How to Set Up a Tradeshow Tabletop – Part 3

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Last week I had the good fortune to attend a table top tradeshow that I was no part in organizing or exhibiting. It was the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s 28th annual expo and was held at the Hollywood Palladium.
The Chamber did a tremendous job putting the event together. There were at least 10 food vendors from local restaurants and hotels with a total of about 50. The music was rather loud, and they had a couple of ways to win raffle prizes. They charged a $10 member entry fee, but gave 2 drink tickets and as I mentioned above, there was a lot of food for the money.
As I wandered around, I was looking to see how different vendors decided to set up their 6 foot tables. Amazingly, MOST of the vendors decided to sit behind their table and only engage visitors who engaged them.
I spoke with two of them, and when they asked what I do, I said I work with businesses to set up a tradeshow tabletop. Here are before and after photos for each of them.
bad set up for a trade show
The first example I wanted to share was Whitney Rosenson’s Art Dimensions Online table. We made one little switch – the positioning of the exhibitors! As you may have read in previous tradeshow blogs on the Yuloff Creative page, standing behind, or worse, sitting behind the table makes it more difficult to get attendees to step over the imaginary line between your booth and the aisle and speak to you.
Ilysha Buss and Candice Aman of the Farmer’s Market had lots to share from the tenants of the market, and being in front of their tradeshow tabletop instead of behind, made it a lot easier.
I wanted to share one more booth –
Pink's Hollywood
Pink’s Famous Hot Dogs was exhibiting and put up their full 10×10 pop up inside the building. If you make incredible hot dogs, this is a great thing to give away at your tradeshow tabletop. But I guess not many of us can do that.
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