How He Talked Himself Out of The Sale

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The concept of How the Salespeople Talked Themselves Out of The Sale has been rolling around in my head for a long time and at a networking meeting this morning, there it was again, how a salesman so completely closed the gate on the road to the sale… with ME!
In the middle of the pre-meeting throng, I saw a financial planner (occupation changed to protect the ignorant) I was friendly with so I said hello.
He asked me how my wife was (sometimes she shows up at these meetings) and then said, “you know, can we step over here for a moment?”
“Did you know you never ask me how I am doing?” He said when we were off to the side.
“You don’t ask me how I am doing. It’s as if you have zero interest in me.”
Those who know me know would say I am rarely at a loss for words and since I thought I was always rather engaged with this person, I could not understand why this salesperson of financial plans was attacking me this way.
I apologized to him for his impression and said I’d try and do better.
“Well, if I noticed it, others probably do, too.”
Interestingly, when we sat down to our breakfast, he sat across from me and instead of listening to the front of the room speakers, or as each person standing to give their “elevator speech” he spent most of the time on his phone checking Facebook or in a private conversation with the woman next to him. Perhaps she was asking him questions.
I’ve taken a long road to get to the point of today’s blog post and here it is: I am in the process (and it’s a long one) of finding a new financial planner and this gentleman was one of the people I have been watching to see if our personalities and his methods and theories of investing matched. He was THIS close to closing the sale.
Awhile ago, I grabbed the URL for stories like this and I can definitely say that when we build out that site off of the Yuloff Creative site, this story will appear there.
What possible outcome did he envision in asking me these questions? What change in behavior towards him does he seek? Actually, I am pretty certain I am going to go out of my way to AVOID him rather than engage.
We want to use the Law of Attraction to make people want to be around us, instead of being repelled by us. This blog is example that reminds us all that we are being watched.
Interestingly: He’s single (yea, imagine that), has a 3 bedroom home in Woodland Hills that he lives in with his dachshund and no others. He and his wife split up a while ago and she has some medical issues. They have two grown children and he was a home inspector and in the entertainment industry (sound mixing) prior to his current job. Yep… I know nothing about him.
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