The Reality of Inconsistent Blogging

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Oh my, it’s been way too long since we’ve blogged…yet the reality is that even we sometimes fall victim to inconsistent blogging.

Ok, so we teach our clients that the key to successful marketing, including but not limited to blogging, is consistency. However, we also recognize the realities of life and business: sometimes they do get in the way of our consistency. So, like every stern and loving parent, we remind our clients, and ourselves, to not beat ourselves up, but rather to dust ourselves off and begin again.

So here we go, starting again, consistently!

Here’s what’s been happening while we’ve been away:

  1. On our way to LA, we recorded a radio show: How to Find Your Ideal Client with a surprise guest, Walt Grassl of Stand Up and Speak Up Walt Grassl Stand Up Speak Up
  2. In LA, we held our most successful Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp so far
  3. The following week, we held another Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp in Sedona
  4. The last day of our bootcamp, we learned that a friend passed away
  5. Moneeka Sawyer Choose BlissOur next guest was a friend and real estate investor, Moneeka Sawyer, creator of the Blissful Real Estate Investor Formula
  6. Passionate Heart HospiceLast week, our guests were Darryl Markowski and Mirielle Pacquing, founders of Passionate Heart Hospice
  7. After the show, we spent two days with new clients;
  8. After our clients returned home, we packed and prepared for a training session in Phoenix, a funeral in San Diego, a surprise visit with a friend that recently said her final goodbyes to her mom, and a 2 day mastermind with The Secret Millionaire before returning home for the rest of the month of October!
  9. Although there is plenty more excitement planned for this month, we get to do it all while sleeping in our own bed each night!
  10. Tuesday’s guest is a new friend, Kimberly Miles, author of At The Root, her 30 year journey to return to health following a root canal. Please tune in to hear her storyKimberly Miles At The Root
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