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We use our books to let you get to know us prior to working with us.

Our books are written to be easy business and marketing classes where you will definitely get an ‘A.’

We teach would-be authors how to write, publish, market and use your book to promote your business.

49 Stupid Things People Do with Business Cards. . .and How to Fix Them!For us, it will be the way we share our thoughts on the Marketing World and to show you, the business owner, that we continuously stay on top of the wave of business building knowledge.

Hank’s first book, 49 Stupid Things People Do With Business Cards… and How to Fix Them is a fun jaunt through the various ways we all share the basics of our business with the people we meet.  This is actually a great marketing tips book, too.

The Marketing Checklist series began a year after the debut of “49 Stupid.”   It was supposed to be a workbook to help you create the perfect business card, but by the time we were done, it had become what we thought would be ‘Our Book.’   But then we began blog.  And learn.  And share.  And teach. Before we knew it, books number 3 (more business tips) and 4 (a social media How To book) were finished, published and like the others, risen to Best Seller status.

The next books in the series (#5 and #6) are about how your human resources is a marketing tactic and a book about making your sales easier, even if you hate selling.

Book #7, Partners In Everything is very different.  People do not become friends based on one day opening a company together. And not everyone picks their romantic partner thinking that they’ll go into business together. When we were approached with the idea to write a book about “how being a successful couple in today’s business climate is good for our clients,” we jumped at the thought. But since we didn’t have the market cornered on how to do that, we knew it would be an even more powerful book if we included other couples who have learned to successfully and profitably work together.  Partners In Everything isn’t just for traditional couples. It’s written for any two people who have taken the leap and started a business together and want to do it profitably.

We also named our radio show The Marketing Checklist (find all episodes at so that you would have a place where we share material from the books as well as share marketing tips from other Thought Leaders in the business world.   You can always check here for past editions (about 240 hours of free training for you) at

You have probably seen that when a guest is brought on to a radio or television program, they are introduced as ‘the author of….’  Over and over, you hear that introduction.  We noticed that, too!  After investigating we found that radio and television hosts want to interview Thought Leaders.   The way they know you are a Thought Leader is to examine your roster of work.  Your books do that like no other method.

We use our books to let you get to know us prior to working with us. For us, it will be the way we share our thoughts on the Marketing World and to show you, the business owner, that we continuously stay on top of the wave of business building knowledge.  Others may stay frozen in place, but we prefer to surf that wave and carry you with us.


Let’s Get YOUR Book Written and Published

There are a lot of people who call themselves Book Coaches. As we met more and more of them, at first we thought that was a great thing to do: help someone get their first book launched.

Then we discovered that they all charge well into the 5 figures to make that happen. #Shocked!

Since we already teach Book Creation as part of our webinar The How’s and Why’s of Getting Your Book to Best Seller and How To Market Your Business with Your Book as part of The Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps, we decided to do something to make it easier and more affordable for small business entrepreneurs like you to get your book published. Here is our solution: We include getting your book from IDEA to PUBLISHED in our Private Business Coaching program.

You get a year of Private, 2-on-you business coaching for your business, where we talk every week and you get full access to two expert small business coaches, and you get your book done and out. Think of how that will help your business grow, year after year.

Here is what you get in your “Get My Book Published” program:

  • Nurture your idea for your book. If you don’t have that idea, we plant, grow, and harvest those seeds.
  • We are your cheerleader as you write it. We will give you ideas on direction.
  • We design your cover and your book one-sheet. This alone is worth over $1,000.
  • Marketing of you and your book for podcasts and speaking engagements.
  • We get your Amazon sales page set up.
  • You get our Best Seller program. We cannot guarantee you will hit that mark, but we have gotten over a dozen books to that level.
  • We connect you with an editor. This is the only additional investment you will have and it is an important for you to have that expertise in your corner.

We have gotten books launched in as few as three months (The Marketing Checklist for Sales) or four months (Partners In Everything). Depending on where you are in your content creation process or how much time you are willing to devote, this can happen for you, too.

It all starts with a conversation. Go to How To Get There and get time in our calendar. We will discuss your book and how our coaching will help the entirety of your business. This is a Get Focused Success Call like none other you have experienced.

You might also want our special report How To Write Your Business Book. If you would like that, just ask and we will send it to you before your Success Call.

Let’s get you started! Become the published author you have always wanted to be!

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