How to Create Your Facebook Lives and 14 Types of Lives to Create

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Small Business Breakthrough BootcampSince Facebook Live appeared on the scene, whenever we were on stage speaking to small and large groups about how to market their businesses, we would ask two questions:

“How many of you have HEARD of Facebook Live?” and

“How many of you have DONE a Facebook Live?”

Within a year, we went from ZERO and ZERO to about 90% for each question. Clearly this is a marketing tool that is skyrocketing from obscurity to incredibly popular.

Quite often we would stop our marketing presentation and DO a Facebook Live just to make sure everyone knew how to use this tool that is going to be common on Facebook as uploading a photo or a plain text post.

Since this is going to be a ‘here as long as Facebook is’ tool, we want to share a simple system for having a more effective Facebook Live and generating more business using them:

1. Before you hit the GO LIVE button, write a brief description of what they are going to see in your Facebook Live. We like humorous or catchy comments.

2. As soon as you press the START LIVE VIDEO button and you get the LIVE message, you should introduce yourself and your business. I figured this out when I had the epiphany that when your target audience shares your videos, the people who see you for the first time really should know who you are.

3. Just like you would at the beginning of your blog posts tell your audience what you are going to be discussing in the Facebook Live and what they are going to learn.

4. Teach your content. It’s why people are on your Facebook Live so deliver what you promised in the description of the Facebook Live

5. As you see people pop on to your Facebook Live, say HELLO, if it does not interfere to much with your teaching of content. We WANT engagement, so this lets them know you appreciate them watching and commenting.

6. Remind them who you are, by giving them your name and website, then add in your Call to Action (CTA). You should always tell your audience what you need them to do next. It could be to subscribe, or like your business page or, to do something like we always to, send them to and sign up for a 30-minute free strategy call.

7. Save the video to your hard drive so you can use it in other places. You may want to use it as the video that rides along with your blog post on the same subject. .Google the instructions on how to save it. We would share the instructions, but it keeps changing. Here is how we did it for this blog. We did a Facebook Live during our radio show, The Marketing Checklist (episode 229) where we discussed Facebook Lives. Then we wrote this blog. And this chapter will also be in our book, The Marketing Checklist for Sales.

Those are the basics of creating a Facebook Live.

Now here are 14 different content ideas that we have used and are now sharing with you.

Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington interviews Hank and Sharyn Yuloff1 Interviewing one of your clients, and talk about them and their services. You are putting them on center stage on your page. We have interviewed several people that when you Google them, the first listing is our interview of them because of how we use key words in the description and tags.  This also works when you are being interviewed about what YOU do, like we were with Kevin Harrington, original Shark on Shark Tank.

2 Customer testimonials. When your customers come up to you and praise the work you are doing for them, pull out your phone, fire up the Facebook app and capture those positive words on video. Download it and share it to your website as well.

3 Give testimonials for people and companies who have done great things for you. Make certain you tag them so they know you did it.

4 People love Behind-the-Scenes videos. We do them when we set up for a trade show, and the small business breakthrough bootcamps, and before a speaking event when we arrive early and are getting a feel for the room. We also do them when we are driving TO an event. If you watch our Facebook personal and business pages, you will see us going Facebook Live when we cross state lines on our way to a speaking event. It’s our way of telling our local audiences , to quote Todd Rundgren and Grand Funk Railroad, that we’re coming to your town, it’s time to party down!”

5 Go live during one of your events. Quite often, when Sharyn is on stage, and leading the discussion, I will grab my phone, open the Facebook app, and go live while she is sharing social media or online marketing tips. It took a while, but she is getting used to it. And you will too! These live during events Facebook Lives are the majority of what you will see on Facebook and can be the most fun. Remember to make sure that you have your introduction and closing scripts ready before you hit the GO LIVE button.

6 You can announce breaking news. When something really cool is about to happen, or just happened, like when we were selected to participate as finalists in the Marketing of the Year competition it was worth sharing on our pages. I also did a Facebook Live when I received a Lifetime Member Award from the Encino Chamber of Commerce.

10-ways-to-improve-your-company-brochure7 You can create a regularly occurring show. This is the same thing as putting together a podcast. The biggest difference here is that you will have to be dressed appropriately. We have done segments of our radio show, The Marketing Checklist, on Facebook Live. It takes more work, but is a lot of fun. VERY IMPORTANT: If you are doing a regular occurring show, make sure you are REGULAR. Pick the time and be consistent.

8 A Live tour of your facility. If are having an open house at your location, give a tour while people are walking around. You will probably get a lot of testimonials that you can re-purpose later. You don’t have to be having an open house, you can have the tour and save it for your website.

9 Announce a new product. This is a great way to let the world know you have something new and exciting going on. You can build up the anticipation for weeks in advance, giving hints as to what is coming.

10 Explain and display that product – or any of your products. We have gone to promotional product trade shows and shot lots of product videos in one day. We then shared them for a YEAR on our social media pages and through emails.

11 Announce a new event. Just like letting the world know you have a new product, you can let them know you are having an event. This is a Facebook Live version of Save the Date.

12 Tips on how to use your products. The biggest search on YouTube is for HOW TO videos. You can use your Facebook Live videos to teach how to use your product or service or website.

13 Personal stories. People love to know the person behind the title. This is a great way to help them do that. It is also a great way to introduce new members of your team.

14 Offer content to a private group. Our private business coaching clients get access to a private Facebook group to get questions answered and to network. We also give them super secret Ninja marketing tips created just for them.

Athe marketing checklist radio show s a final section, we want to share something very important. BEFORE you do your Facebook Live, you will want to announce that you are going to DO a Facebook Live. It could be an hour, a day, and even a week before you go live. Remember that we are looking to generate engagement and if you have something special that you want to share, let your audience know in plenty of time so they can plan on attending.

You can ALSO re-share your Facebook Live after you have stopped broadcasting. By re-purposing and reusing your brand new digital asset, it makes the time you invested in creating your Facebook Live more valuable.

Would you like help in knowing what to put on your Facebook Live? We would like to assist you. Go to and take the short, easy assessment. You will then be put right into our calendar to chose a time that works for us all.

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