An Easy Way to Brand Your Affiliate Links

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Last week, a friend asked me to record a video about how I brand our affiliate links for our collaborative community.

So, here’s that video:

This is one of those rare occassions when I record the video and then write the blog. That’s usually Hank’s way. But here we go.

First question is: what’s an affiliate?

Have you ever recommended a product or service to someone, provided them with a unique link just for you, and received a commission for doing so? That was probably an affiliate relationship. It could have been something else, but let’s assume for this blog post that it was an affiliate.

The link you provided to your friend was an affiliate link. It probably looked something like:

However, it can look something like

For example, in the above video, the link we provide for our collaborative community is

This only works if you  have a WordPress website because then you can install the Pretty Links plug in. Pretty Links Affiliate

You can even spend just a little bit of money and buy the pro version so that you can use more than one domain. For example, at the time of this writing, I published this blog post on our site. That means that the Pretty Link is really

However, since I purchased the Pro version, I can use another domain that we’ve also purchased so we can brand our affiliate links.

As soon as our site is live, we will install the Pretty Links plug in there and then, with the Pro version, we’ll also be able to use for those that only seem to remember us by our older brand.

Ok, now that you’ve gotten the gist of what we’re talking about, here are the steps as I went through them in the video above.

  1. Build your site in WordPress;
  2. Install the Pretty Links Plug In;
  3. Copy your affiliate link from whatever site you’re wanting to promote;
  4. Return to the dashboard of your WordPress Site and find the Pretty Links Quick Add box;
  5. Paste the affiliate link you copied in step 3 above into the square next to “Target URL”;
  6. Replace the default link Pretty Links provided at the end of your URL with something more memorable that has to do with the product you are promoting;
  7. Click the blue Create button;
  8. Find your Pretty Links tab to find the link you just created; and
  9. Open a new browser tab to test your newly created link.

BTW, if you are interested in earning significant money for referring us, please enroll as our affiliate. Check out the info at

We look forward to helping you and your tribe!

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