How to Make a Networking Event Work For You – Part 2

Our first breakfast at the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce is in the books.  It was a great experience!  The drive from Sedona takes about 45 minutes.  In “Los Angeles terms” [...]

How to Make a Networking Meeting Work For You – Part 1

When you want assistance in what YOU can do at a networking meeting to generate business, go, right now, to and book a free 30-minute breakthrough session with us.

Marketing The Town Of Camp Verde With Steve Ayers And Sebra Choe

Do you have a passion for your cause? Your company? Does your team share your passion? On Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, we had the honor of interviewing Steve Ayers and Sebra Choe of the Economic [...]

From Invisibility to Credibility to Profitability

We have joined a lot of organizations – Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups – places where business people gather, meet and create relationships which lead to doing business. The goal is to [...]

Put on Your OWN Seminars!

I get asked all the time how and why I began to put on my own seminars. I thought for this first blog on seminars, I would share the kinds of seminars we put on and in the next blogs share more [...]

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