We like mentoring!

When Hank was in his twenties his second job was with a promotional product company. There he met Bill Borzage, a man who would determine the course of his career for the next 20 years and beyond.

Bill showed Hank, who was already a record setting sales person, many tricks of the trade.

A few years later, after Bill had passed away, Hank used Bill’s same methods to become successful as a sales manager and rise to the top of the promotional product industry.

Hank had truly found a mentor.  Someone who had not just taught him the ropes, but how to control the ropes, too.

Similarly, while Sharyn was in her 20s, she found 2 mentors: both who believed in, inspired and encouraged her, even in those instances when she didn’t believe in herself.

Now, together, we have chosen coaches and mentors who continue to guide us in areas where we are sometimes too close to the subject to see the obvious.

When choosing someone to mentor, we look for people who want to achieve what we have, someone whose goals share our values.

We want to help our mentees reach their highest levels of success. Some come to us knowing what they want those levels to be from the beginning and some realize them while we work with them. We take note of the areas in which our mentees want to grow, and actively look for opportunities to point them in the right direction. This can be anything from connecting them with someone with experience in their dream job or industry or alerting them to a valuable conference or class.

We work with our mentees as if we’ll be their mentor forever. That mindset makes it easy for us to give them long-term guidance, which will help them make decisions that outlive their time with us.

We also love to work with non-profits since Sharyn has her MBA in Non-Profit Management from American Jewish University, has been on the board of International Child Advocacy Network since 2002, and Hank has served on the board of five community organizations (ECC, NVCC, St Cyril, SAAC, and the Encino Neighborhood Council)