Hey business folk!
We all get the letters…
At major holidays and at the end of every year.

Virtually every nonprofit (that has their
email or direct mail list updated) visits
your mailbox with their hand out.

Both hands out.
“Give before the end of the year.”
“Don’t give up your tax credit.”
“Now, more than ever we need you
to open up your heart.” (and wallet)


We know you WANT to help them. All of them.

But your budgets are limited, and your corporation or LLC does not get a ‘tax credit’ because it comes out of your marketing budget. The ‘regular’ nonprofit answer to that is to tell you “That’s OK, just donate from your personal account.” That means you got pre-taxed on the money you are going to donate.


While researching revenue generation options for nonprofit coaching clients, we noticed that most were just ‘software programs’ designed to pull more money out of your wallet.

Our thinking went “Every one of these businesses, including the nonprofits, sell a product or service in exchange for revenue.” But the companies that donate to nonprofits are not getting anything back, except for the warm fuzzies.


Here’s the program you are being offered by a nonprofit that respects what you do and appreciates your donations:

When you subscribe to the NonProfit Partner Program, you get access to an entire, and very growing, library of marketing materials including  webinars, special reports and our Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps.  They have all been locked in our “Marketing Vault” for use by our small business coaching clients, until now.

Here are a few of the special report titles: 

Here is a free webinar so you get an idea of how they benefit you and your business. It’s called Seven Ways to Make Your Elevator Speech More Effective.  You see, every marketing tactic you use, requires you to tell your story well, and this will help you do that. This is a short version of longer edition available in the vault.

You also are invited to join two of our monthly LIVE VIRTUAL MARKETING MASTERMINDS.

In one we we take your questions live on subjects of marketing, sales, human resources and back office systems. The other virtual event, we work on your elevator speech. This event instantly sharpens your story. And that sharpens your entire marketing plan. (9 out of 10 people we share this last point with have told us that they never saw their elevator speech in that kind of light. You may have just gotten your first easy lesson from the NonProfit Partner Program!)

As the NonProfit Partner Program begins, 85%+* of your $28 monthly investment goes directly to the nonprofit that invited you here. As this program grows, with more businesses become part of it, that percentage will gradually raise to 95%+. We will have a board of advisors made up of the nonprofits who participate who will have open access to the financials of this project.

Another benefit of this program is for the nonprofit that invited you here. They will be invited to attend a LIVE VIRTUAL MARKETING MASTERMIND for NONPROFITS! We will help them market themselves. Among the things we will discuss on their calls is how to tell their story better.  We know when we donate to the many nonprofits in our circle, we want to hear specific stories about how our investment changed lives. This program definitely has as one of it’s goals is to help nonprofits build revenue by marketing properly.

teaching how to repurpose your content

Oh – here’s something else you get as a participant in the NonProfit Partner Program

During our Beta Testing for this project we heard from a bunch of small business owners that they want to donate more to the nonprofit that invited them. 95% of everything you invest over the base amount goes to the nonprofit and YOU get these extra bonuses:

– A second monthly call ONLY for those with higher investment amounts.

– Each month, we clear spots in our calendar for a FREE 30-minute Get Focused Private Success Call. Let us think for you, create for you, work for you and put it all together, all while your nonprofit benefits.

– Free admittance to our LIVE or VIRTUAL Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps that we hold in March and September (info at

– 50% off a 7-page WordPress website, with assistance in designing it.

– $500 off our Small Business Coaching program (info at


We’re looking forward to working for you, thinking for you, creating for you and figuring it all out.