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AGE as a demographic tool

During Promotionally Minded Marketing Days I had a section in the workshop workbook called Generational Communication of Your Marketing Message. The short version of that is if you are selling to grandmother and her grand kid, you have to talk to them differently. And use different tools to speak to them.

While I was discussing generational communication, I noticed that in the room I had a 70-year-old woman, a 59-year-old mom of two, a 44-year-old male personal trainer and a set of 16-year-old twin brothers. I instantly called a classroom audible and asked them to come to the front of the room to talk about how they receive messages.

Jaws dropped when our 16-year-old guest said, among other things that he has never SEEN both a fax machine and a rotary phone. At the other end of the spectrum, our oldest attendee remembered when hand writing letters to friends, family and companies when you were disappointed with their service was common. For her 78 RPM albums were common. For our 59-year-old it was 45s, for the trainer, 33s were common and our 16-year-old gets all his music in MP3 format.

This chart will explain a lot about generational communication of your marketing message. Use it when trying to put together your messages.

Generation chart

How you change your generational communication to different target markets depends on what you are selling. If you are trying to sell a product on an impulse, don't as someone born in the middle of the last century. They want to keep their cash, compared to Gen Yers who are more apt to not save as much.
Are you using music in your background? Use music that your target market will remember and appreciate hearing, and therefore will listen to your ad.
If you want to sell to younger consumers, take to the social media “airwaves” with as many testimonials as you can generate because that is where those people are hanging out. You want them to try and write reviews about your products and post them on their Instagram pages. You won't catch them on Facebook… when their parents started posting pictures of them when they were 5 and “friending” all their friends, they took off. Facebook is now far more the domain of Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers who own cats.

Here is the biggest take away from this blog – the Rule for Generational Communication of Your Marketing Message is that you have to change the content and location you place your messages to reach them.

Would you like some training on working with different generational communication of your marketing message, just fill in the form below, or call us at 800-705-4265, and we will talk soon.

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