide this for ourselves (whether we’d like to think so or not); it has
to be acted upon by an external force. Even we need this; so just imagine what you and your people need.

This event is designed for you. For you and your people. Use this event to get them out of the office, out of the
normal routine, which we now know is a state of emotional inertia. Use this event to jumpstart their emotional
engagement. It’s timed perfectly, just before we close out Q4, as we look forward to 2017’s Q1. Come in early,
huddle with your team, reevaluate your goals and desired results to close out the year and achieve your big
goals together.

Trust us: if you can get your key people on this same page emotionally rejuvenated, recommitted, refocused
and fired up together, you can multiply the harvest that you can reap before the end of Sweet 16.
We hope to meet you and your team at 5p on November 03rd, 2016.

Hey, if you are a team of 1, then get your butt there. You need it the most so you can grow into having an A
Team of your own!

Wishing you a powerful day!
Sharyn & Hank Yuloff
Sedona Marketing Bootcamp, LA Edition

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