Marketing Magic to the Rescue

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“I have this idea,” our client began, “but I am not sure it is a good one.”

We hear that all the time.   Our clients want to know if their business idea – almost always something they are going to sell or a service they are going to provide – is a good one.   Since we approach business from a marketing and human resources point of view (rather than financial or say, shipping), when a client has an idea, we instantly want to do an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses and put viable ideas into motion.

We heard one the other day – and I think it is brilliant.

Our client is Glenndalf the Magician.  The idea he came up with was a way for him to use some of his non-productive time.  We thought it was incredible, even though it did not fit his normal pricing structure.

Imagine you have a very important program you want to present to your clients.  They think you are awesome but this is still a make or break idea you are offering them.  Oh, and for this example, your client has a great sense of humor. You are at lunch, presenting your idea and you say, “you know, I think there is an even better way to explain this,” and at that moment, an Olde Tyme magician walks up to your table and begins to perform.

Glenndalf the Magician's Magic Quickie can close the deal

Glenndalf the Magician’s Magic Quickie can close the deal

Fifteen minutes later, your client was so impressed by the unique way Glenndalf added your message into his tricks, that the deal is closed.

It is this sort of tool that can make your company more successful.  In this case, Glenndalf is able to schedule these inexpensive performances to fill non-prime time hours.   When he is not performing magic, his main job is to perform marketing tasks.   These “Magical Quickies” ™ are what can fill up the time between the two.

Earlier, I mentioned that pricing for this new product did not fit the rest of his services.  When you are doing something which is out of your regularly profitable norm, be careful of how quickly you implement the idea.  In Glenndalf’s case, we have set limits which will keep him in profitability and are tracking the number of referrals generated from this specific product.

We have figured out how to market The Magical Quickies and are having fun watching Glenndalf the Magician unexpectedly show up.  This made Sharyn remark that “Our job isn’t all work, after all.” Poof: Marketing Magic!

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