How Knowing Your Target Market Saves You Time

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Do you like saving time?

Do you know your target market?

Would you like to know how knowing your target market will save you time?

If only I had recorded what Angie (of Angie’s House) said at lunch yesterday!

Since I didn’t, let me set the stage for you before I share the story she shared:

Angie Lozano saves time knowing her target marketIn 2000, Angie opened the first homeless  shelter in the Verde Valley. She now also owns and operates 9 transitional homes for those recovering from various addictions.

On Monday evening, Angie had 3 places to be at the same time. As you might imagine, she stressed out over how she was going to be in 3 places at once.

When she told us the story, she couldn’t even remember one of the places (clearly it wasn’t that important).

The most important place she had to be was leading a support group.

The other option was speaking with inmates that may need a place to live when they are released.

While they could be potential residents, they aren’t the ones who decide where they are going to live.

Once Angie realized that the inmates weren’t actually her ideal target market, it was easy for her to realize she only had to focus on her support group. Angie didn’t need to spend the time with the inmates.

Of course, if Angie had been invited to speak to parole officers, those that actually do make those decisions, then she may have made a different decision.

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BTW, we did get this video testimonial from Angie when we first started working with her and her husband, Pedro, about a year ago:

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