Number 1 Tip for Entrepreneurs to Save Time

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We were amazed at what we have been able to accomplish for our clients as soon as we implimented this 1 tip for saving time!

Are you an entrepreneur who thinks they have to do everything in your business?

And then find that you have no time to complete your To Do List?

Here’s the transcript of the above video which includes your tip:

“00:00:01           Hey there!

save time with the lunch club00:00:02             So, coming back from lunch today with The Lunch Club (if your local in the Verde Valley and you’re not part of The Lunch Club and you would like to have an invitation, than send me a private message or an email at, and

00:00:16             I’ll get you an invitation.

00:00:17             But, part of that conversation… it just so happened that today there were 4 coaches at lunch, out of eight.

00:00:28             So half, half the table were coaches and one of the members was an insurance representative.

00:00:38             And she asked, “Well, what makes you all different?”

00:00:41             So we all took turns answering that question.

00:00:45             What this means for you is this: we actually created a Buffet List. (psst, wanna see it? Just complete the form below)

00:00:52             One of our clients asked what kinds of things have we done for other clients

00:00:56             And so we create a buffet list, and I’m gonna use this video in a blog Post and I’ll attach it there (well, I’ll send it to you once you complete this form):

00:01:01             And if you’re watching this video and you want that pdf, then by all means just send me a private message, we’ll be happy to get you the pdf (but since you’re reading this blog, then please fill out the form above)

00:01:08             But what occurred to me as I was driving home is we would not have been able to create that

00:01:15             Pdf, we wouldn’t have been able to have that laundry list of things that we had done for clients if we were still in the mindset of having to do everything ourselves.

00:01:27             So not only have we delegated those stereotypical things like bookkeeping and accounting and admin and all of those stereotypical business things;

00:01:40             But also the things that make the house run as well as your business run, right?

00:01:45             Like the gardening, the pool, whatever.

00:01:49             All of those things.

00:01:51             The cleaning of the house, all of those things, right, we wouldn’t be able to do all those things.

00:01:56             We wouldn’t be able to do those things for clients if we were busy doing those other things for our home and our business.

00:02:02             Right?

00:02:03             So what is your time worth? Do you know how to save time yourself by actually creating time?

00:02:05             I know that many solopreneurs and entrepreneurs, small business owners, think “Well, I can’t afford to hire someone to do X.

00:02:13             I have to do it myself.”

00:02:14             But if you’re busy doing all that yourself, then you’re not helping clients, right?

00:02:18             You’re not using your superpowers, your magical gifts to help others.

00:02:23             So it is a bit of a mind shift and I encourage you to make that shift.

00:02:28             And I will tell you one of the things that helped me make that mind shift is one of our coaches said “if I can pay someone up to $100 an hour to do it, I hire it out, I staff it out.

00:02:40             I don’t do it myself because my time is more valuable than that.”

00:02:44             And our time is more valuable than that.

00:02:45             And I’m guessing your time is more valuable than that as well.

00:02:49             So I invite you make that bit of a mind shift, too.

00:02:54             And, um, that’s really all I got for you.

00:02:57             It was just my quick tip coming away from lunch.

00:02:59             And if you want that blog post, um, you’ll probably find it.

00:03:01             I’m hoping later this week. (ha, you found it, congrats!)

00:03:03             So I hope you’re well, I hope you having a fabulous day.

00:03:05             And if everything happens for a reason, be the reason things happen!

PS Sometimes we delegate by using tools to automate our processes, thus saving us time. For example, this transcript was our first test of a new tool. We’ll test it a few more times before making any recommendations so stay tuned to our videos, blog posts and emails because when we are ready to make such a recommendation, you’ll find it on at least one of those channels, if not all of them.

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