Hey there,

We are writing to you with an awesome promotional opportunity for your business. It is an opportunity that none of your competitors can emulate. It sets you apart from and above the crowd.

Because we are multiple best-selling authors, we were approached with the idea to write and distribute a book on how being a successful couple in today’s business climate is good for our clients.  We jumped at the thought and think it will be an even more powerful book by including other couples, like you, who have learned to successfully and profitably work together.

The book has a title of Partners in Everything.  We are looking for couples to share their stories on how working together has worked for you and has been a benefit for your clients.  We also want to share the challenges you have faced. You do not have to be a traditional, married couple to be part of this book; any two people who are partners in the business will be included.  We are certain that this book will become a best seller on Amazon, allowing you to say you are a contributing author to a best-selling book.

Participation is easy.  We give you a set of questions to answer and then we will weave your stories throughout the book.  Your full page bio will be added into the book with contact information.  Your photo will be on the back cover of the book, too.

This is a book you will use to promote yourselves to potential clients for years to come. Instead of a simple brochure, it becomes part of your sales package, increasing your closing rate because people want to hire the couple who wrote the book on success. Imagine what your financial return will be if just 10% of the recipients of your book hire you!

Your small investment to be co-author of the book is $997.  You will receive 100 free copies of the book to use as your sales tools. The sales price is going to be $14.95 so even if you sell them for a discounted price of $10, your investment is returned.  You can also order additional books at cost plus shipping (approximately $4) and sell them at any price to make a profit. We handle the production end including the editing, layout, cover design, launching and promotion of the book. All you have to do is tell your story through questions we provide.  It’s that simple.

To promote your book, we send out emails to our lists which total several thousand that will ask them to spend .99 for the book.  As an ethical bribe, we will offer them a package of free goods and services (for example, we offer $100 Off a promotional product order, 100 times their investment) and you can include your own ethical bribe in that email.  Imagine several thousand people asking you for your free report getting them opted into your email list.

Estimated publication date is 3rd Quarter 2019, giving us plenty of time to write and promote your book to best-seller on the internet and through the media.  We can include a maximum of 10 couples in this project because of page limitations, so it will be first come-first included.

Reach out with questions and to reserve your spot.  Contact at  info@YuloffCreative.com  or 800-705-4265.


Sharyn and Hank


PS – want to pay for your investment?  Find other couples that want to invest in THEIR business by being part of this project and we will credit your investment $300 for each couple that joins the book.

PPS – You will also get a 10-minute speaking spot at one of our Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamp.