“Get On the Front Page of Google for $199” and other Black Hat SEO Liars

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black hat seo providers can mess up your businessI got a call today from one of our marketing plan clients. He said that he has been bombarded by calls today from a company saying they can get him “front page of Google” etc.
As his marketing department, I called back, got “Mathew” on the phone and asked “HOW?”
“Search Engine Optimization,” he said.
“Really? How?”
“Well, key words, and optimizing and back links and blah blah blah.”
He threw a bunch of terms designed to confuse and obfuscate out but that one stuck with me: “BACK LINKS.”
I asked him from where are those links coming…
“That is proprietary…”
Huh…. Back links should be coming from TRUSTED websites, for honest purposes (They quote your blog, or you theirs, etc).
I pointed out that if he cannot tell me how is going to give back links to my client, he is probably doing some BLACK HAT SEO stuff which would hurt my customer and his only response was “well, I guess we cannot work together.”
Wow… he sure knows what the term BLACK HAT means.
Black Hat SEO is when someone does not follow the rules set up by Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines designed to create a level playing field. Black Hat SEO back links would just be putting links to your website in lots of places, like other websites blog comments which have nothing to do with their blog post, but your web URL is read by the search engines and gives you credit. It's being a bad guy.
If there is BLACK HAT SEO, then there must be WHITE HAT SEO, too, right? Yes.
In a couple of paragraphs, I am going to give you an example of White Hat SEO when I tell you to get more information at my wife, Sharyn Yuloff's blog. I will be creating a link that takes you to somewhere else for more relevant information.

Are there WHITE HAT SEO providers? YES! Those are the ones who can show you a list of lots of clients who when you call them are deliriously happy.

So how DO you get better search engine optimization? Here are a couple of examples:
– Make sure your website's title pages (up there, top left) above where you are reading the URL) are filled with key words instead of CONTACT US, BLOG, SERVICES. When someone searches for Marketing Help in Los Angeles, that is what they are typing in to key searches, not “OurMarketingGuy CONTACT US.” You would be amazed at how many web developers inadvertently hurt their clients by doing that.
– Make sure your website is mobile friendly so that when people look at your site from their portable devices, it is easy to read (and, for example, your phone number shows up as a clickable link, instantly dialing your number). This is VERY important, especially after April of 2015.
– Update your website frequently by blogging.
– Register your website with all the large search engines (do a Google search for a list of them… wink wink).
– Gather LOTS of Social Proof in the form of video testimonials.
For a lot more tips, check out Sharyn Yuloff's blog! You can find it at www.ThatSaysItAll.com .
(SEE WHAT I DID? I just sent two back links to two of Sharyn's inside pages – those are the best to get, and both will give you some good information on building your business)

SO, the main point of this blog post is: ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS: When you get calls for SEO promising that for $199 a month they can put you on the front page
Want to get some SEO done right? Call us at (800)705-4265 or fill in the form below.

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