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We have all heard that Tiger Woods has a long game coach and a putting coach. Oscar winning actor Anthony Hopkins has 8 acting coaches.  Tony Robbins… TONY ROBBINS!!! … has coaches. No matter what level we all reach, there are a big ol' set of blinders that keep you from reaching your new levels of success.

So when now is the time to choose your coach, what is important to you?

When we choose a coach, we look for people who want to help us achieve what we want, someone who understands our goals and shares our values.

We want to coach you, our client, to reach your highest levels of success. Some clients come to us knowing what they want those levels to be from the beginning and some realize them while we work with together. Where do you fit on that spectrum?

Together, we dig deep and find the areas where you want to grow, and actively look for opportunities to point you in the right direction. This can be anything from connecting you with your dream client or industry and creating the exact messages for each of your target markets.

Let us work for you, think for you, create for you, and figure it all out.

Your business put on the path to success. Your Chief Marketing Officers are virtually down the hall for every question you have.


You have questions, we get you answers. Fill in the quick assessment and then get into our calendar for a 30-minute focus and breakthrough call.


A D.I.Y Marketing Plan that includes a coaching program. Hours of video plus a 100-page action guide gets your marketing rolling.


Several times a year, we run a live 2 1/2 day event where we will create with you, a marketing path to get you started.


When your group is meeting, Sharyn and Hank are available to speak, teach, motivate and share super secret ninja marketing tips!


If yours is like most other small businesses your most difficult marketing tactic is the always changing social media. In this free training, Hank and Sharyn share the secret social media path to success. Also includes a year of social media content


This Amazon best-selling book is a Marketing class where every business owner gets an ‘A’.


This Amazon best-selling book is a continuation of the Marketing class begun in The Marketing Checklist.


Another Amazon best-selling book continues the Marketing Checklist series. But this one focuses on Social Media. Includes a years worth of social media content and a 6-hour social media video training.


This Amazon best-selling book is a continuation of the Marketing class begun in The Marketing Checklist.


The only advertising that your target market will love receiving. We help you figure out the most useful and needed promotional products that will generate business.


“Appreciation wins out over self-promotion every time.” With this service, you can send actual greeting cards and gifts to the target market who are most important. Try it out free at





Hall of Fame NFL Coach Tom Landry said that “a coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you didn’t want to see, so you can be who you always knew you could be.”   As your coaches we guide you in areas where you are too close to the subject to see the obvious.