Tips for Making Your Video Backgrounds Better

Your video backgrounds can be as important to your video as the actual content itself so you are invited to connect with us at

Your Basic Marketing Tips for 2020

You are an important part of our business. Even if you are not yet a private coaching client. Or have invested in using our online program, The Small Business Marketing Plan. (2020 Marketing Tip [...]

Number 1 Tip for Entrepreneurs to Save Time

We were amazed at what we have been able to accomplish for our clients as soon as we implimented this 1 tip for saving time! Are you an entrepreneur who thinks they have to do everything in your [...]

Your Mid-Year Business Review

We just did a “second set of eyes” check up for a small business in our area. This made me think that, since we are at the half way mark of the year, this would be a good time to discuss our [...]

How Knowing Your Target Market Saves You Time

Do you like saving time? Do you know your target market? Would you like to know how knowing your target market will save you time? If only I had recorded what Angie (of Angie’s House) said [...]

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