Human Resources is Marketing?

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Lately, we have been receiving a lot of requests for career assistance. Some of those requests are coming through LinkedIn’s Profinder.

Although I began my career as a special education teacher helping severely emotionally disturbed children in a non-public school setting (K-12), I now have over 15 years in human resources. This means I can help you parlay your skills into a new role, too. I’ll review and optimize your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I also provide mock phone interviews so you are prepared. Lastly, I also help you indentify and locate your ideal next employer, and position you as their next ideal employee.

You do realize that all those collateral materials are marketing, right?

Your resume is your marketing piece. As is your cover letter, your online presence (website, social media, including LinkedIn, etc.). And your phone interview. You are marketing you for your ideal next role. It may be only a target market of one: that specific Human Resource Professional or the Hiring Manager, but it is marketing non-the-less.

The employer’s job listing is their marketing piece. They, too, only have a target market of one: that one candidate who is positioned properly to show them that they are their next ideal employee.

Now I didn’t always realize this. Before I joined Hank’s business, I thought he was the marketing guy and I was Office and Human Resource Management. Then I was listening to him talk to his clients and realized that his conversations were the same conversations I was having in my small business human resources office.

This is probably an obvious point if you are freelancer or consultant, because you only get paid when someone contracts with you, but I postulate that it is also true if you are looking for a W2 role.

By the way, the marketing part doesn’t end once you’re new employee is hired. Every day, employees and hiring managers have conversations that require one to convince the other of their position. I recommend you switch your paradigm and think of these interactions with your marketing mind. How can you craft your message to attract your target market of one to your point of view?

If you would like help with your human resource marketing, whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer, consultant or employee looking for your next role, please schedule a time with us at

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