Marketing Tips to Improve Sales in a Retail Store

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It is difficult, sometimes, for neighborhood retail businesses to improve sales and solidify a marketing plan, especially one that will work all the time. This is because different times of year, and the different retail neighbors IN that neighborhood can effect that business in ways over which they have very little control.

If you are the lucky owner of one of these establishments, I thought I would share a few tips to help improve sales and build a better relationship with your top clients..

Create a Preferred Buying Club – This can be a by-invitation-only proposition, or have your customers self-select. By keeping track of sales by client, you can easily decide which clients are in your top 20% and offer them special services. It could be a concierge service for your company, members-only sales, or other preferred methods of communicating with you.

Create a mailing list – And when I say mailing list, I mean MAILING, not e-mail list. Open and response rates for emails are not what they were even a couple of years ago so to improve sales you better create a list where you can get your message into your client's hands. Designing an incredible mailer is difficult, but for a retail business, the better the special, the more effective the response will be. Here is my best example: How far would you go out of your way for a 10% discount on a burger and fries lunch? How about if I give you 50% off – or Two for one? If you want some tips on developing this list, keep reading this blog or give us a call.

Ask your customers to sell out their friends for a discount. Tell them that if they refer a friend to your company, both you and their friend will get some incredible special. This is a great way to improve sales because referrals make for the best customers. I think I will do this to improve sales for my business right now: If you and a friend are both new clients to Promotionally Minded and order promotional products from us, you will each get a 20% discount on your first orders.

While you are grabbing your customer's mailing addresses, you can ask them to opt in for a once a month text marketing special. Send them an awesome special and you will have them looking FORWARD to your texts! Do not abuse this very personal connection your client has given to you.

If you have not created a which mailing list, but still want to use direct mail, the US Postal Service has a service called Every Door Direct Marketing which allows you to break down your geographic mailings by letter carrier. Their website has very specific directions, so check them out for directions.

When you are looking for more ways to increase your retail business' sales, give us a call at (800)705-4265 or fill in the below form

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