An Easy Way to Create Video Content

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We are often asked about an easy way to create video content.

That usually means they want an easy way to create video content itself, OR they want an easy way to create video content with some sort of device.

For this blog, we are going to get you over the first hurdle, an easy way to create video content with a
device you have on your laptop: Google Hangouts. google hangout logo

In other blogs, we will handle the matter of what content to put into your video content (some people would insert a smiley face emoji here).

Google Hangouts have been around for several years, and we have used them to create content involving several people at a time. Then, we realized that we could shoot our own videos, using the camera in our laptop and have it automatically and quickly uploaded to our YouTube account (Google owns YouTube, giving them the number 1 and number 2 search engines).

In fact, using this process is far faster than uploading a video from your phone or a video camera’s disc.

The downside:
Though this is an easy way to create video content, frome time to time, Google changes the method of
logging on and creating a Google Hangout. We will do our best to update this blog when that happens.

Let’s say you have just written your blog. Since you are a client of Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions or
use The Small Business Marketing Plan, you know for a fact and have accepted it as Marketing Gospel
that a blog is not truly complete until we create video content to go along with that blog.

That is because we want to allow people to absorb our content in the two major ways people do it: Reading or
Watching. You also get more Search Engine Optimization credit if your blog post has a video
component with it.

Keeping all that in mind, you want to create the video content. This is the step where most of our one-on- one coaching clients have gotten stuck prior to begin working with us.

Now we are sharing with you an easy way to create video content:

1. Go to Youtube and sign in.
2. Click your face at the top right hand corner.
3. On the drop down click My Channel.
4. Click the blue box that says CREATOR STUDIO.
5. On the left side, click on LIVE STREAMING.
6. Click on EVENTS (below Live Streaming on the left side).
7. You will now see a page that shows your last several videos, on the RIGHT side at the top you
will see a tiny box that says + New Live Event. Click there.
8. This page now says “Create a new event.”
9. Fill in the title, description and tags (need help? Ask us).
10. Click the blue box in the upper right hand corner that says Go Live Now.
11. There will be a box that pops up that says “Ready to Go!” Click the blue OK button.
12. A screen will pop up that starts your video.

Prior to hitting the RECORD button, take a look at the screen.

Does the lighting work? Is your face easy to see? Is the background cluttered?

We tend to sit in the work room where private one-on- one clients come work with us. At every time
of the day, the lighting is going to be wonderful, though we may have to pick a different spot in the room depending on sunshine and time.

The backgrounds in that room are simple with red rock views of Sedona behind us.

We also have a recording studio for our radio show that has a video backdrop. For those
backdrops, we recommend black, white, or kelly green, for greenscreen work.

13. Record your video.

Steps to take AFTER your video content is finished:

14. After you stop recording, your video will be posted automatically to your YouTube channel. It
may take a few minutes for it to process, and that time depends on the length of the video.
15. After it posts, go to your YouTube channel video page.
16. Click on your face at the top right hand corner.
17. On the drop down click My Channel.
18. Click the blue box that says CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL.
19. At the top of the screen, above your cover photo, click VIDEO MANAGER.
20. Your new video will be at the top of the list. Click EDIT.
21. Pick the thumbnail photo you like the best.
22. Make certain that the description and tags still describe what you included in the video.
23. The video’s specific URL will be at the top of the screen and on the right hand side, in a box
marked VIDEO URL.
24. If you want to check the video quality, just click on the video.
You are now ready to share your video into social media and embed it into your blog.
25. Click back to the video page and you will see all your videos.
26. Click on the video you just created.
27. Below the video, on the left side, you will see a button marked SHARE.
28. When you click SHARE, a pop up window will give you options for various social media sites.
29. If you are going to share the video on your blog, look below the URL in the pop up window for
the EMBED button.
30. This EMBED code will give you the proper coding to share in your blog so the video with picture
will show up instead of just the URL.

You are now ready to share your video into social media and embed it into your blog.

If you would like help in creating videos, deciding on the content for you video, blogs, books and all your
other marketing materials, head to and we will help you begin
the process. We can definitely help you find an easy way to create video content. You can also call us at
800-705- 4265.

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