Two Cases of Direct Mail Done Wrong

Direct Mail Marketing is one of the absolute best marketing tools you can use. It allows you to have the United States Postal Service hand deliver your message directly into the hands of your [...]

Your Mid-Year Business Review

We just did a “second set of eyes” check up for a small business in our area. This made me think that, since we are at the half way mark of the year, this would be a good time to discuss our [...]

Tips for Effective Direct Mail

, We received some interesting, and some not very effective direct mail earlier this year (recently resurfaced on our desks). I’d like to share the high points … and the low. Starting with the [...]

Another Advertising Media Goes Away

For years, when I have talked about how advertising media has changed, I have told people that if they want to learn how to sell, they should get a job hawking ad space for a direct mail weekly [...]

Improve Sales in Your Retail Store with these Marketing Tips

The goal of every retail stores is to be profitable and to do that they must always improve sales. It is difficult, sometimes, for neighborhood retail businesses to improve sales and solidify a [...]