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Here is Your Lagniappe Bonus!


There is nothing better for you, the sales person, to give your clients than a little something extra that they don’t expect. There is a French term I learned from a hotel manager years ago that describes this gift called Lagniappe.

Merriam-Webster defines lagniappe this way:
( lan-ˈyap)
A small gift given to a customer by a merchant at the time of a purchase. Broadly this means – something given or obtained gratuitously or by way of good measure.
Example of usage: “The waiter added a cup of lobster bisque as a lagniappe to the meal.”

Quite often, when we sell an order of imprinted wearables to business owners, we will include an extra garment as a Lagniappe. A thank you.  And it serves as an idea-starter for other garments our client may want to use.

So here is your lagniappe for investing in The Marketing Checklist for Sales:

As a THANK YOU for buying, reading, positively reviewing and sharing this book, we have created a bonus section for you called The Basic 15. The section is based on one of our public speaking topics for large and small groups of small businesses where we describe the fifteen basic things you need to be doing in your marketing.

Your Lagniappe is waiting for you. It is right on the other side of this Lagniappe Log In Form (so make sure you provide your best email address).

Thank you so very much for investing in our books, programs and coaching. We look forward to working with you.