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This video shows you how to  choose the right social media platform.  The REAL KEY is that you must be on more than one, with a presence on several because your target audience is on several.  The average social media user is on 5 to 7 platforms.

This video shows you 10 Ways to Improve Your Website.  That is the hub of your online existence and it must be good.

The next two videos (below) cover 20 Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Small Business.  Some of them are free! The first is 10 Unusual Ways to Market Your Small Business, the other is 10 Ways to Make Your Phone Ring.

Here is some of the SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING we offer to our clients

One of the oldest sales rules is one that most sales people (and we are ALL in sales) forget: That your fortune is in your follow up. It takes an average of 5 to 12 touches before your prospect is REALLY paying attention to you. This video shows you ways to follow up so you don’t miss out on sales and you can even turn your follow up into a game!

BONUS CONTENT: it wasn’t in your list of “Here’s What You Get” when you buy Partners in Everything…. but we found this video talking about how to create your marketing plan in the next 90 days.

You’ve been REALLY great students…. so you deserve a bit of entertainment.  Here is Glenndalf The Magician performing at one of our Small Business Breakthrough Bootcamps in Los Angeles.  For business owners, ask Glenndalf to perform his MAGICAL QUICKY where he performs 3 or 4 tricks for your client, weaving your message into the presentation and helping you close the sale.