Your Top 10 Ways to Answer the Question “But What’s My Price?”

From the very beginning of this article, we would like to explain that it is our overriding belief that as an entrepreneur, you absolutely deserve to earn a fair profit for the excellence you [...]

A Social Media Program Tip that can Save You Tons of On-Line Grief

If you are setting up your social media program to work in concert with your website, you will like this simple marketing tip. Before you build your site, and perhaps before you even buy the URL, [...]

Making Sure Your Logo Shows Up Properly

When we are printing promotional products on plastic or brochures and flyers on paper the saying I have always used with clients regarding artwork is that “As good as you give me is as good as [...]

Santa Time-Shares His Elves with Google

I would like to share a holiday story with you, that has the benefits of blogging as its marketing message. In order for this story to be most effective, though, you have to say out loud, [...]

The Yankees, Diddy, UCLA and the Celebrity Marketing Machine – Part 3

Once again, the world of sports and using celebrity to market your business gives us subjects to talk about and relate back to our own marketing. Keeping in mind that your story – the things [...]

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