How and Why to Write a Book in 8 Hours

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“Our next guest is the author of….. “
“Trying to change your life? This next guest can help you do it. She is the author of the new book…. “
“Last night I read the most fascinating book and the author is our next guest.”
“She has been with us before, and is back with her 3rd book….”
“Here you go, self-helpers! Our guest today wrote the book on…. “

We hear this on radio and television shows all the time when the host is about to bring on an expert to share knowledge. That next guest could be you. Share your expertise, get the recognition and generate the revenue you desire to lead the life you deserve, once you write a book.

So first, we better get your book written.

Uh oh, I just read your mind and heard you think that you can’t write a book.
You don’t think you can write a book?

Here are the 3 reasons we hear from people just before we get them started writing their books, on why they think they cannot write a book:
1. I don’t have time.
2. I don’t know what to write about.
3. Why would anyone want to hear from me?

make time to write a bookTIME: We are not expecting you to stop everything you do, pull yourself up to your computer and write for hours at a time. We want to get in the habit of just 22 minutes a day. That’s less time than it takes to watch a comedy show on television, the very place you could end up!

If time is your excuse, let’s repurpose some of your other work. When you are blogging, consider writing in a style that is a bit more formal, that way you can pull together 50 blog posts, do some re-editing, and your book will be written. Those posts become chapters and they can be used over and over as social media content, bringing people to your website.

Want an even faster way to write a book?
Check out this video with our friend, Mitchell Levy of AHAthat:

write a book for Amazon

Just a Sample of Amazon Book Topics

TOPIC: You are the expert in your field. Let people know about it! I don’t write books about theology or geology or trigonometry. I write books about marketing and how to generate more business. Your books allow you the opportunity to show people that you are the AUTHORity on the subject. In fact, the first 6 letters in the word spell out AUTHOR (you saw that, right?!).

Several years ago, I had to see a cardiologist. While I waited for him in his office, I noticed that HIS name was on all the books. He WAS the expert and those books were the ultimate proof of his brilliance in the subject.

Why NOT you!

You are the expert that people want to hire. Let your words be shared.
Don’t take your hard work becoming an expert for granted. Not everyone has your skills.
Very few do, in fact.

Let’s talk about those competitors for just a moment. In the promotional product world, which I have been a part of since the 1980s, I know of very few of my esteemed competitors who had put words to paper. It is probably the same in your world. When those in my world, either promotional products or marketing, are asked for some company information, they send that 8 1/2” X 11” brochure sheet with the two folds, while I send them one of my books (sometimes encased in a Shock N Awe Kit). It clearly shows them that I am different. I want you to have the same unfair advantage that I do and set yourself apart as well.

Your writing is going to set you apart. It will enlarge the horizon and will go forth as a salesperson for you. Imagine having the door to your new client’s office opened for you by your book. It is there, waving you over the threshold into a new client’s office. It puts you into a position that others only wish they could be in. And you are already there because you took steps and took action.

People want to be introduced to people who can help them.
They have to either be an expert or hire one.
Your book acts as your door opener. It is your message.
It is how you will bring all your products to the public.
Your public.

Let’s get your book written! Call us at (800)705-4265 or check out the resources offered in the video above.

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