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Sharyn and Hank Yuloff
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Sharyn and Hank Yuloff on stage


Sharyn and Hank on stage - Marketer of the Year
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200 Word Bio (updated 04/09/2021):

Hank and Sharyn Yuloff bring a very unique perspective to clients who wish to have their marketing efforts reach new focus.

Hank is a targeted marketing tactician with a background in advertising and public relations who has helped small businesses get bigger for over 35 years.

Sharyn’s path went through the business affairs and human resources departments and has become an online marketing expert.

Their company, Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions, offers complete traditional and technological marketing plans for small companies who never thought they could afford a Chief Marketing Officer.

The couple teach several small business breakthrough bootcamp intensives each year for small groups of businesses as well as work two-on-one in person and virtually with owners of small businesses.

They are authors of six best-selling business books, with two more scheduled within 24 months.

The couple hosted 243 episodes of a radio program, called “The Marketing Checklist,” and appear as the marketing experts in a yet-to-be-released entrepreneurial video series featuring Brian Tracy called Live Your List.

As tools for small business owners to increase revenue and profits, the Yuloffs created a hybrid ‘Do-It-Yourself plus private coaching’ marketing program called The Small Business Marketing Plan and offer free coaching at HowToGetThereFaster.com


THREE DIFFERENT SPEAKING BIOS: (updated 04/06/2020) 

Sharyn and Hank Yuloff are business coaches, authors of 6 best-selling business books, hold small business breakthrough bootcamps several times a year and hosted 243 episodes of a weekly radio show. They focus on Marketing, Sales, Public Speaking and Human Resources: the four areas where most business owners say they struggle.


You began your successful business with a plan.  As you’ve grown, your path now has many possible directions.  How do you focus and decide on the best one to take?  That’s what our guests, Sharyn and Hank Yuloff do for you. They are business coaches, authors of 6 best-selling business books, hold business breakthrough bootcamps several times a year and host a weekly radio show. Wouldn’t it be great if your Marketing, Sales and Human Resources could be much easier? It’s time! Press YOUR easy button! Sharyn and Hank work for you, think for you, create for you and figure it all out.  Today, we’re going to talk about how.


Hank and Sharyn Yuloff, join us with a very unique perspective. Hank is a 35 year marketing veteran, with degrees in advertising, public relations and economics. Sharyn holds a Masters in Non-Profit management and is an online marketing and human resources expert. Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions offers traditional and technological marketing plans, working two-on-you with owners of small companies. Several times each year they hold Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps.  They’ve authored 6 best-selling business books, have blogged on The Huffington Post and hosted 243 episodes of their podcast called The Marketing Checklist.  They even offer free assistance at HowToGetThereFaster.com


INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (and the answers)  Updated 04/09/2021

These are provided so that you do not need to supply your own questions for the interview. This will help ensure the flow of the interview


  1. What are some of the biggest challenges you find businesses to have in their marketing?

They are so busy doing what they do, that they do not make the time to MARKET what they do.

It’s something everyone thinks they have a handle on but don’t realize how easy it is to mess it up.

  1. What is the first step every business should take in putting together their marketing plan?

You have to know who your clients are.  That means demographically easy to recognize.  This is a lot harder for most small business owners than they realize. Quite often they go after the easiest low hanging fruit, but that may not be the most profitable path to take.

2B – You’re in the trenches every day, working for small business owners…  What was the biggest challenge your coaching clients had last year in 2020?

With the pandemic and recession of 2020, we were faced with the rapid speed up of some trends that had started years before.  One was an increase in the trend for people working remotely. Another was something that happens during every recession, the increase in small businesses as people who lost their jobs looked for alternatives.

  1. How to you solve that problem for them?

An in depth dive into where they have been, and where they want to take their company.  It’s kind of our secret sauce.

  1. In reading your extended biography, you seem to have a soft spot for non-profit organizations… why is that?

We have to give back.

Most non-profits are run by volunteer boards who all run their own companies

They do the kind of work we all should be doing.

Sharyn has her masters in NP management

  1. I saw your book series.   What are they all about? 

The 6 of them are written to be a marketing class, or a social media class or a human resources class in a book where every student gets a guaranteed A.  They are marketing text books for every entrepreneur who never took a marketing class.  We use the books as the basis for the business breakthrough boot camps we put several times a year.

  1. How did it come about?

We speak all over the country to business groups of 10 to a couple thousand.  We were speaking to a group of business owners about marketing tactics and afterwards, one of our clients who was in the audience asked if I had put all our marketing lessons into one place.  We thought about it and since not every business owner can hire the best and most sought after targeted marketing tacticians in the country, we began writing.

  1. Do you have some marketing tips which will help our listeners?

 A – When planning a marketing project, begin “with the end in mind.”  Decide what you want it to accomplish, and work backwards.

B – The more different ways to market your business you use, the more successful you will be.  Just like a roof needs lots of walls to keep it off the ground, your sales need lots of support efforts to continue to rise.

C – Let your clients interact with you the way THEY are comfortable.  If they like emailing, let them.  If they like texting you, let them. If they want to send you letters, let them.  Whatever makes them most comfortable helps your relationship grow stronger.

D – Blogging is good.  It allows your clients to get to know you and it helps search engines find you.

E –  Social media is NOT a silver bullet in marketing.  It is just one method of staying in contact with clients.  Remember that the key word is SOCIAL.  Be sociable and have some fun while occasionally slipping in a little bit of business.

  1. In your Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps, you seem to stress the mastermind setting of small groups – what is that all about?

We add stories of how mastermind settings have helped our business and can help others.

  1. Do you have any special gifts for our listeners?
  2. So, What’s up next for you?   How can people connect with you?