Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Taught You About Marketing Demographics

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Yes, we’ve written before about ways to easily recognize and find your best clients, but perhaps this blog will speak to your brain in a more creative way.

You are familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, right?

Goldilocks does a B&E into The Bears’ home, samples everything on the menu in the kitchen, falls asleep in their bed and almost takes a shot from a 9 millimeter as she runs out the door.

But let’s look at this scary fairytale from a marketing Point of View.
Goldilocks CLEARLY had the better Public Relations department. We know this because though we know HER name, and not The Bears’, her ultimate demise was never seen in the media. They even made her criminal activity seem like it was just a simple case of walking into the wrong grandma’s house….Like her reprobate cousin, Red Riding Hood.

But, if your business wants to advertise to the parties involved in this story, The Bears are a MUCH easier marketing target because we know A LOT more about The Bears’ demographics than Goldilocks’.

Here’s the marketing demographics we know about The Bears:

The Bears are a family of three.

We know that their ages, in human equivalent, are approximate early 30s for the parents and between 8 and 12 years for the child.

We don’t know if they are married because they sleep in separate beds. Or maybe one of the adults has sleep apnea.

They are big into family outdoor activities like taking walks in the woods. This is important information for you nutritionists, trainers, doctors, clothing stores, and companies that want to sell them vacation travel.

They enjoy handmade furniture, and they are not opposed to eating a purely vegetarian meal i.e. porridge.

They live in a rural area, not downtown, and do not have a house alarm.

However, we know virtually nothing about the checkered past of Goldilocks.

So what is the point?

When you are promoting your company, you need to know your target markets. Then when you use Advertising, Public Relations, and Branding tactics, your marketing messages will be more effective.

Other important marketing demographics that will help you target your marketing message are: age, income level, occupation, education, gender and geographic areas.

Marketing Demographics plus marketing psychographics will be the basis for your marketing programs.

You can have your OWN fairy tale existence for your business.

Yes, If you want some FairyGodMother help, like we did for Cinderella, all you have to do is go to and answer a few easy questions. Then click on the calendar link and schedule a free 30-minute Get Focused … or Hocus Pocused…. call with us. We promise you at least 1 actionable tip you can put into use right away.

We can make your HR, Sales, and Marketing Juuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

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