Just Joined the Apple Army – But Not by Choice

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Our iPhone 6I just joined the APPLE ARMY of product usage. It had to happen eventually, I guess. Their products are so … NOW and HIP and COOL and all sorts of other words that whichever generation that is standing in line overnight to buy them use.
For my wife, Sharyn, and I, this year it became eventual. And we have a good…. no… a GREAT excuse.
It’s an App. An app which only appears on Apple products and is vital to our business and showing appreciation to our clients.
For several years, Sharyn and I have been distributors for SendOutCards. SendOutCards is an online portal to a real greeting card and gift company. Yes! We print real greeting cards and mail them out after the greeting card is created on line. And it all costs less than $1.50 including postage.
This year, SendOutCards came up with an application which lets us take a picture of us and a friend, upload it to a card, write the greeting card, add a gift (we are partial to the 431 calorie brownies) and get them in the mail. My first 3 cards took me about 90 seconds each so I expect that will be dropping as I get used to using the SendOutCards app.

The whole point of SOC is developing your relationships with your clients. The stronger they are, the tighter the bonds you create, the easier it is for your sales to grow and your company to prosper.
Here is the question: Is it worth less than $9 per client to stay top-of-mind with them? For that $9, we can create a totally-custom-to-your-business greeting card that can celebrate holidays, or things going on in your business. Along with those quarterly cards, you can send a holiday card and a birthday card.

One of the ways I use the system is to promote what has gone on within Yuloff Creative in the past several years. I send out an Employee of the Month card which has kept a running total of times I have won the EOTM for the company. We are currently up to 222 and counting.

Here are the cover and inside of this year’s card.
SendOutCards is one of the 3 favorite tools I use to promote our company. I love sharing this system with clients. It is one of the best reasons I could find to join the Apple Army of consumer fans and it is something that you, too will enjoy using to market your business and build relationships.
You can try the system for free at www.IDeserveItAll.com .

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