Why We Wrote the Book on Small Business Human Resources Secrets

We were recently approached by an entrepreneur with a very interesting question.  She saw that we were about to publish our latest book on human resources and she asked us why we continued [...]

Marketing The Town Of Camp Verde With Steve Ayers And Sebra Choe

Do you have a passion for your cause? Your company? Does your team share your passion? On Tuesday, July 25th, 2017, we had the honor of interviewing Steve Ayers and Sebra Choe of the Economic [...]

15 Basic Marketing Tools – Part 2

NOTE: Hear an audio version of this blog about the 15 Basic Marketing Tools on our radio show: The Marketing Checklist http://www.starworldwidenetworks.com/index.php/Audio/marketing_checklist#2 I [...]

Using Snow to Explain Marketing Messages

“When it rains, it pours.” We’ve all heard this expression. It means that when things go wrong, it can be like a domino effect. It starts out with one thing and it just keeps on going: You have a [...]

A Brand So Powerful, They Are Suing For It

With the United States National Park Service (NPS) having its centennial in 2016, I have been noticing a lot of branding opportunities that go along with that event. Some of their making and some [...]