WEBINAR: Your Human Resources is Really Marketing

Watch this Human Resources (HR) webinar until the end to learn how to claim all your free gifts! UNEDITED AUTOMATIC TRANSCRIPT for How Human Resources is Marketing 01:18 [...]


18 Point Checklist to Prepare Your Business for Disasters

No matter what size your business, from a one-person office to dozens of employees, a disaster (natural disasters such as rain, snow, earthquakes, extreme heat, fires, etc as well as man-made [...]


Human Resources is Marketing?

Lately, we have been receiving a lot of requests for career assistance. Some of those requests are coming through LinkedIn’s Profinder. Although I began my career as a special education [...]


Human Resources Question About Employee’s Lunch Hour

Thanks to those of you that bought our book, Small Business Human Resource Secrets, and helped us get to Best Seller status!  Because of my human resources experience, and the work that went into [...]


Why We Wrote the Book on Small Business Human Resources Secrets

We were recently approached by an entrepreneur with a very interesting question.  She saw that we were about to publish our latest book on human resources and she asked us why we continued [...]

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