Knowing Your Target Market, Bob Dylan-style

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Bob Dylan CD collection

Bob Dylan CD collection

Bob Dylan sure knows his audience!

I saw the article referenced here by CNN Money and thought I would talk about it from the target market point of view.

Bob Dylan is now 73 years old, and his target market, is in that same age range, plus or minus 20 years. That group grew up with vinyl and easily made the transition to using CDs. Many of us even re-bought most of our favorite albums in that platform.

Dylan's “Shadows in the Night” album (his first since 2012) is a “gift” arriving by mail to a random selection of 50,000 of AARP's 35 million subscribers.

Since Dylan is still touring, this is a great way to A) let his audience know he has a new album out, B) generate interest in seeing him live, and C) generate album sales to those who read articles about the giveaway and know it exists.

Why would you give away your product to your target market? Because sometimes it makes good sense. I have given free marketing plans to non-profits referred to me through different networking groups to which I belong. This has not only made me feel good, but it generates business for me from people who want to support what I do for non-profits. In the case of Dylan, he gave away 50,000 albums to people in his target market, and others in that target market now know it is time to go buy a new Dylan album. It is also safe to say that many of those 50,000 will be listening to their first Dylan album and become fans.

Let's take an inventory of the products and services you offer. Is there some way or product that YOU can offer to a limited section of your target market that will benefit you through publicity? If there is, make sure you do not keep it a secret. This is when public relations directed at your target market can come in handy. Need help? We can put a program together for you! Contact us at 800-705-4265 or fill in the attached form.

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